Lusambo Gets 5 Years for Killing Own Mother

A 28 year old man of Lufwanyama District on the Copperbelt has been sentenced to five years imprisonment with hard labour by the Kitwe High Court after he pleaded guilty to killing his mother.

This is a matter in which Isaac Lusambo, 28, was charged with one count of manslaughter in the Kitwe High Court.

Facts before Court are that, Lusambo, 28, on January, 20th 2018 did cause the death of his Mother Love Kasono by strangling her after a verbal dispute contrary to section 199 of the penal code, chapter 87 of the laws of Zambia.

It was alleged that, Lusambo and his mother who were both in a drunken state did engage in an altercation.

Lusambo is alleged to have punched his mother and strangled her after she allegedly insulted and accused him of having stolen mealie meal.

He discovered after some minutes that his mother had died and was later apprehended by community members who took him to police.

When the matter came up for plea, Lusambo pleaded guilty to one count of manslaughter before Kitwe High Court Judge Timothy Katenekwa.

In Mitigation, Lusambo pleaded for lenience from Court that he was a first offender and in a drunken state when the incident happened.

In delivering his judgment, Kitwe High Court judge Timothy Katenekwa said he took into account the offender’s mitigation and stated that he was a first offender who also pleaded guilty.

He then convicted Lusambo accordingly and sentenced him to 5 years imprisonment with hard labour.


  1. Benny

    No, no 5 years is nothing compared 2 killing, he deserves death sentence if he didn’t kill her by his own wish then he deserves more than 10years.

    • Ts very imbalancing he deserve life n prison dat obviously ds man z not normal please go back to the records n judge him more than wat small years u gave him please u can not buy life o take him to mukobeko because he is a vampire n slaughtering thanks

      To bad

    • Great Chewe

      This man is supposed to be charged with life imprisonment, the judgement given to him isn`t fair.

  2. Kaya

    More than 5 year

  3. BMK

    Ok ! I did’nt know that you can receive a lighter sentence if you are clever enough to take more of tujilijili , punch and strungle someone to death . The only secret is to plead guilt .

  4. kis

    what a misleading headline πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    for a second I thought it was Goliath Loose Amble

  5. Doubt

    The judge is not profesional the man deserves death sentence not ka dyonko ka sentence

  6. Dr. Zimba Emmanuel.

    Treason Case.

  7. Richards

    But really, who does that? Your own mother who brought you on Earth from soil and instead take her back to soil where she got you? Uhmm, did she error bringing you on Earth, honestly? If only tells in lieu, she definitely would have not born him. Quite shocking, banoko fye banoko we cipuba weee. MHSRIEP…!!

  8. FM

    MA RUBBISH!!Nembwa inenu iyi ine tatwaishiba

  9. Gunda

    This headline has a hidden agenda

  10. Ekaz

    The headline, awe sure. I quickly rushed to read thinking it was ‘boma’ ni ‘lusambo’ kanshi awe. Anyway that boy deserves to die in prison not 5 year, killing your own mother eish.

  11. Abraham

    i think, his name, has got connection, with Bornman Lusambo.

  12. Abraham

    i think, his name its has connection with bornman Lusambo.

  13. indoshi palupe

    another motherfucker…

  14. KALELA

    5 years to small should life behind bars

  15. doctor zi sana

    The mother used to drink with the son and both were drunk.its easy to judge him 5years but its difficult to save 5years without yo mother coming to visit u imprison.

  16. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle

    5 years ara!

  17. Jah

    The life had been taken away forever n then charging the convict with 5 years imprisonment with had labour its unfair coz him wil com out bt life is no.Mhsrp

  18. used bullet

    some headlines leave much to be desired mwe, there is room to improve

  19. Beston

    Were on Earth sure, killing your own mother because of your stealing abits.

  20. moinah

    He deserve to be jailed 4life.

  21. Amuna Onzuna

    Yes killing your own mother it’s not good even another one not related is not good, but in a drunken state vimachitika so not talking about judges no it’s a mistake. Ngati chabwera pali I we ukunya manzi namapemphero kuti uchoke koma wachimwa. So think before you write, even your own son you can just try to slap him you can’t know that you are killing that the issue NIKUTEKANYA before kulemba. Love your messages all.

