Pres. Lungu Drums Up Support for PF Candidate in Kasenengwa

President Edgar Lungu has assured the people of Kasenengwa that PF candidate Sensio Banda will not let them down once he is voted into office.

Drumming up support for Banda in Chiparamba area of Kasenengwa Constituency on Monday afternoon, President Lungu said he would ensure that Banda delivers and that if he would fail he will deal with him.

He said if the people give him another person other than Banda to work with in Kasenengwa he will fail to work with that person.

President Lungu said most opposition political parties do not want to work with the ruling party and urged the people not to gamble during next month’s by-election.

“We declared Kasenengwa a district because we are in a hurry to develop,” he said.

President Lungu said he was disappointed to learn that some people were asking whether Sensio Banda was Chewa or Ngoni.

He said it was not important to ask about Banda’s tribe because there were no tribes in PF.

President Lungu said in the next two weeks he would go round the country to see to it that farming inputs were distributed across the country.

He also urged the people of Kasenengwa to campaign and vote in a peaceful manner.

President Lungu urged PF members to welcome new members.


Earlier when he paid a courtesy call on chiefs at Chiparamba School,

Chief Mishoro appealed to government to work on the bad roads and bridges in Kasenengwa district.

He said the area do not have enough health facilities.

Chief Mishoro appealed to government to install communication towers in Kasenengwa.

He said some palaces like his have no electricity.

Chief Mishoro said chief Chikuwe’s area which was represented by an indunas at the meeting would be affected by hunger because people did not harvest enough food.

President Lungu assured the chief that he had gotten the complaints and that government would begin addressing them when elections are over.

He said government was already putting communication towers across the country.

The Head of State will tomorrow (Tuesday) hold two rallies before returning to Lusaka.

President Lungu is accompanied by PF secretary general Davis Mwila,

Eastern Province minister Makebi Zulu, Local government minister

Vincent Mwale who is also campaign manager and several MPs.


  1. PHIRI.s

    There,z no strong competitor there, hence waisting time campaigning, help our parents with farming in puts. Politic really dirty game, wat of that mudala who avail himself in kasenengwa campaigning whilst friends are morning, was he sacked? Early bird catches first worm!!!!.

  2. mbawala A

    PF z de only party i know n zambia ormyb thre z anthr on remaind me

  3. Kaya

    Mr admin
    President Edgar C Lungu is also accompanied by JK,Chester,Rich Bizzy to name a few just to attract villagers *shame*

  4. crazy

    Ati if u give me another person I will fail to work with him what does he mean there so only of candidate s can work with the current kateka ka

  5. Mabaanga

    PF is the only party with an agenda to develop our country. Thank you ba Edgar Lungu.

  6. hasty

    Comment No campaign msg only bragging ,common, who told u that PF is the only party with the agenda of developing the country?—-short sighted morons.

  7. Benny

    Of is only a party which impose a lot of taxes on its citizens

  8. Benny

    PF not of

  9. Razor

    There is no other strong candidate there therefore there is no need to finish taxpayers money in campaigns and allowances. Waste of time and resources.

  10. FGM

    It’s a pity most Zambians vote based on instincts not reasoning. No wonder the pace at which our country is developing. Only when God will say “Enough is Enough.

  11. Frank Bwalya

    Its surprising the so called President is just busy trotting about politicking. Is there no work in his office..?

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