Sinkamba Threatens to Sue Mopani Over Dust Emissions

Green Party President Peter Sinkamba has threatened to take legal action against Mopani Copper Mines over the dust emissions in Kitwe’s Nkana West Township.

Sinkamba has expressed concern over dust emissions coming from the tailing waste disposal facility also known as TD5 in Nkana West.

He said the facility has now become a hazard especially to motorists driving along Kalulushi-Sabina Road.

“We have noted with deep concern that your tailings waste disposal facility, also known as TD5, which is located in Nkana West Area, has for some time been discharging dust emissions in levels which contravene the environmental control laws,” Sinkamba said.

He added that the waste discharges which frequently cause poor visibility for motorists driving along the said road is a source of concern.

“We now demand that you take immediate remedial action to comply with pollution control provisions failure to which we will have no option but take legal action against MCM, Please take this as the final warning,” he added.

He said dust emissions are also causing serious air pollution to communities living contiguous to the said facility, particularly marketeers who trade along the said road.

“As you are aware, following the expiry in 2015 of environmental indemnities extended to your company, MCM is now bound by the Mines and Minerals Act of 2015 as well as Environmental Management Act of 2011 to control all forms of pollution from TD5, and other facilities,” Sinkamba said.



    Good Step, Keep It Up Those Emmissions Cause Alot Of Airbone Diseases.

  2. Chendabusiku

    This man is a real opposition leader, not just fighting the Govt. of the day but showing character. some so called opposition leaders do not see other wrongs other than the one Committed by the ruling party. Sinkamba Go Go that is what we need an opposition leader with true patrotism to your country.

    • OP

      infact our office is trailing you for polluting the air with chamba and farting

  3. FGM

    ZEMA should quickly chip in and do its work . ZEMA was established for a purpose and it knows its mandate.

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