Mkushi Male Nurse Nabbed for Raping 3 Month Pregnant Client

A male nurse at Chitina Rural Health Centre in Mkushi District has hit headlines for allegedly raping a three months pregnant woman while he was attending to her during an antenatal session.

Central Province Police Commissioner Joel Njase has confirmed the development that happened on Wednesday around 10:00 hours when the 31-year-old woman went to the health centre in the company of her husband.

The suspect has been identified as Nicomed Banda, who is in charge of Chitina Rural Health Centre.

Banda conveniently requested that the husband of his prospective victim waits outside while he attended to her.

The male nurse then forced himself on the woman under the pretext of attending to her.

Banda was apprehended after the victim reported the matter to the police in the company of her husband.



  1. Kabelo

    So called pastor’s and doctors have become unbecoming,so pathetic ,Mukazi ba mwine sure,please,police help,

  2. Abraham

    Even this pregnant women, they should dressing well.

    • How could she have well when he was the one examining har!

      How could she have dressed well when he was examining her

    • Mr T

      Their is no justification for rapping a woman even if she walks naked. Let’s exercise maturity and self displine as responsible Men.

      • Jk

        Mr T well articulated let’s hold our coke now that fooling exited male nurse thought he was clever now see where he is in cells pending court,he will lose job and when is jailed he is going to face the jail boy he will be done on

    • CL

      Very queer thought process…..it is very possible that you are a rapist yourself….

  3. Sporiack 87

    But why doing such an evil & unprofessional act.surely this our mother Zambia were are we heading to? From police on mungwi road & now ministry of health has hit the disallowed goal. Mujubeni yamene nacks.I feel for the husband whom ci nurse ……

  4. Principal-Philosopher BM

    He’s bringing down the effectiveness of the profession especially to his counterpart male nurses whose passion (unlike him)
    is to be the people’s servants for a healthy nation. Moreover such people should not by all means whatsoever be trusted to serve the public capacity lest our nation destroys her professional values. He’s one of those who just found themselves in this field of study, just for money irrespective of people’s need. Hence I for one will be will be absolutely happy if justice is going to prevail, because that’s exactly what he deserves and nothing else.

  5. Daddy

    How can a man who deal with healthy commit such adultery? We need God to help us in this evil world.

  6. Sai

    Let him suffer after being fired, azamuziba yesu!!

  7. Lad

    I think that was unthoughtful of u responding to a sensitive issue like the way u have responded. Try to be realistic, did the woman u fucked came for antenatal classes or there was mutual agreement between two of u?pliz give concrete advice

  8. Munasi

    This is what happens when people with forged certificates join a noble profession. A properly trained person cannot do such a thing. This is pathetic definitely. This dog must be investigated thoroughly, the Police shall dig a lot of offences from him. Why didn’t the husband of the woman kill the burger?This donkey idiot should have been murdered,I think the husband of this victim is a coward.

  9. Toni

    That evil nurse must be arrested for his evil shamfull act

  10. King cool

    Was she not old enough to say I don’t want? She was a prostitute. How can you agree to do something you don’t want , when your husband is waiting for you outside, it’s a great shame to this woman she also deserve punishment

    • Dyakapo

      I think there must be ‘ something fishy ‘ behind that nurse to have such a courage to do such a thing . I suspect that woman could have been giving that nurse the cake for some time .
      Why did’nt she scream ?
      Why did’nt resist by puting up a strugle ?
      How could a man force himself on your wife when you are within 10 metres of distance .
      Investigate that pregnancy to ascertain the man behind it .

    • Lolo

      King cool you have spoken my mind. They know each other very well. Y can’t she shout for help? ??? Just wondering.

  11. Benny

    He is not a coward if he takes law into his hands he maybe also be charged

  12. Commando

    Abanenu poenda kuncito banwa umuto wambushi waimba Chester nomba lmwe mbuya(all easterners)drink umutototo,these are the consenquences.Anyway,chaipa mbuya abanda.

