Labour Minister Confident of Jobs Once Garden Court Hotel is Complete

Minister of Labour Joyce Simukoko is hopeful that more Zambians will be employed once the construction of Garden Court Hotel in Kitwe is complete.

Simukoko who was amazed at the piece of infrastructure which comes with  office space and a convention centre, expressed confidence there would be more employment opportunities for local people.

She said the US $53 million project will add value to increased economic activities in Kitwe and the Copperbelt province at large.

Simukoko stated that government remained committed to growing the economy through such projects and create employment opportunities for local people.

“This is a good piece of infrastructure and ask me it has added value to Kitwe and the Copperbelt but most importantly, there will be more jobs for our people here, I have seen others doing landscaping that is what we want, I can’t even imagine the number of people to be employed here,” she said.

And Simukoko has commended National Pensions Authority for investing worker’s money in the construction of such a facilities.

She said the investment is a clear indication workers will now retire with good packages.


  1. mwamusanga

    I didn’t know that this minister do exist.

  2. ben shaft

    she is known by the name Joyce Nonde.She was prominent in trade unionism.Looks like she is a Nominated MP and subsequently appointed Labour Minister

    • Good man

      Jobs ar created wt poor conditions of services. Mum plz go round the companies and see how we ar suffering wt this so called investors. e.g come at Pembe and Daiyaye millings.90% casual workers getting k30 daily.

  3. Jonas chama

    More jobs are been created in our country but not easy to aquire them even if u have the required Qualifications this is because of the goverment we are in it is full of corruption. The people in power Free yourselves from corruption

  4. Frank Bwalya

    A labor minister who has never been to the labor ward.

  5. Dims

    U shud also come and see the development taking place in kalulushi
    Succulent Brand in kalulushi ar making soyi-kofi anew product with grt benefit

  6. Mubanga Obed

    Hoping all Zambian will benefit for the progress is happening in Kitwe.

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