Kalaba, Six Others Join Chipolopolo Camp

The Chipolopolo boys got down to work ahead of the September 8 Namibia clash with seven foreign based players going through the paces at the Futsal Arena.

Coach Sven Vandenbroek took the lads through two and half hour a work out with Orlando Pirates midfielder Augustine Mulenga sitting out the session.

The seven players that have reported for duty are Clatous Chama (Simba FC-Tanzania, Rainford Kalaba, Nathan Sinakala, Kabaso Chongo (all TP Mazembe), Mulenga, Justin Shonga (both Orlando) and Salulani Phiri (Polokwane City).

Vandenbroek will be waiting for local players that will be featuring for their clubs this weekend with the European legion expected on Monday.

Zambia plays Namibia next Saturday in Windhoek in a Group K match.



 Toaster Nsabata (Zanaco), Lawrence Mulenga (Power Dynamos) Kennedy Mweene (Mamelodi Sundowns-RSA)



 Solomon Sakala (Zesco United), Gideon Sichone (Green Buffaloes), Gampani Lungu (Supersport-RSA), Isaac Shamujompa (Buildcon) Luka Banda (Napsa Stars), Stoppila Sunzu (FC Metz-France), Kabaso Chongo (TP Mazembe-Congo), Lawrence Chungu (Buildcon), Emmanuel Mbola (Hapoel Raanana-Israel)


 Nathan Sinkala (TP Mazembe-Congo), Sululani Phiri (Polokwane-RSA), Enock Mwepu (RB Salzburg-Austria), Jackson Chirwa (Green Buffalos), Lubambo Musonda (Gangzasar Kapan-Armenia), Clatous Chama (Simba-Tanzania) Spencer Sautu (Green Eagles), Rainford Kalaba (TP Mazembe-Congo), Bruce Musakanya (Red Arrows)



 Augustine Mulenga (Orlando Pirates-RSA), Fashion Sakala (Oostende-Belgium), Justin Shonga (Orlando Pirates-RSA), Patson Daka (RB Salzburg-Austria), Lazarous Kambole (Zesco)


(Source: FAZ Media)


  1. spectator

    To me the selection looks promising. You have our support coach .

  2. Chamajohn

    This is nice wishing you all the best bachipolopolo boyz.


      IF Kalaba again misses a penalty I will stone him I have bags of stones at football house

  3. Mbala

    For me the team is OK the problem is with you Zambians ukwamba ukulaleta cola muntu na player alefwaya ifyo we don’t want today


    Go go guys we are behind you

  5. Elias

    I like the squared but I did not see fwayo tembo he is a very good player

  6. Patrick Mwale

    With the players that coach Vandenbroeck has summoned for the Namibia clash,i pretty sure and I have the confidence and zeal that the Brave Warriors of Namibia MUST be gunned down by two Chipolopolo copper bullets come the 8th August,2018.


      remember guys this ka coach chased me for reporting late in camp because I drank 210 litres of brown chibuku mixed with kachasu awe anizonda chabe majelasi

    • Jah

      Just wishing u guyz a good lucky in the coming encounter as we face the Namibians

    • Benicio

      The game is on 8th September

  7. Ben

    the very best boys

  8. kalela

    At least the selection is looking good,now guys we wat positive results if not dot call them again.all best guys,but remember not to give kalaba to shut a pernolt

    • Jb

      I only urge defenders to work hard.we don’t want to see what we saw against Mozambique.any the selection of players is okay

  9. The Sumba

    Team ilifyebwino sana remember BOLA NA LESA GO ZAMBIA GO

  10. Chilz

    Proud of u guyz,,,kip it up Sven

  11. Jackson

    The selection is good, what is remain is game plan And concentration, go zambia go, we will be with u guys

  12. paul

    the selection is just okay go zambia go

  13. Givo

    The squad is superb bt Emmanuel Mulenga is not on the list?

  14. Kangwa Gabriel C Jr

    I can’t wait for the match

  15. paulo

    Yawama iyo ni down I ll now start not supporting but love my team. Like it, love it.

