Kang’ombe Engages Mindolo Land Squatters

Kitwe Mayor Christopher Kang’ombe has started the process of engaging squatters that have encroached on a piece of land belonging to Phoenix Materials in Kitwe’s Mindolo Township as per Presidential directive last week.

Kang’ombe has been battling land wrangles in different townships since taking over as Mayor of Kitwe.

After a meeting, all the affected parties agreed that the frontage of land be used by the owners, Phoenix Materials for mixed use development and squatters vacate the portion which is along the Kitwe Chingola road.

He said it has also been agreed that Phoenix materials donates part of the land behind the frontage to Kitwe City Council to be subdivided into smaller plots and offer letters be given to the squatters at an affordable fee

Kang’ombe said owners of the land Phoenix Materials have been directed to fence off the remaining land that is on the frontage to avoid further encroachments.

He further said the Council has been tasked to come up a standard building house drawing for the squatters that will be offered land.

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