Chingola Gang Leaders Committed to High Court

The Chingola Magistrate has committed to the High Court Victor Phiri commonly known as C4 and three others in a case that they are charged with murder and attempted murder.

Phiri who espouses part of the notorious gang culture that has bedevilled the Copperbelt had been part of the groups that had been terrorizing the community in Chingola and neighbouring town.

Facts before Court are that, in the first count the four on 21st May, 2018 whilst acting together with other persons allegedly murdered Musonda Makumba.

In count two, the four on 27th May, 2018 whilst acting with other persons unknown unlawfully did cause the death of Aaron Kanduli.

When the matter came up for mention, Chingola Magistrate Kalutwe Chiluba informed the four Victor Phiri, 20, commonly known as C4, his elder brother Martin Phiri, 21, commonly known as Martinego, John Mulenga 21, also known as John KG and a juvenile that the Court had received instructions to commit them to the high court for trial.

He said having seen the committal certificate issued by the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) certifying that this is a proper case for trial by High Court he acted accordingly.


  1. Umu Boys Wapa RosS

    just sentence then to 15yrs behind bars with hard labor..

  2. Big man

    Give them life sentece . We do not need such rafians in society.

  3. awan

    too bad, what has become of my loved town chingola. we used to produce good people not these fools. deal with them. sorry for them anyway.

  4. Marker

    On this one let the president sign for execution,we don’t need fill our prisons with garbage.It’s a drain on government coffers.

  5. Fk

    Those boys first deserve some beattings from the prison warders, imikoti ishibi saana ishakulepula amatako. Bwaice bwaice ifyabupuba, don’t tolerate those idiots

  6. mbawala A

    jst kill them 2 day b4 they murduard u ad thy ar not Phiri’s thy ar bembas cozy we dnt prodce such stupt chaps in estarn power

  7. Kakoma donnix

    Sentence them we are tired and sick of such criminals. They keep on troubling people and the community.

  8. Gas

    The society do not need such character.
    Instead of keeping them alive in the prison, kill them.

  9. Moffat

    These stupid boys should be killed coz if they are tolareted they continue killing pipo

  10. Thomas

    WAKA ELE C4…Freemabruhs Half Number John Cage martinago and shimala

  11. Luck muwaya

    Just stone Them. No mercy.

  12. Sianga Musialela

    Congratulations Zambia Police! for The good work you are doing for the nation, usually under very difficult circumstances.Please keep it up.Blessed are the peace makers for they shall be called the children of GOD. You are the true peace makers who work 24/7 to rid the country of these horrible criminals who don’t have respect for human life.

  13. Benny

    Just sentence them 2 death we don’t need such people in chingola or Zambia


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  15. Hebk

    They dont deserve to live..even to be fed by govt in prison No

  16. Council Amos chapewa

    Murder is the serious case the only capable charge for the is dearth by hunging

  17. hesborne kabo

    Wages of sin is death, why are you wasting your time just sentence them to death

  18. Morika

    Deal the thugs accordingly, don’t expose them to oxygen. Cops show yo skill

  19. Hakantu

    Let the law work

  20. m

    Ilinsopa linso kill them pliz

  21. Russian Soldier kangwa

    Russian readers: C4. Martinago.Kg we Always miss u With manigga Bance. and Jr. No Mercy Kumushafye Ichileme uwachitefi takamonepo ifisuma

  22. Deezow Messiah

    The wedges of sin is death

    They need to be killed💀💀


    Too bad guys you be in jail for life.

  24. half number

    life in prison fye

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