  13. Isaac C.Patrick

    I am advise the police to take this matter proffesionary because maybe this couple made a trap, for them to gain excess of this nurse.

    • Amagenge

      After being raped – this woman walked nicely with the husband and only reported she was raped when they arrived home. Didn’t the husband notice something the moment the woman cam out of the nurse’s office? Is it true a rapped woman can come out without trauma? Why did the husband remain outside? Kaya!

  14. Treason

    He Must Dance To Chorus Of His Tune.

  15. Dr. Zimba Emmanuel.

    More investigation must be done. No corruption.

  16. Dr Five Five

    Pregnant Woman Of All Pregnant Women Who Went 2 The Clinic, Ar U The Only One Whose Beauty Produced Magnetic Fields That Attracted The Officer? This Wasnt The First Rape, I Presume U Have Bn Cohabing & He Jst Wanted To Maintain His Baby In U. Watch Out.

    • Sir ICCjr18

      Maybe u pipo with the idea of a trap u are right ..coz of all the women came for antenatal she was the one with the problem of rape….find root cause police pliz!! Anyway I’m not supporting this nonsense but am of the view that the woman cud have carried the husband to go and confirm what they always do or husband saw recent conversion btn them secretly and forced the man to follow. ONLY MY OPINION

  17. Sils

    Kkkkkk From Pastors To Nurses Pliz Police Do Something That Nurse Must Suffer.

  18. Osie

    Unprofessional deal with hem

  19. Mr dundumwenze

    Sunu ndinda biyo mutandipi kauno kenu kalandicelezya.

  20. Mr Peace

    Nyere yaupuba.

    • CID

      according to my investigations this pregnant bitch has been having an affair with the doctor why didn’t she scream???????????? when the husband entered the room he found both of them naked so she pretended as if she was raped. How can a woman who I raped start responding by dancing like a concrete mixer??????????????????????

  21. jw

    I don’t what’s happening with civil servants who works in public institutions, been a police, doctor,teachers, their just one and the same, but interns of sexual harassment gorverment should look on it even to foreigners, including Chinese, Lebanese

  22. Mk

    I don’t blame the pregnant woman at all.what happens during antenatals is some thing else.a woman may be told to be naked and a nurse is playing around the body and this induces the woman to feel sleep, by the time she realizes that the story is different, the game is over. Let the law take it’s course.

  23. Piece


  24. Cryt

    Deal with that idiot respectively

  25. Bruno mars the moonshingle

    Cage him he acted foolishly

  26. PULIKA

    Blacklist That Male Nurse. Warning: Never Have Your MBOLO being circumcized,these are the outcomes.

  27. mauto nkhowani

    nika nyele ka male nurse shame on u

  28. Dorah See Liya

    That stupid male nurse, why didn’t he come to me? I really want some good nice fucking. Come please!

  29. Kalumba Nkhata(city k)

    This is world how can you be surprised.

  30. Maaa kaya!

    This issue of male nursing should come an end! Coz mukazi oloniwamwine mmmm mukazi nipatali bane! U can be tempted.

    • Dr Fonicks

      I don’t really understand. why couldn’t this lady screamed if the hubby was within hearshot. it paints a very bad picture on the medical profession. The male nurses are entrusted to assist the ante natal ladies but someone to have such devilish matters is very unprofessional. The guy deserves a jail sentence.

  31. T

    The story is so one sided. When the nurse was undressing and forcing himself on her,what did she do,where was her voice.need more investigation. Sad

  32. Chinyama mukuma

    That was sad development from men in uniform please nurses work on your weakness .patients also should be dressing properly when going in the public.

  33. Tembo chrispin

    I think it’s the devil that have worked in your body MR BANDA HOW COULD YOU DO SUCH????

  34. Hq


  35. nyama kumukunu

    Beta thoz days of kk, female nurses to attend to fellow female clients, not these small chaps no ndevu too much nyele na fwaka ati BA male nurse,

  36. Alfred CM

    I think the both are at fort, Bazibana!