  16. Not kambole

    Never should u include kambole the player from zesco united coz he missed a penalt during the recent cosafa castle cup which we played against zimbabwe

    • Ibk

      Go,go chipolpolo to me the selection seems to be able to perform well

  17. Deoka

    Nice selection coach


    Toaster Nsabata (Zanaco), Lawrence Mulenga (Power Dynamos) Kennedy Mweene (Mamelodi Sundowns-RSA)


    Solomon Sakala (Zesco United), Gideon Sichone (Green Buffaloes), Gampani Lungu (Supersport-RSA), Isaac Shamujompa (Buildcon) Luka Banda (Napsa Stars), Stoppila Sunzu (FC Metz-France), Kabaso Chongo (TP Mazembe-Congo), Lawrence Chungu (Buildcon), Emmanuel Mbola (Hapoel Raanana-Israel)


    Nathan Sinkala (TP Mazembe-Congo), Sululani Phiri (Polokwane-RSA), Enock Mwepu (RB Salzburg-Austria), Jackson Chirwa (Green Buffalos), Lubambo Musonda (Gangzasar Kapan-Armenia), Clatous Chama (Simba-Tanzania) Spencer Sautu (Green Eagles), Rainford Kalaba (TP Mazembe-Congo), Bruce Musakanya (Red Arrows)


    Augustine Mulenga (Orlando Pirates-RSA), Fashion Sakala (Oostende-Belgium), Justin Shonga (Orlando Pirates-RSA), Patson Daka (RB Salzburg-Austria), Lazarous Kambole (Zesco)

    (Source: FAZ Media)

  18. Alex N'gong'a

    Why am I left out? I can score and kick the ball

  19. Mr dundumwenze

    Zambia_4 1_ Namibia

  20. Mwape Lazarus

    Good team go Zambia


    We lose or win I will not let my country go down,the team is just ok let us support our own undisputed country guys go ZAMBIA go

  22. Mukuzho Padgat

    fair selection coach! !
    Go copper bullets

  23. Emmanuel

    strong squad.. good selections caoch..

  24. Benny

    Good team selection but kalaba u need 2 play like u played against Cape Verde during Janza reign torturing defenders not that time u played like useless.

  25. muwena g

    Nice selection go and show the skills guys go z

  26. Andrue

    What we expect from u guiz to give us good results( a nice squad). Not awe bola yenze ya vuta ,lomba ba nzatu who wins simabvuta? Don’t jst say, we be played wel minus a win.pliz try to dress us all with happily face on Saturday, we love u all.

  27. Samuel

    Amakafye guys we are proud of you guys pliz do something for us tukomfweko bwino guys pali ilya time twapapata zoona the team iz jst ok Sven you are right continue with your spirit you have come up with

  28. bashi sasha

    We have dangerous players which are not supposed to be on bench mwepu, daka patson shonga constable master Kalaba and oga mulenga please guys make us fly.all the best

  29. Aaron gadama

    Where z chisamba lungu

  30. Minister

    Good selection but where is chisamba lungu and Edward chufya

  31. Wizzy

    I can see that everything is good cause dat squad mmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. emmanuel mukanda

    i real love it nice one

  33. Onessmore Mukonka

    So far with our swing, the selected squad is absolutely promising, the likes of Shonga, Daka and Sakala that partnership is really good and strong. All the best guys.

  34. Cyrus livermore camstar clc

    We want edward chilufya in that squard

  35. Bluno marss the moonshine jungle

    Without Ziyo/Chisamba.Anyway the team is ok but my worry is on those who is going to start.

  36. Jayson tembo

    This squard can give u headch am telling

  37. Jimmy Ngolex

    Good team. Sven mwana you have my support. We have so many players who can score in this squard. Fashion, Mwepu, Shonga, Daka & sometimes RK 17. We can’t lose to Namibia. 3 goals to nil I predict in favor of Chipolopolo of Zambia.

  38. Killian hazela mwiinga

    It’s promising

  39. MANFIELD maurice

    Wish you all the best gentlemen!!

  40. Lube

    I’m just glad to see the back of Simon Silwimba & Fackson Kapumbu…

  41. Shadrick kasonde

    Good Salaction go go guyz we are behind you.what about Edward Chilufya

  42. Black

    Nice selection coach but wat happened to ziyo tembo

  43. Bright B Kayambi

    All the way Zambia, behind you our lads….. Ama goals eyo tulefwaya

  44. Briven

    The squad looks great on paper, hope they won’t disappoint us like they did against Mozambique.

