Former Health Minister Chituwo Jailed for Corruption

The Mumbwa Magistrate Court has convicted former Mumbwa Central Member of Parliament Dr. Brian Chituwo for failure to declare interest in a matter involving the disbursement of K70,000 Constituency Development Fund (CDF).

Mumbwa Resident Magistrate Honurable Sithole has convicted and sentenced Dr. Chituwo to one year imprisonment with hard labour suspended for two years.

Honurable Sithole has also ordered that Dr. Chituwo should pay back the K70,000 given to Blue Sky FM Limited or the equipment bought for the radio station be forfeited to the State, failure to which he will serve a jail sentence of one Month.

This is in a matter in which the Anti-Corruption Commission arrested Chituwo on one count of conflict of interest contrary to Section 28(2) as read with Section 41 of the Anti- Corruption Act No. 3 of 2012.

In this matter it was alleged that on dates unknown but between 1st January, 2012 and 31st December, 2014 in Mumbwa District of Central Province, Dr Chituwo attended a Council meeting, and participated in the proceedings to fund Blue Sky FM Limited, a private company in which he was director and shareholder without declaring interest in writing.

Timothy Moono



  1. c-easy

    A corrupted mans heart with a gift…aweeeeeemwaaaandi

  2. FGM

    ACC has been charged with the responsibility of protecting national resources; However , what we see is that it fails to act when the perpetrators are are still holding their offices. A lot has been raised by whistle blowers but ACC has been as usual silent. Fire tenders, over priced road contracts to name a few. Our country is losing a lot through corruption. Waiting for their retirement will be too late. True patriotism should be exercised by ACC.

  3. Bamuna

    Pa Zed che! Stealing has been normalized.

  4. pah

    the issue of corruption usually starts on top

  5. moonga

    ebaume aba

  6. Kangwa Gabriel C Jr

    Wrongdoings r wrongdoings regardless of who does it should face the law.its a wake up call even to now ministers that no wrong one’s will go unpunished

  7. Truth man

    Good! At least a conviction though a suspended sentence,it holds.He now has a criminal record which he will hold forever. Zambian laws can bite babe!!!😁

  8. Frederick muta


  9. mwanyala

    ma rubbish this poop family is so hypocritical. When are the culprits of the $1m per fire truck be brought to book?

  10. james kaumba

    Even the current government will be jailed near future wait! Fire Tenders,Ambulances,Roads,Zaf uniforms, and many more all this will be one individual!! Come 2021!!!

  11. james kaumba

    Even the current government will be jailed in near future wait! Fire Tenders,Ambulances,Roads,Zaf uniforms, and many more all this will be on one individual!! Come 2021!!!

  12. Jimmy

    Fine,but Zambians let’s respect chituwo.very soon it will be you guys?he has done a lot to our nation

  13. Soon soon

    So those other persons in the meeting didn’t know that he was involved with the radio st. Judge is right to suspend

  14. Cyrus livermore camstar clc

    Corruption nation

  15. castro

    From Christian nation to corruption nation.

  16. Chilufya Evaristo

    Dont celebrate bcoz Dr Chituwo has been jailed,tomorrow it might be you.Bonse tuli banchitatubi

  17. Rabbi M Kangwa

    Mwebakulu nimwe mulecitefyo please bombeni bwino inchito so that naifwe fwebaice tubombe bwino

  18. Bluno marss the moonshine jungle

    Corruption ili ponseponse mu zed.This current gvmnt awemwaandini bukawalala too much

  19. Rodwell Sichone

    The Acc should target more especially the ones in the govt, we want them to enjoy themselves after serving there period as MPs or rather ministers.

  20. mulakwe

    how can you sentence him one year while innocent people are sentenced more than ten years? Be fair naimwe ,you’re busy saying corruption and yet you’re doing the same corruption .You’re all pretenders.

  21. washangepikashalubemba

    Yacepa one year /// that judge is also corrupted yenzofunika 10 years.

  22. Khc

    Kkkkkk ati he had been ordered to pay back k70000 failure to which he will serve a jail sentence of one month.so what do ba ACC think this guy will go for one month in prison +that one year or pay back those money to serve just one year? For me I would rather serve that ka one than than paying back k70000 yakulisha.

  23. wongani

    Smart case crime difficult 2 convict pipo involved in it. CDF money on the paper and which is abused by MP’s in rich themselves and fail 2 develop their constituencies. A lesson 2 other seating MPs that is cdf is developmental funds not personal fund

  24. Mr. K

    Why suspendent intense?

  25. kambwili

    One of the few ministers who handled the ministry of education with diligency together with general miyanda. It’s a pity it has happened like this. I respect you.

  26. Mr. K

    He was found guilty why given a suspended sentence?

  27. awan

    is he a qualified docter or just a conman please check his doc also. awee pa zed che

  28. mr n miss

    Even Mr chituwo is corrupt ……..then who is not




        he fucked me in his office his dick has dust and grease

  29. Dims

    Judges b serious
    This stupid who ar stealing from our pocket needs serious jail,to say 7 to 15 years with hard labour
    .sure abantu thy ar suffering? Hw selfish ar you Zambian?

  30. francis

    Mmmmmmmm BT de man lookd innocent kanshi nabena…..pa zed…anyway its ubomba mwibala alya mwibala

  31. My husband

    No one is perfect ,there are lot of selfish people in this nation.

  32. King cool

    This guy He is not jailed, he will appeal to the high Court soon, relax . Court niyabosauka.Judge he will get his share.

  33. Wongani

    When a public work found guilty more year but politics less year and suspended as a gift. CDF is abused by mp’s who feel has if it’s they own money and govt reappear law and put new law 2 protect the fund.

  34. WMS

    Tribal division is a deadly cancer affecting our mother Zambia.It has advanteged one group it looks like.Rest well honarable

  35. gonga

    Acc we want arrests from those sighted in FIC report we harvent forgotten,the fire tenders,ambulances,mukula trees those are issues were u should prove your relevance on not on opposition readers

  36. jw

    where ever you go remember the road that will lead you home, acc deal with the present not the past,n remember the road that ll lead you home

  37. Bk

    Intergrity is paramount.Becoz it will speak for you. in the near future


    This is what happens when someone has overstayed in leadership for so long

  39. Katoz

    Katwishi eko tuleya mwandini

  40. MR ZED

    please ba ACC try to visit police officers you see what is going on..,i was worried in the last two years i found a police officer failing to write a report and he just said to a complainer that just give me K50 so that how arrest this guy.
    these people what they know is “uzakambela kusogolo” not knowing to write a report

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