Seven Family Members Burnt to Death in Suspected Arson

25th August, 2018 – Seven (07) members of the same family have been burnt to death in a suspected Arson case. This happened at Mwitwa farms in Mkushi District , 02 kilometers West of Mkushi turn off in the early hours of today, 25th August, 2018 at about 01 30 hours.

The deceased have been identified as Royda Chisenga aged 57, female juveniles Natasha Musonda aged 10 years, Sharon Daka,  09 years , Messia Daka, 04 years, Evelyn Chibuye 04 years , male juveniles Ophen Musonda, 08  years and Kennedy Daka 06 years.

The children were burnt together with their grandmother after their mother Matilda Chisenga aged 28 years had gone out the previous day to attend to her sick sister at turnoff area in Mkushi at about 16 00 hours.

Preliminary investigations have revealed that there was nothing in the grass thatched house which could have caused the fire.

All the seven bodies which are burnt beyond recognition are in Mkushi District Hospital mortuary awaiting post-mortem.

Investigations have been instituted in the matter.




  1. Leon


  2. cyrus king BABA

    R.i.P to this pipo

  3. Lolo

    Hmmmm??? The problem in villages everyone who have grown old becomes a witch/wizard to some people. Very devastating indeed. May God punish the causer.

  4. Marko

    Mmmmm that is so sad😭😭😭😭

  5. Derick

    Sad God help us

  6. mbawala

    sad news

    • Kelvin mulonda

      Where is this world taking leading us?? my the LORD forgive them.R.I.P

  7. talala musonda

    sad development

  8. Mk

    Fish out lawbreakers and bring them to book. Very very sad indeed. Mtsriep

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    Very sad

  10. Collins shingwe

    Sad, may their Soul rest in piece

  11. chisola ham ailinga

    Very sad

  12. Benny

    Sad news indeed l wonder is it hard 2 feel heat when the house is burning? The old lady could have heard noise or feel heat when the house was on fire and wake up all the children and run out iyee it’s sad indeed may their souls rest in external peace till we meet

  13. frank matoka

    Great loss indeed, R.I.P

  14. Ronald Mulenga

    Let this man rot in prison if found guilty.

  15. Banduku

    Very sad, good news is that the causer has been caught, kindly kill him also. Days are numbered a thief also stole my money in the bag at Kasama Jordan station on 25. Please one day will betray you. That money will not work because you did not toil for it. Feed your family from my money.

  16. vic sims

    Comment :its very sad and indeed agreat loss to family and the nation

  17. Mr dundumwenze

    Lord don’t forsake us we are your people.in our country too much death protect us from devil’s plan.

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    Sad news

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    Very sad

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    Sad news M.T.S.R.I.P Zambia has become something else these days

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    Sad story from my home town

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    vry sorry

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