  37. fisunge

    Pls hospital management make sure you assign female nurses to the antenatal department and the Labour ward But the female nurses shud also stop playing with the male patient’s pips to arose them look men are men but professional ethics shud be followed failure to which dismissal should be instituted

  38. Brashe L/stone

    Mmmmm nayopa napunzilila pali banda kansi ndeye vimachitika?from now I will b entering the exermination room with my wife,kulibe kusiyana Niki ngena,to the ministry of health u’re enrolling these charps of under age those are the results what do u expect, anyone who completes schooling at I nurse or male nurse vaupuba atase.

  39. Dr Fonicks

    I don’t really understand. why couldn’t this lady screamed if the hubby was within hearshot. it paints a very bad picture on the medical profession. The male nurses are entrusted to assist the ante natal ladies but someone to have such devilish matters is very unprofessional. The guy deserves a jail sentence.

  40. Hill hillz

    Silly ,, punishment is needed

  41. Francis

    Mmmmmmm,,, inshitashakumpelahhh….

  42. Phatiswayo

    Bazibana baba…

  43. Chocho

    Obviously he has done it on many occasions but our women don’t just speak. They enjoyed with him. Thanks brave woman.

  44. Chocho

    But am wondering why you didn’t shout so that your husband can hear. Kikikiki you wanted him to finish? ??

  45. Moira

    Male nurse be ready to face the consequences! By the what are our men consuming? Amano yonse yele mumatoloshi! Don’t commit suicide!

  46. Kallvert

    Men don’t be this,you are disgracing us Teenagers

    • Hakainde Hichilema

      Ndiwe opusa stupid idiot chi Banda,”i dont want ama no sense in my country, i’ll sot you out vaku chipata

  47. Wizy

    Stupid nurse

  48. awan

    thats so sad, how did it happen did he drug her or what? surely she shudv done better by screaming or something knowing there were people around. this is very bad for a nurse to do that. not only him is ashamed his all family. for some people posting silly things here better keep quite. put your self in the victims shoes its such a sad feeling. am so sorry for that. these are memories that will stay forever in the husbands mind.

  49. Musonda

    Don’t use the name of hakainde hichilema guys, respect him.

  50. Inonge Wina

    I agree with you Lad dz pipo know each other I mean the doctor and z lady how can she be ducked when the hubby is waiting outside plz police investigate more in this matter

  51. Inonge Wina

    I mean fucked not ducked

  52. Anthony chitefu

    Kukosama kobe

  53. Ouagadougou Bangui

    Let the law enforces investigate thoroughly,even the woman maybe was up to something why did she scream for help?

  54. CL

    “Even this pregnant women, they should dressing well”

    Very queer thought process…..it is very possible that you are a rapist yourself….

  55. Mwale Godwin

    Comment The bible says, in last days lot of new things bad or evil wil be happening that had enever happened before, this means jesus is about to came let us be true Zambians christians ,that man let him face judgement.

  56. Nanikane

    It’s very impossible to sleep sleep with a woman without her concert. Wondering were here he plucked up the courage to force hom self on the woman whom he noticed that the husband is around. According to my personal conviction they took long and the husband noticed something was going on…there is know rape people!!!

  57. c-easy


  58. Zn

    I think that matter needs a proper investigations before punishing that man. Coz 1.the husband why did he allowed to be left outside, 2.a woman would have done anything possible just to let her husband know what is happening inside. Mmmmm to me that was a clear trap, pliz Ba police investigate it properly.

  59. Ben

    it’s very unfortunate

  60. Mighty H (Wise Men)

    MOE, should come up with a policy which will allow a pregnant woman when attending the antenatal Clinics to be with their spause or next of kin all the time during the examminations. Afterall, the woman will not feel shy to undress in the presense of the husband. These shall reduce such acts.

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