UPND East Top Official Defects to PF

The opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) has even in absentia in Kasenengwa suffered defections with its Eatsern Province vice-chairperson Alexander Miti defecting to the ruling PF.

President Edgar Lungu received Miti at Madzimawe Primary School where he went to drum up support for PF Kasenengwa candidate Sensio Banda on Tuesday.

Miti said he had left UPND because its leadership does not listen to political advice.

“I have left UPND to join PF not because I have been given anything but because I have known that as an active political animal that I am, I cannot leave UPND and stay at home, no. I want to participate in the politics of this country. I know that from Vubwi to Nyimba, Malambo to Lundazi there are a lot of people that are coming in numbers they want to follow me because they are also no satisfied with what is happening in UPND,” he said.

Miti said there was a lot of inclusiveness in PF.

“I have left UPND today and I want to assure you Mr President, I am prepared to go district by district to destroy UPND and I am capable of doing that because I am not alone. I am ready to move district to district because the people that came with me from MMD to UPND have started calling me to ask for direction, but I have told them that just wait let me go and resign from Kasenengwa,” he said.

Miti, a veteran broadcaster was MMD MP for Vubwi from 1996 to 2001, and was DC for Nyimba and Lundazi during the MMD regime.

President Lungu who was on a two day campaign trail of Eastern Province has since retained to Lusaka.



  1. Mr. K

    Let hope u r not an impostor to come and destroy pf

  2. wayzam

    I don’t believe and trust the people who move from one party to the other. Sure from MMD to UPND then to PF

  3. Dr. Zimba Emmanuel.

    Well come to the party for everyone.

  4. ben shaft

    Politics is about numbers.He has increased the PF by one.

  5. kingd

    Continue guys upnd very fit

  6. Mr dundumwenze

    You want to destroy upnd Mr miti,that is not true.if you joined pf just join it without talking like someone who was been found to the bin collecting the faeces. just go in peace, if God will want upnd to be in office none will say no they will take lead or without you.but we thank you to stay with us go in peace.

  7. Andson

    I hope u are amongst the five fat frogs fighting for food.DO not try to cheat

    • GM

      Safe journey mr miti. What a shame! Joining a sinking boat? This shows that you are just after money.

  8. Andson

    I hope u are amongst the five fat frogs fighting for food.

  9. jomwa

    poverty is making people jump from one party to the other,we want true readers who are always with the in good times and bad times,politics of poverty are not needed in zambia

  10. Charles

    Pwaaaaaaaaa but Kainde chabe

  11. Amuna Onzuna

    Yes changing parties its not a problem at all,changing parties is just the same way we upgrade our driving licenses from class B to C1 to C to CE to CE PSV with category D now. So this one is now like having a last class in politics you understand people. Kanyoni kasankha pamtengo ponkhala so he has found now, big man you are welcome to PF. We have received you with both hand’s and with LOVE.

  12. Patrick mwanza t

    Mr miti thnx for joined our part #PF

  13. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle

    Njala yakaponda yabaaa

  14. Mung'anda



    Wonderful, whoever is not happy to go and hang himself/herself. That’s his choice. Congratulations.

  16. Mfumukazi

    When a member from ruling party joins UPND he is exercising his democratic right yet when a UPND member joins ruling PF he is hungry or practicing politics of poverty. This is the thinking that is obliterating a major political party into oblivion.

  17. Syde

    Let us go for convention upnd members, so that we sort out incompetent, betrayal members

  18. Benny

    No, changing political parties is same as changing sex partners

  19. Frank Bwalya

    Miti the former nyanja announcer is not a factor in politics. He is a mere chancer hit by poverty..

  20. kambwili

    Why you Zambians cndem Miti? Condem the fool who is busy busy buying the opposition leader. Stupid PF. Fi menomrno. Wait 2021is near.

  21. Joseph.mwape

    You are free to go ba wako niwako. Finished politician.

  22. Razor

    This is the new strategy of UPND to put spies in the PF camp and get all the information on their readiness for 2021. That’s why we see a lot of officials defecting all of a sudden and at the same time denouncing their former party in order to get in the PF inner circle.

