PF Issues Amnesty for Suspended CB Officials


For immediate release

25th August, 2018


The Patriotic Front Secretary General, Hon Davies Mwila today officially flagged off intra – party elections for the PF on the Copperbelt. The event was held at Buchi Hall in Kitwe were the Secretary General had gone to officially launch the Party elections and discuss the Party’s electoral guidelines with the PF Copperbelt leadership.

Meanwhile, Mr Mwila has lifted all suspensions of PF members on the Copperbelt whose suspensions were effected without due process and in contravention with the Party Constitution and the Party’s Disciplinary Code of Conduct.

Honourable Mwila has with immeadiate effect  disbanded all PF Security Wings that are not officially recognised by the Party’s Security Office led by Honourable Stephen Kampyongo as mandated by the Central Committee of the Patriotic Front.

The Secretary General further guided the Party officials to discharge their constitutional duty of mobilising the Party and not abdicate this responsibility to Members of Parliament or Councillors.

Addressing PF officials on the Copperbelt, Mr Mwila officially flagged off the PF intra – party elections starting from the sections to the Provincial level in readiness for the  National Conference slated for 2020.

Leaders from the 23 Constituencies and the 11 districts of the Copperbelt plus the Provincial leadership were in attendance. Others were Members of Parliament, Mayors, Councillors and provincial leaders.

“I have read the entire PF Constitution and there is nowhere were it states that it’s the duty of PF MPs or PF councillors to mobilise the Party. It is your duty as party structures to mobilise the Party.  The responsibility of the MPs and Councillors is to ensure that development is delivered to the wards and Constituencies respectively. Don’t wait for your MPs to organise the Party. Yes MPs can help you here and there with logistics and other support but you shouldn’t leave your constitutional function of party mobilisation to the MPs or Councillors. The Party structures are the ones that form sections, branches, wards, constituencies, districts and provinces”

“I want to inform you that the Central Committee of the Party has mandated the Elections Committee of the Party, headed by Honourable Yamfwa Mukanga to supervise and manage all party elections from the ward upward. They have the full authority to disqualify any one who violets the Party electoral rules.”

“Am aware that some people in a bid to shield themselves from competition have suspended their rivals on flimsy and frivolous grounds just to stem away competition.  As Chief Executive Officer of the mighty Patriotic Front, I hereby lift all suspensions that have been effected contrary to the Constitution and the Disciplinary Code of Conduct of the Party. We are not going to allow unfair practices. We want a level playing field for everyone. We want free and fair elections. All those that have not performed must be voted out to usher in people that are able and willing to work. We don’t want passengers.  This is serious business. You can’t just be holding a position for the sake of it without delivering in accordance with your mandate”

He guided that elections are not a war but a competition to choose the best suited candidates to serve. The Secretary General reminded the Party leadership that intra – party democracy is meant to strengthen  and not weaken the party by affording every eligible member of the Party an opportunity to exercise their right to participate in intra -party politics. He said elections must not be used to disrupt unity in the Party but instead must be used as a basis to strengthen and consolidated the Party. He called upon all those who wish to contest to be civil and law abiding as they campaign, saying that there was no need to be malicious against one another as they are all members of the same Patriotic Front family. He urged those who would image victorious to be magnanimous enough by demostrating humility in victory saying that humility is a mark of great leadership.

Mr Mwila has encouraged the leadership on the Copperbelt to embrace new entrants into the Party as directed by His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu who is also President of the Patriotic Front. He has however,  cautioned new members to recognise and respect old members.

“We must continue embracing new members in order to make our party grow.  Remember, politics is about numbers.  Ubukulu bwankoko masako (The bigness of a chicken is in  its furthers) We dont want to segregate anyone because we are all members of one and the same Party. However, I want to caution new comers that much as the party will embrace you, you must know that it’s important for you to recognise and respect old members.”

Mr Mwila guided that those facing criminal charges in the courts of law or those who have been convicted and are serving sentences are not allowed to stand. He further clarified that all those who are not in good standing with the Party are not eligible to contest.

The Secretary General warned against imposing leaders saying that leaders must freely be chosen by the people and not imposed by force or manipulation. He has warned that he will not allow anyone to interfere with or impose candidates on the people urging the Party structures and the Elections Committee to take full charge of the entire electoral process.

Mr Mwila thanked the Copperbelt leadership especially the provincial leadership for executing their duty with loyalty and commitment.  He has observed that the PF on the Copperbelt has shown high levels of discipline and loyalty to the senior Party leadership. He encouraged all the other provinces to emulate the good leadership skills of the PF Copperbelt leadership.

“Discipline and loyalty are key to the success and growth of any organisation.  An institution that does not observe maximum discipline and loyalty can neither grow nor sustain itself. We want members that respect leaders. Yes it is the right of members to subject leaders to scrutiny and criticism but that must be done in a civil and respectful manner. There is no need to insult. You can make your point without disparaging others”

Others who spoke at the same function included Member of the Central Committee and former Chifubu Member of Parliament, Honourable Suzen Kawandami among others who encouraged women to take advantage of the elections to aspire for leadership.  She commended President Edgar Lungu for his affirmative action of enhancing women’s participation in governance issues citing His Excellency’s appointments of Her Honour the Vice President Mrs Inonge Mutukwa Wina as his  running mate and the appointments of Justice Ireen Mambilima, Honourable Margaret Mwanakatwe and many others to senior government positions.

Chairperson of the Patriotic Front Elections Committe, Honourable Yamfwa Mukanga  warned that electoral malpractices of any kind shall not be tolerated,  warning that his Committee shall not hesitate to disqualify or ban anyone who would engage themselves into fraudulent activities.  He told the gathering that any eligible member of the Party must be allowed to freely campaign and vote for leaders of their choice without any inducement or duress.

Secretary General Mwila was accompanied by Members of the Central Committee, some PF Copperbelt Members of Parliament who included Hon Richard Musukwa among others. Others were PF Deputy Media Director Mr Antonio Mourinho Mwanza and senior members of the Party.

Mr Mwila is expected to be in Kabwe, Central Province next week, Friday to flag off elections there and help discuss electoral guidelines with the PF leadership in that Province.

Issued by Antonio Mwanza, PF Deputy Director – Media.


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