UPND Mangango MP Dies in Road Accident

The opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) Mangango Member of Parliament Naluwa Mweene has died in a road traffic accident.

Mweene, 34, died on the spot at the Itezhi Tezhi turn off along the Mongu-Lusaka road while four other passengers from his car sustained injuries.

The injured have been rushed to Mumbwa District Hospital where they are being attended to.


  1. National councillor

    We have lost two young energetic personalities in the space of two days,why?

    • PROPHET SAMBO-Endtime prophet

      These are Judgements of the ALMIGHTY GOD-GIVEN i sent a Message to many Christians and Government officials including opposition parties. What’s app me and I will send you the audios.

      You will now know why these Events will continue to happen until PEOPLE come to REPENTANCE.


  2. dickson kaseleka

    To Bad,mhsrip

  3. Sacho

    Oh this is so sad. 34 years thats prime age to take over from the White Elephants we have.

  4. Get Well Soon GBM

    My sincere condolences

  5. Danniel

    too bad

  6. F.M.X CHITI

    Too sad may his soul rest in internal Peace

  7. Martin mwewa

    Too bad mhsrp

  8. survave nyamboseh


  9. Rocky

    Very very sad indeed. Death sure not fair. How can Zambia loose such a prime aged gentleman so early!! MHSRIP

    • PROPHET SAMBO-Endtime prophet

      Send me your number and I will send you the Message I sent to many Christians in the Nation of Zambia,opposition parties and ruling party.

      +26097602188-so that if you are also one of them then you must REPENT before calamity strikes -It has not stopped but will continue until RIGHTEOUSNESS is RESTORED.

      • President lungu

        I don’t think that this is a true prophecy may be coming from a false prophets.to hell with your prophecy. It has just happened .

      • Muleya hachizibe

        My Frd ur prophecy is nonses OK idoit we lost samone u start telling as rubbish Alan go to hell

  10. Musheke N.

    Bad news to us all

  11. Frank Bwalya

    Pf and lungu must now prove their proclaimed popularity in mangango constituency by-election…

    • javatar

      instead of feeling sad for the loss of life, you out here trying to think of politics.. is this what the country has come to

      • Zambian

        Sure, have come to this? No respect to human life? Zambia has really changed or this true prophecy being fulfilled? Love diminishing n selfishness taking root in our heart.

    • Nelson

      I smell a rat over this MP’s death, why would you comment such an immature comment?

    • Chosen

      Already thinking “by-election”… Interesting!!

  12. Abraham

    too bad, MHRIP.

  13. Misheck


  14. Mr dundumwenze

    I don’t understand why death to much so in our country.

    • PROPHET SAMBO-Endtime prophet

      Do you want to KNOW?

      Do you believe I am prophet of God?

      If you do then TEXT me on +260979602188 and I will send you an AUDIO I sent to many Zambians -Christians, opposition parties and ruling government.

      Its a 48 minutes AUDIO you must listen to it word by word and what is mentioned sent on 27/8/18- These Deaths have not stopped for it is JUST the beginning because of INCREASE OF WICKEDNESS -JESUS IS ESTABLISHING HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS.

  15. RAZ


  16. Rthme c

    Mhsriep as he await the resurection day for jugement. I give respect to the deceased for quick departure

  17. Shaka

    Mhsrip too bad

  18. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle

    Frank bwalya, you are a big fool may death take you quickly getout with your idiocy comments

    • Kk


    • Young leaders of tomorrow

      Bro care just use people’s account on Facebook chill ,mhrp sad indeed awee chaabipa mwe lesa am not a supporter of UPND but I feel the loose

  19. kingd

    Instead of sending condolences u saying popularity have human mind not like that are u a satanist

  20. kingd


  21. Mr. K

    Pf is a loving party which not enjoy death pf sending masseged of condolences it is foolish for some one to to talk foolishly when others have problems

  22. talala musonda

    Too bad very sad development may God comfort his family during this trying moment.

