Two ZNBC Employees Arrested For Stealing Digital Migration Cables

Police in Kitwe have arrested two ZNBC employees for stealing digital migration equipment cables belonging to Topstar.

Copperbelt Commissioner of Police Charity Katanga has identified the two ZNBC employees, as Matthews Moono, cameraman and a driver, only identified as Lukama for stealing digital migration equipment worth about K18, 000.

Katanga said the two allegedly stole digital migration cables about 30 meters long.

“One of the suspects was seen using a CCTV camera in the act, yes the two are in police custody but for more call ZNBC because they are all affected,” she said.



  1. Abraham

    ZNBC, nisala awe sure.

    • BBC

      Ninshi ” ubomba mwibala slogan ” only applies as ‘ animal farm ‘ ?

  2. Big man

    Tonga names

  3. Emmanuel

    We are going?

  4. Luck Muwaya

    Well done police, shame to znbc

  5. mbawala

    its de sign of povaty jst incrse thre surares

  6. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle

    Big man , is Lukama a tonga name? you are so called ch lalabo

  7. Mwisho

    Mathews “Moono” strange, I thought Tongas say only Bembas are thieves? Please these are bad human devices that should be strongly condemned by all welmeaning Zambians. We should desist from generalising thieving as belonging to a single tribe.

  8. magwaza

    znbc increase the salaries they will stop stealing.maybe they didnt know that all over cameras too bad any way it happens it is part of life dont lough them its hunger.

  9. shi mukuka

    Ndila boola

  10. Michael Kaluba

    Umulabaasa wasala ZNC guys you are just losting your own job amanoyasuma.

  11. Truth man

    There are a lot of intermarriages in Zambia. Today you cannot identify someone’s tribe by a name only.It is One Zambia One Nation. You will hear names like Nyambe Mulenga i.e.lozi-bemba domination. Please let’s unite and enjoy life together as one.

    • ZNBC DG

      Guys i would like to apologise ninsala sibafola maguys our staff canteen has only boiled KABABA and green leaves know as Matubler soory maweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  12. kabaso

    nice move ubombamwibala alya mwibala let them also arest the big thief, KOSWEMUMPONTO!

  13. Winnipeg Nyirongo

    ZNBC should be paying their employees on time to avoid stealing such as this one.Again pay them sufficient salaries which can Carter for the whole month.The causes of stealing are hunger,less salaries, delayed salaries, habit, primitiveness, lack of better reasoning,tiredness of work, greediness and many more. Therefore, those culprits should face the wrath of the Law. Why should government workers steal??? What more those who are working in Private Companies and are getting little money??? Let justice prevail over this case!!!!

    • Ex-Maroon

      Stealing can never be justified,if you are a thief you are just a thief, even if you are given more money you can still steal.

  14. smooth

    Why are they stealing the cables don’t they get paid???I wounder oh!!!

  15. mrs mwila

    mmmmmmmm….umusebanya tauchila apa

  16. Leon

    stealing has became a culture in Zambia and also punishable by law if you are caught unfortunately but again the slogan stands UBOMBA MWIBALA ALYA MWIBA… .. THANKS FOR COMPLETING

    • Herbert Nduulwa

      When you don’t have anything senceble to comment, it is better you just keep your words to yourself than pointing fingers at other tribes.Coz am sure those guys have their own reasons that made them do what they have done.good night

  17. Benny

    I don’t even blame these tongas 4 stealing this is a government problem how can they delay employees salaries every month from the time dununa took over the regine we have been suffering with less and delayed salaries, PF be wise enough if u want 2 continue eating manna from heaven beyond 2021 or else u will be embarrassed. The next time u will hear a teacher arrested 4 selling one of his pupils due 2 hunger.

  18. ba managers

    This is Zambia chimo na mafia
    Welcome to our country every employee his/she is a thief y Zambia!!!!! Nishi simfola zambili muza amba ku gwiliwa sochabe

  19. sparks

    That’s what d love of money can do…….apa nimasembe yasala

  20. Sonta

    Benny! U ar the same people we ar looking for who think less, see now u have started edging teachers to sell us pupils, these people they think Lusaka is dundumwezi were they use to steal mabisi

  21. Alfred CM

    Have mercy guyz, no one is perfect!

