Mkushi Arsonist Confesses…Charged with 7 Counts of Murder

Police in Mkushi have apprehended and arrested a male suspect identified as Obert Bubala for One count of Arson and Seven counts of murder which took place in Mkushi on Saturday 25/08/2018. The alleged suspect Obert Bubala aged 34years of Mwitwa village forest area Mkushi was apprehended today the 26/08/2018 and confessed to burning the house.

The suspect was transfered from Mkushi to Kapiri-Mposhi police station for his safety as the mob  wanted to do beat him up in Mkushi.We retaliate our call to warn members of the public not to take the law into their own hands but rather let the due process of the law take its course.The suspect will appear in court soon.

Rae Hamoonga

Deputy Police Spokesperson.


  1. Benny

    This man is really heartless how can he kill people in a house like that l feel sorry especially 4 the minor victims who perished in that hut.

  2. Damisiano

    let the police do their work.if this man proven guilt by the court of law,he should punished severely.

  3. Mr. K

    Why Waite for the law to take its own course when he had confessed? Criminals enjoy a lot in zambia

  4. Luck Muwaya

    Amai Kalaba one,.

  5. Chitambala Michael

    May their sails rest in peace

  6. francis

    This is bad. killing seven people just like that in a Christian nation. why why

  7. moinah

    That person should be punished,

  8. Simcard banda

    He must be killed all so

  9. Leon


  10. Hop kido

    Only God knows.

  11. wenger

    that is capital panishiment

  12. Joe

    Take him ku hell

  13. mauto nkhowani


  14. Jack

    may God have mess on the deceased

  15. smooth

    Pliz ba judge sentence him to DEATH…

  16. Sianga Musialela

    Of course the punishment for murder is death. The unfortunate thing is that, he will die once only for all the seven murders. And in Zambia murderers only serve life sentences because successive Presidents avoid to sign death warrants.

  17. vieramrodgers

    the prophecy is being fulfiled mathew 24:6-10

  18. vieramrodgers

    And woe unto that person fulfiling the prophecy!!!!!

  19. Adonai

    This guy he is coldblooded

  20. Jomwa

    The man has accepted the wrong doing why should the court waste time to hear from him just sentence him and leave room for some cases which needs defending ,hang the man seven times for the souls he killed, so that others can learn from this

  21. Kelvin

    Cut this culprit into small pieces until he dies then burn the pieces.

  22. Brian

    My he also be murdered

  23. Stevenjiba sheleleka

    People who do things like that are not human are beasts God who punished him

  24. Stevenjiba

    Roman 3v6 by no means! How, otherwise,Will God judge the world people we should have Pity


    Wasting time just bring him to me please I handle this man properly.he needs Christ

  26. Martin mwewa

    May Also be murdered

  27. Benson JacKson

    Do not sentence him to death because he has done wrong then he will be wasting government food at MaXimum prison, put him to death!

  28. Jonathan Ngoma

    it’s indeed sad,but what was the problem?

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