Outspoken Chishimba Finds Political Heat Too Much…Takes Sabbatical

Political rabble-rouser Saviour Chishimba has taken a one year sabbatical from politics probably weighted by the burden of defeat at the poll. Chishimba who heads the United Progressive Party (UPP) has been tail ender in elections since forming his political party.

In the 2016 elections, he polled a measly 9,221 in the 156 constituencies while his downgrade to the mayoral poll was even more disastrous having only amassed 680 votes.

Below is his full statement:


I have decided to go on a one year political Sabbatical. Let us love one another and continue to reach out to those in government for the good of all. The country has numerous problems that must be addressed in the spirit of bipartisanship.

The tension in the country is too high. Vitriolic utterances from both sides of the divide (ruling and opposition) are not helpful.

Although we tend to wholly blame the governing party in many instances, the language we too use, as opposition leaders, is not civil. Consequently, our good and well intended messages are not seriously by the people who are driving the statecraft.

I may occasionally be available for national duties.

Peace and blessings!

Saviour Chishimba


  1. Bob

    I salute you . You had my vote in the mayoral elections coz you were the best candidate in the race .Dont cross the line . Just continue giving checks and balances to the gvt . Infact one year leave is just too much .

  2. Soni

    Overrates yourself you rookie read the political landscape..right now mother luck is smiling at PF

  3. Mr. K

    You have responded well the language u use let u down tell hh the same

  4. King cool

    Don’t feel shy of going back to the PF, it’s were you came from.in fact you were the first one to be PF MP . Just go back, just be a lost Son

  5. Nation at large

    look handsome now


    Done with Kisimba ,
    Mpombizo and
    Kasebamashola .

    Ze Clean Barber man

  7. Lad

    Well spoken savior!

  8. Benny

    U are one of the poor leaders in Zambia how can u sink so low by applying 4 mayoral elections which shows that the motive 4 u 2 pursue Presidency is
    2 reduce your own poverty


      ah ah ah inifkiti he was trailing behind me in 2016 presidential elections I wili make him my vice pelesident kikikikikikiki pwiiiiiiiii oh sorry nashula


    Saviour Mwana Wakwithu Just Be The Lost Son To PF like what Miles Sampa Did, You Will Loose Nothing. Full Stop

  10. Asiff

    Why do you gossipers always want everyone to be pf.It shows the kind of thinking you have over others.If you eat monkey or rats,don’t force others to abandon their fish and beef.

  11. Abena kafue

    True asif

  12. Mpombo

    Reform and knee down before PF the boat has enough space to accomodate lost souls

  13. innocent


  14. Jeremiah

    Jx do what you think z right period

  15. Kennedy nkhoma

    You have really shown your true in born that you’re a Real Patro

  16. m.xbpcs.com

    Donld Trump is the president of the United States.



  17. FGM

    S.Chishimba!! You have a vision for mother Zambia, but our political system has sidelined you. Running a political party is also an expensive venture. So only God can make you succeed.

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