  23. Peters Isaacs

    What do u expect from bwalyas!.my condolences

  24. Sure sure

    So sorry please our leaders control yourselfs we love you all.
    Control yourself in everything you do . drive safe each day of your LIFE.I FILL SORRY FOR ALL OF US WHO LOST OUR ZAMBIAN LEARDER SORRY

    • PROPHET SAMBO-Endtime prophet

      Do you think it is about DRIVING SAFE? NO. it is because of the INCREASE of WICKEDNESS in the Nation, opposition parties, ministries in the governments-This is what the Lord Jesus my master showed me and the Audio I sent on 27/8/18 some few days ago about how GOD is very angry about CORRUPTION, SEXUAL IMMORALITY-INCREASE OF WICKEDNESS IN THE NATION.

      what’s app me on +260979602188 and I will send you the AUDIO as PROOF 48 minutes something AUDIO

  25. Vangaza

    Sad.May the soul of my departed brother rest in piece.

  26. Abeuty Mukupa


  27. Cizela

    Let have pity to death rather than running into politics it is not an animal which died it is a person ,God witches also

  28. Ndumba GILBERT

    Rest in peace and sincere condolences to the bereaved family.may God comfort the people of mangango.

  29. Chisaz 365

    Too bad not only for Upnd but for the rest of us .It not good loosing Leaders.

  30. Kafula Bukata

    Too Bad 4 My Brother, Its A Big Loss 2 Zambia

  31. Eddie Kapambwe

    Too Sad indeed

  32. Bmk

    Frank Bwalya’s coments at this hour are very immature and untimely.I dont think he is frank Bwalya,i doubt.At this time our mother Zambia is mourning her child,we need to mourn together in harmony with one another,politics aside.Be wise, the so called Frank Bwalya,if you dont have wisdom ask from God.Let us mourn in peace.

  33. Denkete

    Too bad just like his number plate suggests.

  34. Mr x.

    Too Bad…

  35. Nelson

    Sad news , MHSRIP

  36. Kilimajaro

    Death has no choice. Kindly let you people with silly comments desist from such. How I wish you’re picked immediately.

  37. Bonde


  38. Wongani

    The death is unexpect but young man is big lose zambia and upnd. My God give the family strength and comfort during this trying moment. M.H.S.R.I.P

  39. Mugabe

    My condolences

  40. Jom


  41. jw

    you prophet sambo,only God can judge not you,nowadays magicians are now turning to be prophets,when some one dies show respect,are you the one killing them for u to say it won’t end,in jesus I rebuke your magician propheting,a real man of god never gets happy when a person dies ,rip gone to soon

  42. Peps

    This Sambo is a devil sent prophet of doom. To hell with your prophecy.

  43. namalambo price

    my condolences thoz pipo who are happy about this death are bad. don’t you know that any time death can strike on you before the by elections in mangango. May the good Lord forgive you. The tongas have been insulted in all corners but don’t forget that we were also created by God and we were created in His image. Bembas and Easterners remember God is for all, but i know its not all bembers and easterners who hate tongas, but to those who do I am very sorry these are just politics. I wish we could have our own country coz its just too much even in death pipo still hate us why pipo of God. That man who was promoting tribalism in Eastern province i pity u coz u don’t know what u are causing to this country. Ba President pliz fight this tribalism we are tired of it and it is killing our country. I personally love every Zambian coz they were all made in the image of God. Ame+

    • Syamunene

      U are laying u love who? how do you know that the people who are commenting are from eastern and bemba land how many tongas are in pf and how bembas and eastenas are in upnd mr don’t devide let us just mon our brother, u are not defrnt with that one who commented that now late us c if pf is popular in mangango nonsense.

  44. namalambo price

    Sambo you are a prophet of Doom out with your prophecy. These deaths will not continue in Jesus name you just want money. To hell with your satanism

  45. Dr. Zimba Emmanuel.

    Too bad.

  46. coillard

    m.h.s.r.i.e.p my brorher.

  47. Thoko

    So young and full of life. What a loss. MHSRIP

  48. Mambo Tembo

    Sad indeed. Members of The Zambian pulpit, be truthfully prayerful. Are we really committing this nation,general citizenry and the leadership to God for protection, guidance, loving-kindness so that God Bestows upon this land the blessings. MHSRIEP

  49. Coillard

    pliz zambians lets mourn our brother in a peaceful manner lets put politics aside tomorow it wil be at u.Mind u there is know one who wrote aplication letter that i want to be tonga,bemba,lozi or nyanja only God knows it is the secret of God so lets love each other we all created in the image of God,no one has expensive life or cheap life.

  50. K m

    Send me the 48min audio on watspp 0966273701

  51. Abraham

    Please let’s not judge and let’s not pass political comments. Only God knows why it has happened! And every human being on earth shall die that’s what we should know. May His Soul Rest In Peace.

