Samfya Graveyard Horror Confirmed by Police

Police have confirmed the bizarre story in Samfya of five people being found naked at a graveyard feeding off dead bodies.

The five were taken to the graveyard by a witch finder as part of the cleansing process stunning the entire community.


Police in Samfya are investigating a case in which a witch doctor by the name of Mpanda Chishala of Maximo village, Chief Kasoma Bangweulu is reported to have picked five people on 21st August, 2018 he alleged to had possessed knowledge of practicing witchcraft among them four females and one male (whose identity we have withheld) aged 50, 65, 80 and 82 respectively all of Mapili Village.

The witch doctor purported that he had found the victims with charms thus snails, horns and lightening.

The following day on 22nd August, 2018 between 17 00 hours and 1800 hours, the witch doctor is reported to have taken the victims to Banda Village graveyard where he instructed them to take off their cloths as he reportedly continued removing charms.

The witch doctor is on the run and police have launched a man haunt.  The whereabouts of the victims is not known hence we appeal to the victims to report to any nearest police.




  1. Edga

    Paipapano guys

  2. Mr. K

    Yes it true what about chief mukuni who sleeps in grave yard what he do?

  3. Easy Easy

    What do you expect in a nation where witchcraft and black magic is all over the papers and adverts?More of this

  4. Doctor Kabwidi

    oooh god were are we going. ………..
    am sure they will pay Tax.

  5. Jack

    Maybe there z a private school of witchcrafts in our mother land coz ama advertisement ni diba pa street

  6. Jack

    Maybe there z a private school of witchcrafts in our mother land coz ama advertisement ni diba pa street

  7. Chrispin

    Let’s be Christians people

  8. Truth man

    For sure the whereabouts of the victims is known if they are ‘victims’really.This is horrific. I can’t believe this is happening in modern Zambia. I am sure very soon this episode shall go viral.It is shocking and scary.

  9. D

    Chief Kasoma Bangweulu is a problem himself. He perpetuates these witchcraft ideas and thus being a bad role model to his people. We need chiefs who respect God and other people. We live in a civiliased society and we need cheifs who are enlighten and exposed. That man needs help.

  10. zambians

    mmmmmmm mu Zambia what’s going on.

  11. Mr dundumwenze

    Kaya manje iyo,but my question is why always kuba bemba,any fake story niba Bemba this tribe ine siniziba mwandini, are they real Zambians?

    • Iliko Tricky

      No.Most probably Congolese.

    • BK

      Mr . Dundumwezi your tribal sentments against Bembas will always make you unpopular. Mansa is home to the ushi people not bembas . Who knows maybe some among the five are just settlers from other provinces of Zambia. Think before you wafle .

  12. talala musonda

    let’s not put our trust in man man will mislead us and let us down lets trust God with him all things are possible.

  13. palata minina

    God dislike such nosence people

  14. eagle's eyes

    Zambia needs transformation……..

  15. Dr zangi adrian manase

    Definitely Zambia needs transformation

  16. _________Zambia

    those men should be actually lectures at UNZA



  18. mbawala

    I dnt knw wat it means wen we ar tealing pipo dat zambia z a chrstan nation, well de Wichdocturs ar even advtese on de national brotcst or myb mysalf i dnt no de meaning of chrstian ntion help me?

  19. Bolokiyo

    Lol these Guy’s need to pay Tax

  20. Joseph siame

    Plizzzzzzzz Lord have mercy on our mother land

  21. Kalebalika

    Iyeeeee ababantu kwena………

  22. Dr Fonicks

    These are the end days. let’s pray hard and believe in the Lord, for the Kingdom of God is near. The devil is at work. please stand firm in prayer

  23. Mk

    Mr dundumwezi,mind your writing, u’re saying wonder if bembas are Zambians? Low thinking. But there have been ruling you and yet u don’t know them.come 2021 it’s Easterners and when we get tired back to Bemba’s.piece of advice, leave Zambia and come back after all bembas have ruled.

