Kitwe Council Pens US$70 million Bus Terminus Deal

Kitwe City Council has signed a 14 year Concession agreement with Stalwart Investments a local company that will lead to the construction of a Bus Terminus in Kitwe at a cost of US$ 70 million.

Kitwe Mayor Christopher Kang’ombe had yet scored another mark that will see a beautiful city with project expected to be undertaken within 36 months under the Public Private Partnership.

Kang’ombe who signed on behalf of the Kitwe City Council said the intercity Bus Terminus will be constructed at the former UBZ Workshop opposite Kitwe Main Bus Station (KMB).

Kang’ombe has also expressed hope the project will bring about employment opportunities for locals and help reduce congestion in the Central Business District.

“Details of the concession agreement for Kitwe intercity bus terminus are that the Developer/Land owner is Stalwart Investments Limited a private Zambian  company, the multi facility Intercity Bus Terminus will be Located at former UBZ workshop opposite KMB along Nyerere road. Upon completion and subsequent commencement of operations of the bus terminus, revenue will be shared on the basis of 60%/40% between developer and Kitwe City Council respectively.

Meanwhile, Stalwarts investment Company Board Chairperson Prof. Chris Mpundu said the Intercity Bus Terminus will come with a shopping mall, office spaces among other facilities.


  1. Benny

    Well done we also need these stations in chingola and Ndola 2 make our cities better.

  2. Sirwilliams

    Kangombe,live longer and longer! May your works speak for you as pass through this difficult and challenging route to being presdent.

  3. king cup

    This is great improvement in our country we would like also to have the same in Ndola and other parts of the country

  4. Dr. Zimba Emmanuel.

    Good development. You are a man vision. God bless you and endevers.

  5. kedrick siame

    That’s a development we want not been toilet of politics each and every day gud move.

  6. The Chosen One

    Such selfless pursuit of projects that benefit the people are admirable. I wish all councils can work like this without waiting for central government. Well done Kitwe. I have seing you transforming from disorganised municipality into a well laid out beautiful city within the last 3 years with well planned buildings, parks, walkways, etc. Well done Mr Mayor and your team. God Bless You

  7. Nicki Lu

    This us what we should be looking forward to. Developmental projects that benefit the masses. Selfless leadership.
    Kudos your Worship
    Continue in earnest with this.

  8. Kangwa Gabriel C Jr

    Wen u hv a leader with a vision with leadership qualities,this is the ending results.Big up to u n yo team.

  9. ROKA

    It is good to see that Kitwe,which was destroyed by Unip between 1968 and 1991,is being rebuilt. Though I am not a frequent visitor of late,by the way I am a citizen of Kitwe until 1971 when I left our then beautiful school, things are changing. I hope our Astra area is also being redevelop!Consider Mindolo Township as well.Well done Kitwe!!

  10. Changwe

    Kang’ombe is man much (muntu saaana), on behalf of my fellow born and bred Kitweans, I would like to commend and extend my gratitude over this wonderful venture, with us, for us

  11. Truth man

    WORK youngman!! Everything will fall in place on its own ,including investors when you do a good job.After all we can even do better than Lusaka. What we need is to follow good standard practices. We have the richest city council in the country!!

  12. Future Zambian-American

    Are there more specifics available about this project such as size, designer’s plans or architect renditions? For $70 million this must be one huge elaborate project. I am very pleased to hear of this facility and the approval and excitement it has generated. I certainly hope there is no room for corruption in such a very expensive project.
    One Zambia One Nation


    From hectic and crowded chisokone..heading to board a bus pa spar…eish its really crowded there and the space is so small for the buses to give way to each other..a. Pedestrian passing by can be knocked over if not alert…yet I still love the sound of the hustle and bustle of Kitwe town

  14. M. Chibale

    wise thinking. When is the project likely to take off.

  15. Chilekwa

    KMB is not the best placed for an intercity station. People have to travel from Nkana East and Ndeke, go past town to board a bus to Lusaka. The station should be more central

  16. kamushi kalilalila

    Morden day thinking, modern_day planning,the way to go.

  17. Petelo lastone

    Let kang’ombe walk the talk, sometimes you may congratulate some one and at the end of the day it doesn’t work out, as for me I will congratulate kang’ombe after that project has been acompleted not now

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