Wildlife Officers Jailed for Killing Suspected Poacher

THE Chipata High Court has jailed seven officers from the department of National Parks and Wildlife to three years for manslaughter.

Mataa Wamundila, Paul Zakaria Phiri, John Simon Banda, Kamona Sibulwa,

Mike Mwale, Fred Kankyombo and Thomas Muyangwe were charged with

Manslaughter for allegedly causing the death of Jacob Mbewe on September 10, last year.

The officers apprehended Mbewe on September 4, 2017 when he was found in possession of prescribed government trophy namely, ivory and fresh elephant meat.

The deceased died from Chinzombo detention cells after he was badly beaten by the officers.

Lusaka Judge Anessie Banda Bobo who was conducting sessions in Chipata said the three years jail sentence was with effect from Wednesday when judgment was passed.

The prosecution called nine witnesses while the defence called five witnesses.

Mbewe’s death angered senior Chief Nsefu of the Kunda people who refused to have the body buried in Mambwe district.

The deceased was however buried at Chipata’s St Anne’s cemetery in Chipata.

Judge Banda-Bobo also acquitted a Malawian who was charged with aggravated robbery and murder.

Isaac Phiri was apprehended in connection with the murder of a Vubwi resident on September 3, 2017 and was also alleged to have stolen a motor bike from him.

Judge Banda-Bobo said the matter was not properly investigated by the police adding that there was no sufficient evidence to warrant a conviction.

After being acquitted, Phiri bowed and was seemingly in a silent prayer as he was walking out of the accused dock.



    In police we say it is police service not police force. Aiso BA ZAWA u should use zawa service.

  2. Luck Muwaya

    Walamwenako,no one is above the law.


    Ba zawa balemekeza vinyama kuchila banthu.Bapaseni life imprisonment elo ine sinibakonda.VAKUTI VAWO.

  4. c ziwa mambwe high

    cineke wo imbano

  5. Razor

    It’s a pity that the zawa

  6. jobian

    This called zawa there ave killed many poachers more especially in northwettern province lunga nationpark.

  7. Mugabe Gilbert MK.

    Gud! BA ZAWA bamona kwati ebafyala inama.

  8. Dr. Zimba Emmanuel.

    Let others learn a lesson. Be professional to your job.

  9. David Jestele

    What a shame to these Zawa officers..!

  10. Brenda kayombo

    I what to know when these zawa pipo find a poacher mu Bush park mwabo do they seriously have to kill them ,,,,is it by law,,,,cause for me the zawa pipo are murderers and for that they will surely be judged severely in hell

  11. Matambo F

    Thus sad.

  12. Aunt Jose

    Be advisers not killers

  13. Milanzi

    Am happy that Justice has finally prevailed over these idiot officers. These officers from the remotest part of the country they think they have the law in their hands. So am so thankful and gratefully that they have finally faced such charges. The areas has lost a lot of innocent villagers who have tried to make life out of difficult conditions by these ZAWA Officer. It appears that in these would economical hardships animals are more protected then people in the name of making money through tourism. Other hand issues of human-animal conflicts are less looked upon in these area because a number if villagers have lost their lives by wills animals like elephant. So I appeal to the Government that please let’s look at the safety of these people whole near to areas where wild animals are found be we maximize the profits otherwise we are losing human capital.

  14. Lube

    In mitigation for the wildlife officers, rangers are involved in a deadly war with poachers who have slaughtered a huge number of rangers. Killing a duiker or Buffalo for meat is one thing, but there’s no excuse for the continued slaughter of elephants & rhinos! No mercy for poachers

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