  24. Mimbulu

    It’s not all that will say lord Lord will anter the kingdom of God.It is not problems of a tribe but people just blem them not every bemba

  25. Don bryno

    I think that is being misterious and so problematic to hear such kind of immorality because we are embarrassing our country as Christian nation

  26. Makeni boy

    Easy Easy&Jack,I agree with u guys.To much adverts and sam ar saying they can mek some1 a prophet,can u imagine..?

  27. ack

    iwe dundumwezi ba noko ichilibolo naba wiso aka nyo and last but not least whoever gave birth to you is a real asshole.good day mother fucker!

  28. mr Masautso

    Panish these people coz this is ungodly

    • Mk

      Zambia Reports, why have continued allowing people to insult on this page? Please control your page else you become unpopular.

  29. walter

    Stupid old people!..


    The that’s bad people change for good

  31. Wongani

    Witchcraft has cause more 2 our economic and society by killing highly educated citizens due 2 this evil behaviour. Zambian constitution 2 remove witchdoctor act bcoz when they do their job are bin arrested so better this cause is removed frm our laws. All zambian undstand culturely how Witchcraft has danger 2 human being and why not arresting them when a found by witchdoctors, this make pipo 2 chose mob justice which is wrong judgement.

  32. Bright

    Pipo can feed on dead 💀 body see 🙊 awa Zambia pipo

  33. Hanizyy

    That’s what they were doing to cheese wazungu for you to enjoy buntungwa OK so take theme as Zambian

  34. Vincent tebz

    Pipo how can feed on dead bodies ,that is being evil

    • Banda

      Stop fighting Mr dundumwenze guys, is true imwe bambuya Batu too much ma fake stories kumbali imozi nichani? naine munitukwane nangati mufuna chifukwe ndimwe masilu especially d.k.p, mk and ack.

  35. vailet lungu

    Evil pipo sure honesty can you feed on dead bodies

  36. Corruption now will be worse

    I urge the government to open a new University for witch craft studies in mansa. I remember there was a plan to do this at the University of Zambia. Am sure this is the right place for this Science.I am sure even donors can be found especially from the USA.After all even marijuana now is accepted as a scientific drug.

  37. d.k.p

    dudumwenzi better you dead you noses

  38. Student

    As A Student Studing In Mansa Am Afraid…Last Time Our Fellow Student On Tp Was Killed By Breaking His Neck,,, By Harmed Men. You Are Scaring Us Who Are Coming From Other Provinces.

  39. EC

    cant believe that,zambia is a christian nation but……..

  40. joe

    But zoona ungadabwe

  41. Jk

    Bemba’s why ??

  42. Mukulumwa Chimuka

    The Bible says that ” when u see such things happening, lift up yo head unto Christ”. The world z coming to an end my brothers and sisters.

  43. Mukulumwa Chimuka

    The Bible says that ” when u see such things happening, lift up yo head unto Christ”. The world z coming to an end my dear brothers and sisters.

  44. Big brain

    MR dundumwenze is right why are u insulting him imwe ma imbwa, luapula, copper belt and Kitwe too much ma cases because there to many bembas, be like bakaonde,ngoni,tumbuka,tongas,lozi, Chewa,ba soli and others tribes not any fake story ndimwe ulemu umafunika yonse Zambia niyatu niulemu chabe, two days kuzafika inangu mark my words.

  45. cyrus king BABA

    Full of advitisement só GOD HELP

  46. One d

    Ba Bemba zoona learn to respect, tonse tumalakwa but lmwe mwachilamo,tokota boys ma names niyachi Bemba, ba traffic banapishiwa nchito ma names niyachi bemba bazamuonelamo banzano,iyo futi bantu sure bamoyo kuyenda Ku manda kuvula vovala kufukula nakudyesa bantu bokufa what is that and what is the meaning of that? Don’t insult those who are complaining the tribe they are right.

