Katumbi Passport Puzzle: More Fake Passports Offloaded on Social

In what appears to be a clear case of forgery, at least two other passports allegedly held by former Katanga province Moise Katumbi have surfaced on social media.

Yesterday, a suspicious passport allegedly issued by the Zambian government emerged.

And now, at least two others believed to be French and another one Congolese are doing rounds.

The Zambian one may just be fake after all.


  1. Truth man

    It is an organised ploy by the fake Government of Kabila to tarnish the image of Mr Moitse Katumbi so that they can justify their refusal to enable him participate in the general elections this December. They want to show that Mr Katumbi is a Zambian!. Very funny indeed. The Congo is going to continue facing numerous political problems even after the scheduled forthcoming elections if ever they will take place.

  2. Geoffrey Albert

    J Kabila, leave my Katumbi alone

  3. Rosaria

    Go katumbi go,no matter wat they do lesa Nga asonta ninshi nasonta.

  4. Razor

    It’s not fake. The man has three different passports since you can be a multinational passport holder as are many other people with more than one nationality. The only question here is under what basis was he issued with a zambian passport and a diplomatic one for that matter.

  5. Lad

    Kabila ichindike saana,waumfwa

  6. Paulo lukamba gato


  7. Samuel

    Too much stupid

  8. David Jestele

    Mr Joseph Kabila please leave Mr Katumbi alone, so that he can do what is best for the Congolese people…

  9. Chendabusiku

    Under such circumstances our esteem Govt. of the rRepublic of Zambia will explain to their employers the people of Zambia. These are cases that require clarification.

    • Mr. K

      Joseph kĂ bila is preparing himself as supreme leader of DRC that is why he blocking katumbi to stand

  10. Fair Play

    But if you look at the NRC number on the Zambian passport, it has a 2 and not 1, which clearly indicates that he is not Zambian

  11. Farmer

    What is the government’s position on the genuinesss or lack thereof of these passports??

  12. Emmanuel Zulu

    Go Katumbi go,

  13. awan


  14. I.s .

    Fimo ifintu tulanda at ” Nindya batali”, Abakali bakali ,..

  15. kalebalika

    Donald Trump was right 1000% when he coined the Shit hole countries term which is befitting for many African so called states.It is shameful to be part of such a malfunctional group of “human beings”.Eish what a waste of space.European should recolonise this vast land and put it to good use .

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