Popular Cameraman Dies Days After Falling Off Moving Car

A Zambian filmmaker identified as Munyemesha Munyemesha has died after having fallen over a moving vehicle whilst he was filming a funeral procession in Kabwe.

Munyemesha whose signature works include ZNBC’s Rooftop program fell off last Tuesday but died at this morning at Kabwe General Hospital.

ZNBC Corporate Affairs Manager Yvette Chanda said Munyemesha would greatly missed by the TV2 crew where he produced the Musical Programme the Roof Top.


“Mr Munyemesha was a talented Cameraperson, Producer and Director, who contributed immensely to the growth of the entertainment industry in Zambia,” Chanda said.

“Mr Munyemesha will be greatly missed as he was a hardworking individual, who would always think outside the box when it came to productions.”


She added: “Mr Munyemesha 36, died around 23:30hrs last night at the Kabwe General Hospital where he was admitted, after he was involved in a road accident in Kabwe, on Tuesday last week.”

Munyeneshya is survived by a wife Kona and four children.


  1. ZNBC DG

    iye tapulumuka ku ngongole we owned him money

    • ba nzoro

      Is this al you can say?i pity you may the Lord have mercy on youZNBC DG.

    • Ububomba Mwibala

      ZNBC DG
      Is that supposed to be funny?Go give your mother her phone and start doing homework

    • Anthobalachio

      Think b 4 talk , uku kupunama , MR MUNYEMESHA MYSRIP we will mit u kwishilya

    • LOUIS

      Only God our father knows why a Man with such comments is still living

  2. Kafuka banda

    Sad news

  3. Evangelist Malama Golden

    We are in the strange world, no one knows what will happened the next minute..I knew him as a born again person great is he in heaven

    • Ackim kabemba

      R I P in peace Zambian power we never know that u may live us in such a way’, may the power and holly spirit of Jesus Christ guide u ; we miss u our Brother and may God protect your family;;!! @@@#

  4. Mk

    Ba znbc DJ,he has left behind the wife, children and the family whom you can give money. Just be honesty.mhsriep

  5. ba nzoro

    I’m deeply hurt,i loved the song he did ” mutinta made me to be born again”actually it was a video.my his soul rest in perfect peace,to Kona and the children,i pray that you find comfort in the Lord,go well mwisho,go well.

  6. Analyser

    MHSRIP… sometime back RATSA banned sitting through car windows to film. Let us us use open too cars

  7. Luck Muwaya

    Sad story, I really miss DJ munyemesha munyemesha Tv 2.MHSRIP

  8. Bruno mars the moonshine junglez

    Iwe chi znbc dj, are you a human person? i doubt. I know you are a dead one learn how to talk your friend is no more. There are so many churches were you are, can you find one please i beg you be born again.Rip my frind.

  9. moinah

    Too bad dear,may your soul rest in peace,

  10. guyguy

    Ba dg u dont tink

  11. Krishna

    We will deeply miss you. and may your soul rest in peace.

  12. Patrick Mwale

    May your spirit live for long.You were a resolute person,determined to fight and conquer.Alas death conquered you.Rest in peace.

  13. talalamusonda

    Sad development

  14. jimmy j

    R I p

  15. guy tee

    may u be received in the heaven realms…

  16. smooth

    Go in peace brother.R I P

    • ROKA

      ZNBC must go beyond condolences! An investigation must instituted how the accident happened leading him to falling off a moving vehicle. The driver must be charge with causing his death by careless driving.This is very sad indeed.

      • Chilankalipa

        The very reason why the law forbids filming from an open van and in motion, but in our own wisdom we defy both the law and the logic.

  17. Andrew

    Ba ZNBC DG or whatever u call yourself sorry but mwalipena and u need help.

  18. Margret Folowisa

    Sad news indeed… MHSRIP
    May God comfort the family in this unexpected development

  19. kr


  20. National councillor

    I am shocked, I just can’t believe it,God give the family strength and help them in future.

