Sikaneta among AU Diplomats Paying Homage to Anan



25TH AUGUST, 2018

Zambia’s Ambassador to Ethiopia Her Excellency Ms. Susan Sikaneta was among several African Diplomats who gathered at the United Nations Economic Commission of Africa –UNECA- to commemorate the life of Former United Nations Secretary General Koffi Anan.

In her message of condolence, Ms. Sikaneta said Mr Anan was an Internationalist who worked for peace globally.

’’ We honour him for his selfless commitment to saving human kind and we ought to emulate him.’’ She said.

She added that the world had lost a great leader who was preoccupied with the need to maintain international peace and security.

Ms. Sikaneta who is also Zambia Permanent Representative to the African Union and Chairperson of the Peace and Security Council said Mr. Anan devoted his life to making the world a more peaceful place.

The Ambassador said the greatest recognition that could be given to Mr. Anan was to keep his legacy and his spirit alive.

UN Women Representative to Ethiopia, AU and UNECA Letty Chiwara described Mr. Anan as a man who fought for Gender equality and emphasized the need for women to be given their rightful positions in decision making positions.

UNECA Under Secretary General Vera Songwe said Mr. Anan was a man who advocated for the resolution of conflicts through dialogue and harmony.

She said he was a leader who respected all people and was not selfish in his discharge of duties.

And Ghana’s Ambassador to Ethiopia said Mr. .Anan death was not only tragic to his birth country Ghana but the entire continent.

The donor community was represented by Counselor of the Swedish Embassy Emelie Rennerfelt who said Mr. Anan lead the UN with integrity and boldness.

She said Mr Anan advocated the rights of Women and girls through the implementation of a UN resolution on inclusiveness of Women in decision making positions.

Mr Koffi Anan who died at the age of 80 ,became the first black African United Nations secretary-general in 1997. When he departed in 2006, he left behind a global organization far more aggressively engaged in peacekeeping and fighting poverty.


Issued by

Mrs Inutu Mwanza

First Secretary-Press & Tourism

Embassy of the Republic of Zambia in Addis Ababa



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    Farewell Mr Hero.Africa wil nevr 4get your hardworking spirit.May GOD enbrace and comfort the berievd family.

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