  22. chiz


  23. Black

    Ubomba mwibala alila mwibala the president said that himself, so they didn’t steal ask ba President he will tell you

  24. Samuel

    Uko nikupusa cabe you are getting paid and stealing cables y guys muza_amba kulima manje kai mwasankapo kuba

  25. Big brain

    MR dundumwenze I missed you today where are you?

  26. Mr dundumwenze

    I am on my way now.

  27. Kalumba Nkhata(city k)

    ZNBC employees sure? maybe salary is small ai.

  28. Mugabe Gilbert

    Where are we going ba Zambia? Christian Nation Sure!!

  29. alex chikombi

    Live them,your President said ubomba mwibala alya mwibala, they are eating from where they work

  30. David Jestele

    Let the government increase some civil servants salaries and start paying them on time….

  31. c-easy

    Ninsala bakamba it has no friendship. It can force some to do inappropriate things # mabine

  32. Rabbi M Kangwa

    Awee that Guy’s is thieves police please do your job

  33. fisunge

    This what happens when ubomba mwibala backfires this boys took this saying seriously and they did What the President said but he said don’t eat Ma seeds ka he’s a lawyer bane stealing is a sin and a crime don’t forget that each time you steal

  34. Dr Fonicks

    I feel sorry for the two. even if you uubomba mwibala…. this saying. in its real context could only be applied when someone is not caught. when you are caught, there’s no defense. but again the same saying encourages theft at work place. In short, it’s not a healthy saying.

  35. Mr. K

    Uku bomba mwibala alya mwibala does not mean stealing those are just thieves,

  36. pf

    It’s just because of pour salary

  37. BOBO

    so ubomba mwibala its only for president and ministers ?

  38. Chinyama mukuma

    Yavahhh too bad ba znbc isala temunobe

  39. jeremiah

    Police in matero,nurse in kabwe and now these guys also….come to Jesus

  40. Kamai

    Don’t politicize things each time. Tribe has nothing to do with stealing. Everyone in this world has a record of stealing including the same police officers who arrested those guys. My prayer is we all get transformed and live to appreciate what we have as a country and live as one.


      No wonder most of the girls there agree to be fucked even in the studio, toilet, canteen, carpark or nearby shrubs kikikikiki


    Uubomba mwibala alya mwibala cawama tabalile imbuto

  42. Phile

    Thinking they will not be know so sorry guys.

  43. Hastings Musonda Nyambe

    Crime is crime irrespective of tribal status. And thats punishable by Law.Those who are commenting on this platform with intention to promote tribalism in their statements are equally breaking the law.As citizens we have the right to take legal action againest any one talking ill against someone based on tribe. If I am wrong for example, you have the right to file a case and complain against me from the legal point of view not my tribe.By so doing, then One Zambia One Nation will make sence failure to that Zambia will endup in flames of war.For your own information not all people are triblist.So if you insist with your negative language based on tribecommentingonly violating their rights to appreciate and be proud of their tribe. If Zambia is truly a christian nation, we should be able to live according to God’standards.Do not kindly let useless politics to spoil your brains.Instead,as youths do not be lazy read,study and know better about human rights and use internet wisely when commenting on platforms like this one.But if you want to completely divide the country, go ahead and Zambia will experience drummer of war that we never seen before.If you find it hard for your tribe to be compatible with a different tribe, go consult and learn what the Laws of Zambia says regarding whoever does tribalism.God bless.

  44. martin halinga

    Broadcast what is beneficial to people in the country. what will digital migration cables benefit people in the country. talk about salaries for civil servant. Zambia wake up Zambia

  45. choosen

    with everything that u guys have said, all is sin! we are not different from them, we aren’t caught because we have not been found in the act, like gossip, lying, pristitution, adultery, with craft, all these are in us. Christians pray for God’s wisdom when such happens, not criticism. be wise

  46. Godfrey

    Its sad tht these guyz have children and what are they going to teach their children ?, hopping it will be a turning point for them .

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