  45. Moses Mwansa

    De squad is fantastic but guys we should play as if we are playing de final, let’s put bola pashi nt chipatepate plz. & support each other on de pitch. U guys let’s make de game to b remembered as u did in 2012 AFcon. Let’s go go go go chipolopolo de almighty chipolopolo. & remember to put GOD first b4 everything OK.

  46. Jimmy

    Ican see a very big difference between the last nation team as compared to the current one,so far I can judge that Sven is good coach.I can see Zambia winning by 3 goals to zero.

  47. Ps

    Work hard boyz

  48. Ps

    Work hard b
    Dis tym

    • Danny Mukuka

      Good coach, good players and good selection. Go chipolopolo Gooooooooo…….. we are behind you guys .


    That’s what we expected


    Atleast the coach has mixed with young and old players….good combination of talented players I like it…all the best guys…and to all those who have been left out of the squad next time guys,it’s not the end of football you will be called also next time, the coach just want to see the performance of these who have been calledup and who knows you maybe called next.

  51. Chansamusa

    Zambia you have done well

  52. Shi Zee

    Please stop using these old chaps.. Kalaba should give chance to younger fit and better players.

  53. Well spoken words bro

    Well spoken words bro

  54. Lyson mseteka

    Go my guy fashion go i’m behind u to celebrate yo goal on 8th

  55. Kaysmat

    At least we can reserve antihypertensives and pain killers, team looks promising.

  56. Chris

    The squad is ok BT u left kapumbu.

    • Chemfya

      Kapumbu always plays out of position and creates pressure for the central defense. Happy to see him left out.

  57. Mucheta Mwaba

    Zambia go we are behind you guys

  58. Isaac C.Patrick

    Good Selection, imressive squad, my appeal to our new coach is that, you should not tolalet any curruption when selecting starting XI or in and out of field. Good lucky chipolopolo.

  59. Leo

    Iam interesting in strikes… Too much

  60. Moses kinda

    This is so encouraging. Go Zambia go. Brave coach. The selection clearly states that this coach is a corrupt free mind. He does not encourage corruption in the football fraternity. We are behind you. Amen!!!!

  61. Lubinda Edgar

    Seems promising

  62. Chansa patrick

    Wat a wonderful squad.

  63. Chansa patrick

    Zambia will make it without a doubt


    Go! zambia🇿🇲Go!

  65. mr Masautso

    The team looks good please make sure that you maintain the same team don’t change the all team make other team for change you must have two teams like harve Rena did with this you go long you will no whom to pick and whom to leave any way good team and good luck

  66. Jetson derulo

    I think the selection it’s fyn you can make it wish you all the best

  67. Blessings Mtonga

    We love you guys go go die a little for mother Zambia……2_0 Zambia go go….


      Iwe chi Alex Ng’ong’a you have been left out for one simple reason you have never scored in your life because UCHINDA TUBAFANA before any game


        I see three strikers all of them in front of open goal but failing to score its like you see a vagina and you fail to insert your mbolo inside

        • KANYINI

          Fwayo Tembo shared my cunt with the new coach Sven so this ka Belgium guy ni ka jealous that is why Fwayo was chased from camp

        • The Elders

          Please do not use fashion sakala in the first line up,because he always want to go for glory than playing as a team,the lady is to selfish.

          • Mbola

            kkkkkkkkkkk ati the lady is selfish
            you’ve made my weekend

      • Bwoy Pheinz

        You should not tarnish peole’s characters by using their names in your stupid comments…

  68. juma Hatyoka


  69. The Elders l

    Let me make a makeshift Team
    1.kennedy mwene
    2.lsaack shamunjomba
    3.luka Banda
    4.kabaso. Chingo
    5.Stophila. Sunny
    6.Nathan genius sinkala
    7.Rainford Kalaba
    8.Enock mwepu
    9.justin shonga
    10.patson papa sakala
    11.Lubambo musonda

  70. Live bullet

    I have my support boi Sven

  71. Live bullet

    U have my support boi Sven

  72. Pst Hero

    The team is awesome,go go guys we are behind you

  73. Kawilila

    Kkkkkk,I like the makeshift team by the elder it looks almost real.Zed 4, Neighborh 1.

