Lusaka Mayor Aims at Illegal Land Dealers

Lusaka Mayor Miles Sampa has sent a strong message to illegal land allocators in the province by posing with a pistol.

Sampa has sent social media buzzing with his gun-pose but the mayor seems to have been sending the message to known persons.

The Lusaka Mayor has been hard at work since his being elected to his position last month.



  1. Moses chama

    Too much in action


      you are just fucking your own ass iwe ka Sampa, Bowman Lusambo is working genuinely and not you. We know you are just killing the PF pliz ba Edgar Lungu wake up before this cochroach kills the party he stinks like UPND cowdung

  2. Mayback

    Posing wth a pistol is a sign of dictatorshp.Elo dont try 2 stop cadres.80% of land in lusaka is bought frm cadres.Wituvundula emotulila wamfwa!Iwe ula meya kaili niwebo mayor.

  3. Kuala Lumpur Black Token

    Ba Miles please…posing with a gun its painting a bad picture for you,just work hard.

  4. maytwo

    action at home kaya………………………….

  5. Mayback

    Last tym,aftr winning mayoral electins,it ws prophet cleansing hs office and car,ths tym its guns,whch side ar u miles saka?

  6. Razor

    If it was an opposition party member posing like this by this time he would have been arrested.

    • Junior

      Mr Razor kaili Lol…

      • Dr Fonicks

        The issue of land allocation lies entirely with the pf cadres. if only the mayor starts with in house cleansing the problem may be solved. do the right thing Mr Sampa. it is better to be hated for doing the right thing. In this cruel world no one person is liked by all.

    • M.M.

      They arrest if you just point a gun at somebody, not just showing it off.

  7. Dr. Zimba Emmanuel.

    Go ahead sir

  8. Simple


  9. Frank Bwalya

    Is sampa licensed to kill I wonder?? Strange things happening under this administration no wonder BBC questioned him..?

  10. Chagwa Lungu

    That’s the same gun Ruth Mbandu was threatened with.

  11. Cizela


  12. Dims

    Iwe 4get
    Just come n buy soy-kofi here n kalulushi anew product sch contains no caffeine

    No politics just come

  13. ColdFace

    Lol is that gun real

  14. Patmoll

    Does authority ly in the gun?


    What goes around comes around,Mr sampa be careful, don’t show wipon on public like what you did as if you’re a police or a soulder that not your position to stand with a gun, think before you do. actually for you to act in this way you are used to kill the INOCENT souls in private now you want to be doing it publicly . I am a Wiseman CHONDE on 0968382119

  16. Starboy

    Mr kilometres sampa you are right sir, go ahead because lawlessness is rampant in this country especially with cadres, I have seen cadres owning guns and where they get them nobody knows. So start by whipping these locusts called cadres they are the ones selling land and have taken the law in their own hands.

  17. Wongani

    Miles has shown he can defendhimself and his xplaination on CBC TV. He want 2 slove land problems but those who got land ilegally are not happy with his work. The mayor hav 2 work with zambia police and council police 4 protection than calling when has bin attackd by thugs. Guns wil solve problems but peace means wil do. Foreigns own land Shuld also be visited not only zambian.


      my spilt blood be upon your soul I know you will apologise over your stupid behavior on facebook later you will admit killing me

  18. Prince Earl Ray Kapau.

    He behaves like an uneducated teenage thug. He is very childish!!!

  19. Zambian

    Grab from the poor Zambians and give it to the Chinese

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