  21. Sikazwe Wisdom

    RIP Ba Munyemesha

  22. Raymond

    Never knew that night you did pack and go at an all night would be last meeting you…. I’m so saddened by your death bro.. May God receive your soul.. RIP

  23. Mutale

    ;(;(;(go well sir may your wife and children find comfort and strenth in God we celebrate you forever

  24. alphar king

    Rip m2 may your Saul rest in peace✌ brother

  25. Khethiwe

    OMG! so terrible too young to die…anyway only GOD holds our lives…rest in peace man!!😢

  26. Barnabas

    Am deeply saddened by the death of this man. I really liked him. This is sad. May the Lord comfort the family. Am still shocked!

  27. Mk

    Very sad story, mhsriep.znbc DG,guys if u don’t have any thing to comment,stay mute.it’s not a forcing matter. Death is death, we don’t joke. Think if it was u,your bro,dad,son: how can you feel?shame.

  28. Lawrence

    MHSRIP I love watching mutinta made me born again.

  29. rukiyah

    Comment May his soul rest in perfect peace and may the Almighty make it easy for his family especially his wife and children….

  30. Jay chelsea

    Satan ZNBC DG you dont think straight go and give the family the nkongole you owed him….

  31. Jay chelsea

    Will miss you

  32. Geoffrey

    Sad news indeed. We will miss him greatly.

  33. MB

    Comment sad development. May the gracious power of the sovereign God be upon the wife and children. RIP

  34. Morika

    Sad news! May his soul rest in internal peace.

  35. Sambo

    My day was ruined upon hearing this sad news.We were with him last week as he was film for Marcopolo Tiles Ltd adverts.So sad to lose such a brother,friend and father Go well M2.You are in God’s hands.Jovial as ever.

  36. Evans mutale

    May his soul rest in piece

  37. apostle gs ackson

    You did your part dear, you died on duty as a hard worker, u showed us the way to go by being born again, talent and gifts is what pushed you to levels we knew you from.
    your death is a reminder that gives wisdom,
    we shall celebrate your death. by GOD’S grace we shall link up to the otherside of life. M.Y.S.R.I.P

  38. Brighton


  39. Brayo

    What a small world we are living I never saw it coming this is a bad news
    My condolences

  40. Chosen

    My Heart felt condolences. Farewell be Mr munyemesha, God strengthen the family!

  41. Hexeelawz

    It’s really bad, this person was entertaining my life. May his soul test in peace.

  42. Hexeelawz

    ZNBC must go further details about how the accident occurred. …

  43. Ozwin


  44. Joseph chishimba

    Wat a gap u hav left in rooftop ken one? Wu s going to handle that production lord help us why we losing innocent soul in such way? Anyway may soul rest in #peace😭😭😭👈

  45. Stevenjiba sheleleka

    Rest in peace brother i love the song’s title mutinta am born again my heart’s felt condolences for the family

  46. Mary Ndalama

    Sad news my nephews Master of ceremony 7/10/2017 kanshi wefwa waba shani? The song mutinta was sang on that day together with his wife,my sister be strong and look after those lovely God given four children

  47. Vernock Jose Chot_lee

    BA Znbc DG you’ve got bad manner so u feel very happy when you heard that the one you owned money has gone or he has been in a road accident shame 2 u

  48. joseph simps

    haaaaaaaaaaaa y my guy way so soon haaaaaaaa

  49. shy paul

    Rip munyemesha munyemesha.

  50. king cup


  51. kays

    rest in peace great man, you Will greatly missed

  52. petty ghat leves

    My man my your soul rest in peace and kona the will be with u Amen

  53. Cyrus livermore camstar clc

    May his soul rest in peace

  54. Albert

    Go well we will miss you

  55. Mr dundumwenze

    Too bad my man last month I was with you, it was very easy to release my first album with you.all the programmes we arranged with you are now shattered, is true you were talented man, may your soul rest in peace until we meet again in paradise. But you My friend znbc dg ulemu umafunika God is God of miracles if you don’t know, if you love your life just say sorry now to the public, if you will not say sorry, you will never test 2019 they will burry before January because of silly manners.