    • OP DG

      oh my God no salaries for us again money will be diverted to by-election okay one day…….

      • PF CADRES


        • kingd

          Celebrate one day it will you pipo will also celebrate be careful what you say.


    IWE CHI Kingd watch your stinking beak we shall sort your small penis just like we did with Miles Sampa

  53. steven matabishi


  54. Jodarn

    Chabipa bamwine

  55. William Lwando

    My condolences to the families and this sad what great loose to the nation may his soul rest in peace

  56. Mystery man


  57. mubita paul

    Rip mr mwene pipo still loved u alot but u went early than we expected glory be to God!

  58. Emmanuel Chila

    My heartfelt condolences to the family of late hon Mweene, God gives and takes. We ar all visitors here and will die one day.RIP hon.

  59. Wagner


  60. Lillian mpambanya

    It’s time

  61. Musakanya

    Too bad

  62. Charles joedy

    Peace be unto mother Zambia.

  63. Francis

    The government through His Excellence the president should find a way of preventing accidents on that area. It has been too much.

  64. Ndine

    Stop it already, this is not the place or time for your fake prophecy. Death was pronounced on man kind by God coz of sin and so we know that death is there, what’s prophetic about what u want to say. This guy is a scum and if u make a mistake of contacting him u will cry.

  65. Kabulo Duncan

    Ecclesiastes 3:2-3 (NLT)

    A time to be born and a time to die. A time to plant and a time to harvest.
    A time to kill and a time to heal. A time to tear down and a time to build up.

  66. Kabulo Duncan (Deaf )

    Jeremiah 23:32 (NLT)

    I am against these false prophets. Their imaginary dreams are flagrant lies that lead my people into sin. I did not send or appoint them, and they have no message at all for my people. I, the LORD have spoken.

    1 John 4:1 (NLT)

    Dear friends, do not believe everyone who claims to speak by the Spirit. You must test them to see if the spirit they have comes from God. For there are many false prophets in the world.

    • Chris komz

      I would like to convey my profound heart felt condolences to the Mweene family for the untimely passing on of our beloved brother (Mp for Mangango) MHSRIP

  67. Chris komz

    I would like to convey my profound heart felt condolences to the Mweene family for the untimely passing on of our beloved brother (Mp for Mangango) MHSRIP

  68. Eddie

    Ba Prophet Sambo…..1)God doesn’t delight with the death of a sinner…. 2) even a worst sinner he can be given an opportunity to repent… remember on the cross that criminal…. 3) why do you want to prove yourself that you are a prophet of God to the world???4) Remember Prophet Jonah…who want the Naivetes to punished with their sins….what happened….5) Judgement belongs to God…..not to man…6) Read the life Jeremiah… He preached to Israel….but they never repented….6) you are just exposing some immature in you….people are mourning… You peach like that hell message….who can repent?????even Christ Jesus can not preach like that…..look at the contrast between John the Baptist and Jesus preaching…..be wise ba man of God….

  69. Eddie

    Ba so called Frank Bwalya….i know that is not your name….
    Pls be sensitive… There is time for everything…. This not the best moment to bring politics… May be you are from there hiding in that name …foolishly…

  70. john

    May his sow rest in piece,too bad 4 him & family

  71. Milly

    Sincerest condolences to the family.

  72. Chikubabe

    May his soul rest in peace Ameen

  73. Chinks

    sorry for the pipo of mangango to los such a young man as a leader, may his soul rest in peac

  74. Wiseman.

    My sincere condolences

  75. Chosen

    Fellow countrymen and women, please for once have respect for one another. Stop these outbursts against each other. It’s not good at all. Zambia is one country where we don’t love each other. Let us learn to love one another and be keeper of each other. See how the Nigerians, Congolese, Zimbabweans, etc take care of each other. When are we going to learn sure??!! No wonder tribalistic inclinations have taken a serious toll on our beloved nation. God bless Zambia! I love you all! God bless you with His wisdom and peace!!

  76. Christopher Liboma

    too baaaad! but by the way only God who knows

  77. Dimba Austern

    Sorry to the family, the church and the nation at large. There is a purpose why God has allowed this to happen. Please people of God let us pronounce peace and not fights and be careful to what you say, you end up cursing yourself.may God bless u all brethren.

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