  74. Freza

    Ba Zambia tulewina ka bola go chipolopolo go

  75. Joshua De Psalmist

    Wishing you God’s grace guys”’ put a smile on mother Zambia again…

  76. William chanda

    good team go Zambia go

  77. Petros

    Bola baziba bafana,manje CORRUPTION inatupaya!

  78. Bashi Michael

    My possible line up
    1.kennedy mwene
    2.kabaso chongo
    3.Emmanuel mbola
    4.Isaac shamujompa
    5.Stophila. Sunny
    6.Nathan genius sinkala
    7.Rainford Kalaba
    8.Enock mwepu
    9.justin shonga
    10.patson papa sakala
    11. Lazarus kabole

  79. ken-b

    gud one, we pipo of Zambia let us not select players for the coach.

  80. Santos

    Am very happy to see kapumbu who like ukudununa chi bola left out…first kapumbu ukatambe how mbola plays then ukakula mu bongo bongo

  81. Kutemba Misheck

    The selection is OK sim’s like there is a good progress good luck guys one Zambia one nation.

  82. shi suwi

    Kkkkkkkk ati mubongo bongo wapanga atese



  84. Kennedy Bwalya

    I can’t see
    Edward chilufya
    Emmanuel Banda
    Ba coach at shani

  85. Iron Zion Lion

    The selection is gorgeous however; the boys should play as a team like how the u20 did. For them we could not anticipate who was going to score. Boys go and show Namibia that you play like ants(tunyelele) oneness. Believe you me am not behind you but always with you. Z 3 N 0

  86. B.A S.W.I.S.O

    the team luks promising go eagle go

  87. Luke

    The selection is good keep it up but I can’t see ziyo Tembo Y? Someone say something about the man.

  88. Bryan kamwendo

    Great team is defined by goals pliz guys muposeko amano bonse tulateya we just don’t have chance so u give us something

  89. Convent

    Yaa the squad is promising but am yet to see the line-up then will be able to predict . mweene shud be the first choice , sunzu, Sinkala, banda, mwepu, . formula he shud must be 4-5-1

  90. Cj

    Ba Elias and Givo, not everyone can be there, there is a limited number of players needed at a particular time no matter how many
    are good at your disposal. Wat determines who starts is now the combination or how players wld fit in wen playing. Looking at wat the front line chosen by the coach as at now, it’s not easy to replace any one by yo equally described as a gud player. Maybe some other tym.

  91. Nchimunya

    Nice selection coach

  92. Tedious Lungu

    My predictions: Zambia 4-2 Namibia

  93. Tedius Lungu

    Tedius Lungu not Tedious.

  94. Francis k

    Thank God for Rainford Kalaba. I like that player.

  95. Catman

    If u lose again its beta we use that money to increase fra maize buying price!!!!

  96. Humphrey

    Coach don’t listen to those people the team is okay and guys don’t make noise about the coach he know what he is doing okay……….

  97. Sikao zee

    Were is ziyo tembo iwe ka caoch

  98. Fred

    To me with the combination of old and experienced legs I see something promising

  99. William Mwembela

    This is superbly team work and management’s commitment to to go for a win match. Go Zambia Go.

  100. mourinho

    Only mental strength is required in order to beat Namibia the team is fantastic

  101. Acky Mukah

    go go boys even me who
    hated u so much this time around i am behind u guys, hope u have forgiven me.

  102. seven aside

    Commentfantastic i like the team

  103. Garry

    I wish you chipolopolo all the best, you will 4 to nill,I love you all God bless.

  104. Sylvester Masuwa

    I we chi Elder I,why are you left Partson Daka.Ba Nsabata bena kuwaya-waya fye mu goal! We are going to freely give 3 point to Namibia if Mwene and Partson are not going to be in the game.So you Coach,make sure that team is strong.Ba Toaster bala pusumuna short which comes from near a pernalty centre.

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