  56. Mr dundumwenze

    Znbc dg They will burry you because of your silly manners

  57. simango phiri

    MHSRIP, he was my classmate at Bwacha high school.

  58. Richard longwe

    Znbc DG only o is missing in between d and g,

  59. Babaz

    My Condolences

  60. Nkandu Chitomombo

    may you rest in peace Mr. Munyemesha. I was a fun of your work, especially the “rooftop” art.
    ba ZNBC DG, may God have mercy on you

  61. Dizo

    Will greatly miss u brother man mhsrip

  62. Golden

    Go well big man R.I.p

  63. Zolileshamboko. Com @boko.com

    Sad development to bady Rip

  64. golden mic

    let us lean onething everyone of us will follow the same way, R.I.p child of God, bye,bye,bye, will meet again…


    Gone too soon my brother,God knows why? MHSRIEP

  66. Chibuye Joseph (junior)

    May his soul rest in peace and comfort from the Lord befall on the deceased family.

  67. kajani

    Gone too soon Munyemesha. We have already missed you. Rest in peace

  68. Emmanuel

    Gone to soon. I have always loved your style of singing. We shall greatly miss you.

  69. Black

    Too bad we will miss you,R.I.P

  70. Drigo concerned citizen

    May Our Loving Jehovah God the giver of life remember you on the day of resurrection. Imwe ba ZNBC DJ unless if you are not affected by death. Everyone in this world is affected but your post is in acceptable. Even God who created you in his own image feels the pain every day wen people die. Ba bwana your post is unacceptable u are just putting a curse upon your life.

  71. Drigo concerned citizen

    The living are conscious that they will die, but as for the dead they are conscious of nothing at all. So ba znbc DJ do not make funny of the dead people your post is unacceptable, may God have mercy to you and ask for forgives in prayer.

  72. Lovenes

    I was your fan even if I never met you in person. May your soul rest in peace and my condolences to the family members…

  73. patience

    Commentso sad, may his soul rest in eternal peace

  74. Brian

    sad news r.i.p

  75. Mayback

    ZNBC DG u ar a dog INDEED.Lets hope u hav nevr lost any family member,u dont knw the pain of losing a luvd one..

  76. Climan

    MHRIP,Too bad,Jesus comfort the family…

  77. Survave Nyamboseh

    you people please stop texting silly comments like what my friend did on mr munyemesha’s death is taking one by one you will be also dead oneday!stil it pains MHRIP

  78. Survave Nyamboseh

    you people please stop texting silly comments like what my friend did on mr munyemesha’s death, death is taking one by one you will be also dead one day!stil it pains MHRIP

  79. Dizzo

    Znbc DG everything ppo have commented in regards to your foolish comment are cursses over your life plz before it’s too late come back and apologize my friend don’t complicate your over such.friendly advise

  80. nelson phiri

    Comment mr munyemesha we will deeply miss u,may your soul rest in eternal peace

  81. Milimo

    MHSRIEP journey well my brother


    We will miss you bro

  83. nostaw

    May his soul rest in peace.

  84. Fredrick Kapalu


  85. Mirriam chola lambwe

    I fell sick and felt like it was my blood brother who died,still feeling heartbroken.May the holy one above keep him in eternal peace and condo

  86. Mirriam chola lambwe

    I fell sick and felt like it was my blood brother who died,still feeling heartbroken.May the holy one above keep him in eternal peace and condolences to the family.God will take care of you Kona and the children,sorry my sister😭😭😭

  87. c-easy


  88. Mr K-Sean

    Its a pity zoona its a pity

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