Kitwe City Council Clash with Zesco over Prepaid Meters for Traffic Lights

The move by Zesco to install prepaid meters on four junction traffic lights in the Kitwe Central Business District has angered Kitwe Town Clerk Bornwell Luanga.

Luanga has expressed shock that despite several engagements with Zesco, the power utility went ahead to implement the move.

He has complained that the local authority has not been getting money from the traffic rights but was just providing a service.

Luanga said it disappointing Zesco went ahead while a number of concerns had been raised by the council further adding that the move will now become as an extra cost on the part of the Council.

“What kind of social responsibility is Zesco offering to the city of Kitwe if it insists on installing pre-paid meters on traffic lights? As a council we do not derive any benefit in the provision of the service of traffic lights, It is just a service,” he complained

Luanga has since disclosed that the local authority is considering to procure its own solar panels as a long term plan to power the traffic lights in the Central Business District.



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  2. Joe Kawimbe

    Ha!ha!ha!ha! ZESCO are just joking. They cant be so stupid as to install Pre-paid Meters for Traffic Lights. This will be a first in the whole world.Who makes a profit from Traffic Lights?!!!!
    Anyway, here in RSA traffic lights at very busy junctions are powered by solar panels, mounted on very high platforms..So, if this isnt a joke by ZESCO, the Council should just install Solar Power to drive those “robots”…

  3. mukenga

    This is the biggest example of people no knowing what they are doing. How can a sub government pay for services it’s providing to the Government? The council should ask ZESCO to get that money from the central Government. No need of those solar panels thought.

  4. Las

    Their have already done that in some districts and Kitwe is not the first to experience that move…

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