  23. Sakala

    Those who are still in upnd God bless you all.mu Zambia sitifuna Bantu botamangila ndalama nakuononga ziko yatu.me I am from eastern but I will never voting pf, whether win or lose I will cast my vote to upnd not those who are destroying our country.

    • Bk

      Sir what about Tonga’s supporting UPND .was mazoka Chewa?

    • Mk

      You are just frustrated after being disappointed by an easterner now you want mooo

  24. Musonda

    Thanks SAKALA we are together, because people of my tribes Bemba they are busy supporting pf because the founder was bemba by tribe.please people of my tribe if you will continue with the same spirit we are going nowhere with driver lungu.i know the foolish people will insult me, but what I am saying is true,wait and see .

  25. Francis

    Politics for the spoon

  26. Francis

    Politics for the spoon. Let’s focus on developing the nation not enjoying fruits of defectors.

  27. Nickson Mutale


  28. alex chikombi

    Let all those who are mad join pf. And make sure you take all your insanity. upnd is the strong party which consider others, just receive all those junk and anoint them

  29. As it is

    Wako ni wako. Zambia is divided . The One Zambia One Nation spirit is no more. Each tribe to take care of themselves and only God for all

  30. Kwahae

    What a mentality? Whoever joins PF is hungry and whoever joins Up and Down is a patriot. Up and Down is losing members every day but they don’t see anything wrong with that.

    Haluza Hagain has no leadership qualities and that is why he has lost a lot of quality members. He is a self-centred person who thinks that only he alone knows it all. It is now that people are realizing that: the devil in Lungu is better than the angel in Haluza Hagain.
    The truth of the matter is that Haluza is evil. Before privatization, Haluza had 87 cows and after privatization, he had more than 87 farms of cows, the fact that he has not been locked up does not mean that he is innocent. Beware of Haluza Hagain he can sell Zambia.

    I, therefore, encourage those who are leaving him to continue doing so as that is one of the ways of telling Zambians that, the Haluza Hagain leadership is a disaster.

    • Makaza Baward

      Why do you insult each other? We have one God, one Christ, and one holy spirit, one Zambia one nation, let show love for another. Politics come and go. The same applies to presidents and political parties only USA have permanent political parties don’t insult those leaving upnd let them go they have seen benefits in of. Others also must leave of to upnd. Just some people are leaving God for Satan and vice versa. The majority want to embrace the devil but time is coming and it has come for the true worshippers will worship the father in truth and spirit

  31. Teshakuno

    Do resignations before EL comes to your place

  32. Bk

    Thx Mr miti.welcome to the party of all Zambians. Unlike were to president you have to come from s certain tribe

    • Asiff

      Dirty gossip for lazy people. All you do is criticize and close your eyes.Ask bwezani the meaning of njala ikamunyokola.Kkkk……

  33. Musonda

    Stupid voters,stupid president, stupid pf,stupit my self for voting pf. those who are encouraging people to continue supporting pf they are all foolish, like kwahae nonsense chikala chobe wembushi.

    • Chikubabe

      Am sure if you truly believe in the Almighty God then no need to insult. Politics is just a game

  34. Big brain

    Zambians wake up, masilu imwe.

  35. Chikubabe

    Most welcome by leaving the under 5 boys UPND

  36. armstrong

    Wait until final whisle blows one will cry like RB

  37. kabaso

    i thot mr miti he wz maturd bt due to povert he has lost drection

  38. Jaykaps

    Leadership comes from God and wat I know is that lungu was appointed by God himself so 20121 we are going to to wine again ni pf chabe

  39. Mr senanga

    Sir that’s not the way they way they want money U could have gone to the president and ask not like that no shame on you Mr Miti u are destroyer u move from one part to the other just looking for money

  40. Ganiza


    Kudyanaabo Go and sink the boat 🍉 zàpwàlàlà ndàlàmà mu pf.

  41. Buffalo worrior

    Ukwalola umwela eko nabena balola..nibamuselela kwakaba ….PF careful that man may be dangerous and poison to the part

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