  47. BMW

    Yaba ba Bemba zoona kalusya bwalya anatusebanya pa world naye nimubemba.talema na nkani ZAnu, mu Zambia there are about 73 tribes benangu Bali ziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii no chongo , my question is who are you?

  48. Corruption now will be worse

    The late President Mwanawasa said it.He was called names.During his term he directed for a count of all prisoners in our prisons with Names,Tribes and place of origin.The results were shocking, 90% bembas.However this remained a state secret.

  49. Enock chenda

    Mwe bantu wat z dis-hah

  50. tottoest

    i am not commenting, i am just passing

  51. MARTIN


  52. Muse

    Bad story in a Christian nation

  53. Leonard

    Nombà ifi bàikelepo efindo? Yangu tatamulugu . Each and everyone is sitting on people they killed, it was not cleansing but celebrating.

  54. Ree-shar

    That’s madness

  55. travel


  56. vic sims

    CommentThis is satanic behaviour how can ahumanbeing start feeding on died people?ithink most of us need to repent and be prayerful

  57. sabs

    Zambian people need to turn from witchcraft 😕😩

  58. HH kachema

    Plz don’t do dem with any thing n u can just take dem at UNZA for diploma in studies plz

  59. Alfred CM

    I believe that God is there watching what these people are doing, however its should not be suplising because we are living in the last days this world will end soon for sure. Just believe in God Jehovah the Almighty!


  60. Mandzukic

    Ba Bemba sure ukawalala number one, criminal cases number one naumfwiti again number one, are you a cursed tribe in Zambia?


    Don’t much supplies bane, fyamuziko, a sin is same, what ever you committee adultery, insult, theft, killing etc, is same. What is important “kwishibafye Lesa umwine wafintu fyonse, nokulamusalika cilanshinta” Amen

  62. Boyd Chisanga

    Lesa somone

  63. Vegan

    Mmmmm whre are we goin sure

  64. sam l

    How does it look like? how is stored?

  65. Luther Went Psycho

    Bemba problem tribe i wonder why every case on Zambia Report comes from Bembas pa 25Aug a family of 7members where burnt also coming from Bembas. Awe ife talema nama story anu

  66. LAZY

    The only person i blame is the one who named zambia to be a christian nation

  67. Mighty H (Wise Men)

    Please, Zambia, Get it from this Angle. : 1. Witch, Is A Woman claimed to have magic or miracle powers and to be able to use them for good (holy) or bad (evil). 2. Witch doctor, Is A Man claimed to have magic or miracle powers and to be able to use them for good (holy) or bad (evil). 3. Witch Craft, Is the Skill or Art of using magic or miracle powers, for good (holy) or bad (evil). 4. We have seen many Countries developping fast by using the Skill or Art of using magic or miracle powers to make good things. In short, Witch Craft, is not bad, BUT, how they apply it and where they use it. OVER TO YOU MOTHER ZAMBIA.

  68. Mighty H (Wise Men)

    Zambia is said to be a Christian Nation, So, Any Zambian who speaks of Evil, He is no longer a Zambian, he is Nothing, and not from Any Zambian Tribes. All those saying Bad things, we de-nounce you. You were not Created to be Zambians, Big NO!!! Twamikana mwishina lwa, The Creator of Heaven, Earth, Waters and everything in them, Amen. Fwebena Zambia, tulefwaya ubuyantanshi, and not The Brains which thinks in Reverse. We want our Children, Grand Children, Grand…Grand…Grand and those not yet born, to come and enjoy Good things and not Bad things Amen.


    Only prayers can do.

  70. Mighty H (Wise Men)

    We Zambians must be very, very carefull in receiving and answering to Prayers “AMEN”!!!. Because,some of these Prayers comes from the Evil Spirits while very few Prayers comes from the Holy Spirit. Ukusuminisha ifyo tawishibe, tachawama nakalya. You may add on Please!!!.

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