Nigeria police arrests after ‘gay party’

Police in Nigeria say they arrested 57 men over the weekend on suspicion of being gay as displays of same-sex affection are banned in the West African country.

The police raided a hotel in the main commercial city of Lagos where dozens of people – mostly men – were attending a party.

Some fled during the mass arrests in the early hours of Sunday morning, but officers rounded up 57 people who they say are homosexual.

Chike Godwin Oti, police spokesman in Lagos state, told the BBC that investigations were continuing and the suspects would be charged.

Homosexual acts are punishable by up to 14 years in jail in Nigeria – such relationships were first outlawed under colonial rule in 1901.

Laws were tightened in 2014 when gay marriage and displays of same-sex affection were also banned.

Since then the authorities have cracked down on people suspected of homosexuality. However, arrests are infrequent as homosexual people live in hiding.

(Source: BBC)


  1. wenger

    tell them that here in Zambia the number of women is twice to that of men, so come and Mary two each after spending 14years in prison

  2. Patrick mwanza t

    There so man girls y to have homesexual you should stay in prison for 20 years.

  3. Zambian

    Even here in Zambia this nonsense is happening, I just ask the so called PaPas to tell the police were they are found. Prophesy to the police Papas.


    Kukwatila mwamuna mzako ninshi ndiwe ngomwa

  5. Dennis Mwelwa

    I think they should double the sentence 14×2=28

  6. National councillor

    Satan is at work trying to destroy Gods purpose of creation that is man should leave his parents and stick to his wife (eve who was a woman not man).

  7. KLVN

    These people are possesed with demons, how can you enjoy sex with your fellow man? Learn from a magnet: +&+ repels, -&- repels aswell. +&- atracts.

  8. 2face

    God help us

  9. Natasha Thecla

    Such people need serious prayers* Those are demons….may God help us

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