Sampa Backtracks on Kidnapping Story

Lusaka Mayor Miles Sampa has updated the drama around his persona by withdrawing his kidnapping narrative in equally the same theatrical manner he made them.

Sampa has penned an emotional statement  once again exposing his sometimes infantile side that makes him oscillate between positions.

Earlier in the day Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo tore apart Sampa’s kidnapping tale in a clear show of the popular sentiment in the ruling party structures.

For Immediate Press Release

It has come to my attention that the incident I encountered on Monday does not amount to kidnapping but threatening violence. As I felt my life was in danger and out of consequent trauma, my immediate reaction may have been out of context. I therefore wish to apologise unreservedly to all that I may have offended consequently. I regret and sorry to all that had reservations on my response out of the ordeal. It was poor judgement on my part and I take full responsibility.

I have just come out of a meeting with one of my spiritual mentors Father Charles Chilinda and will keep seeking wisdom, guidance and counselling from all my seniors. These include His Excellency the President Mr Edgar Chagwa Lungu, The Vice President Her Honour Inonge Mutukwa Wina, The SG Mr Davies Mwila, The PF Chairman Mr Samuel Mukupa, MCCs and Ministers among others. The office I hold on behalf of the people of Lusaka demands highest degree levels of integrity and decorum both in speech and actions. This I will keep aspiring to achieve on a daily basis.

As to my young brothers that attacked me, I hereby forgive them unconditionally and look foward to enjoying brotherhood and love with them. I therefore withdraw my formal complaint I lodged on them yesterday.

I am keen to work for a win win for all stake holders in the City and these are the President, the Government, the Party, The Council, all the people of Lusaka and in this context the youths and their aspirations.

I remain open to advice and counselling for the good of all the people of the City.

In line with good order and decorum of the Office of Mayor, I will be shutting my personal social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter. All my communications will be via the Lusaka City Council official channels.

God bless us all and thank you.

Miles B. Sampa

Mayor of Lusaka

15:02, 29.08.18



  1. Mr dundumwenze

    Sampa balibe chilipo, empty container.angosabaiya monga nika baby muntu mukulu.at ba mayor kikikikikikiii yaba munga sekese nachibulu guys.

  2. Chinyama mukuma

    Yavah. Kidnapping situation on mayor

  3. Dorah See Liya

    Ni nyele yamuvuta uyo. He thought his galu-friend would always satisfy him sexually, but yaaa kamutana nini ai! Plus he has visions of Ruth Mbandu almost every night. Chainama psychiatry, please take care of this “kid-man”!


    Ba Sampa you should think twice before attering unrational and childish words.

  5. muzambwe

    We don’t know were we are heading, this is like a car moving at night without front lights but rear once. Ask yourselves?

  6. Ziba zako

    Ati “infantile side” kkkkkkkkk

  7. Soni

    iam disappointed a mayor with all the security you have…shame i had great hopes but now…ba pF you made a wrong choice …your boy is still in adoloscency stage not ripe for big stage responsibilites….take him out..zwaa ,koya ,kabiye,ambarapa…

  8. Leon

    why is PF full of such

  9. King cool

    It’s my boy leave him alone, I will educate him when we are two.

  10. King cool

    He ‘s my boy leave him alone, I will educate him when we are two.

  11. awan

    this sampa guy is a joke. zambian politics awee mwandi twabwelapofye nelya ka namunga olo ilya mbwa. these are the people that makes the goverment look bad.

  12. Tommy

    Buffoon….a ridiculous but amusing person; a clown

  13. Big brain

    At ba mayor kikikikikikiii, atase chisampa nonsense.

  14. jw

    immature mayor in the history of Zambia

  15. Sakala

    Please 2021 come we need to change the government , we are tired of being cheated by vi pf.

  16. Banda

    2021 no vote yanga visilu va pf, nipa Kwanja chabe nayanganisisa manje pf is the empty tomb.


    kuwaya waya fye
    kunyina chanda awa

  18. Peter Kubala

    Yayayayaya ndeleloleshafye

  19. Junior Citizen

    Icalo nachipwa people they cn do anything without self control those pf thungs must be behind bars for unruly behavior.

  20. Zambia FK

    Bowman Lusambo was right….

  21. Mpombo

    This Mayor is a boy who is being forced to live a man’s life

  22. Leon

    Zambian mayor for pf in the capital city

  23. c-eazy

    I hate people that feel entitled

  24. The Zambian Mindset

    This case doesn’t amount to kidnapping but the problem with most Zambians is you are blind this man was a victim of the bad system the government has created imagine he was trying to do something good for the country and he almost gets beaten up but no one seems to see that if Miles Sampa a mayor can be threatened in this way imagine an ordinary citizen imagine the corruption going on in government

  25. Bwana

    Stupid boy, very childish

  26. Cholera

    Such low level unintelligent person running our city close those bars which are blasting music till04:00 in the morning

  27. Umufyashi

    Politics in our country is too circus

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