Kitwe CBD Roads Get Upgrade

The Rehabilitation of Roads in the Kitwe Central Business District has started under the Copperbelt C-400 Road Project.

Avic International, the contractor undertaking road works has since commenced the process of ripping off the entire Oxford Road in the CBD.

Oxford Road, Kitwe Town Centers’ busiest road has been put first on the program which seen also the closure of Oxford Bus Station to allow for rehabilitation works.

Kitwe City Council Public Relations Manager Roy Kuseka said buses, taxis and noah buses have temporarily been moved to Matuka avenue Opposite Shoprite while big luxury buses will operate from Kabengele Avenue Opposite Insomia Restaurants.

And motorists have since appealed to the contractor to expedite with works and ensure the road is completed on time.

“You can see how much we have been inconvenienced our only hope is that the contractor will be able to finish the works within schedule,” one if the motorists said.


  1. Road Tax

    Hope they can extend to a Road called 20th Nkana East as this road has remaind untouch whilst other roads get facelifts. If money permits.Comment

  2. m

    Good work

  3. chola or pro proper

    Take a look at one way

  4. Dims

    As they ar continuing work roads
    There, another development here n kalulushi
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  5. Chikwimi Mwila Chisombo

    I am happy to work about the roads in kitwe copperbelt thanks to the government of Zambia and the mayor of kitwe about the project of the roadsite.

  6. Chimuka siamatika

    Gudwork Zoon even as we r asking ba ku southern province dat we o Wat dat development u r doing dat Syd we get admire wen we see other parts of Zambia are fixed up

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