    • GBM

      the name is misquoted its BOWMAN LUSAMBO kikikikikiki

    • Munasi

      I conquer with Amuna Onzuna.The judge is a hourable person with degrees in Law and for Judge Katanekwa he is a very experienced judge.He has been a Judge for years even before I retired from government 15 years ago.So don’t write and comment on matters of law that you don’t know and understand.For the accused to be sentenced to 5years it means the offence was reduced to manslaughter. Otherwise a reduced sentence for murder is Life imprisonment. That is the law bwana!!😎

  22. muntungwa

    This moron deserved a much stiffer sentence.

  23. Given

    Being in a drunken state is now an excuse for committing offenses, you better teach him a lesson. he better face the consequences to the fullest even if he has repented so that all drunkards can learn a lesson. 5 years is nothing .
    stop drinking

  24. Wiseman


  25. Wiseman

    Only a fool who does not know God will condemne a brother for making a mistake, God forgives who are you to judge?

  26. The Binomial Expander

    Learn to complete names in the headlines. For a moment I thought it was the hardworking LP Minister. My Oh My!

  27. Winstone Mpiluka

    He didn’t know plz God forgive this man

  28. Tolomatic

    Ya its true only fools can continue to blem the man moreover he was in a drunk state so country man what if its you what can you do ,don’t rush to talk an how try to think in all angles don’t just open your mouth like a tap of sewage .sin is sin after all everything happens for a purpose that’s how it was meant to be think of god first don’t be like those who crucified Christ people of little wisdom who just look at ssue only on one aspects.

  29. Bright Tembo

    This is not fair at all the nature of the matter is serious n that man deserves more that…
    My question is what is the different between defilment n killung a person???

  30. Amen

    Ehhh….let God judge him on judgement day…

  31. Sad

    Sad..though these stories lack in depth

  32. Deplomat

    OK at least I thought like ni njoka lusambo the cadre mmmm u are luck my friend the judge was lenient if it was me mmmm nga ni death sentence oho you age ka 28 che boi

  33. Kamweka

    Is it still manslaughter even when it’s a woman involved.

  34. c-easy

    Chipayeni fye

  35. I.s .

    Impanga taitalala ngamusunga , that’s why a male nurse in chitina area could make a fast jobjob with somebody’s wife without her having screamed , ls it true he forced matters ?

    • D BOY

      Kkkkkkkkk Ask themπŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜œπŸ˜πŸ˜

  36. D BOY

    Kkkkkkkkk Ask themπŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜œπŸ˜πŸ˜

  37. Cleanser

    The offence was reduced from. Murder to manslaughter by the state. This usually happens if there are no witnesses to the incident. The convict agreed to admit to manslaughter no wonder he admitted to the charge. The circumstances surrounding this case made the judge to sentence him to 5 years. This was fair because in most instances the sentence would have been below 4 yrs.

  38. St. Sweet Angus

    I thought it was Bowman.

  39. Rc

    Wembwawe some of us we have lost our mothers and wished if God gave them more time to live… and you kill,

  40. Rc

    What kind of bashing pig are you, you don’t deserve to be on earth

  41. Chinks

    that is the manslaughter,go and buy yoself a penal code and ready it nicely. you will see the different between murder and manslaughter.

  42. KP

    slowly slowly they are spoiling the law

  43. zulu

    The man deserves at least 15 years imprisonment not ka under 5.

  44. Madam b

    God is merciful.all you who are wishing bad abt yo brother one day it will be you .don’t forget amapenge yobe temapange yakwa lesa.so say what you want nd write what you want it won’t change the fact that he was sentenced five years imprisonment.you are the one’s who deserves life imprisonment for insulting the judge.

  45. ck

    The headline is misleading,i thought nibakulu ba nchito

  46. Fredrick chimfwembe

    Mulelanda bwino kwati niba honourable.

  47. Tanya

    Let him die in prison

  48. SD

    Not judicious move that judge useless!

  49. Mk

    Our neighbors had started preparing for the party when they saw” Lusambo” coz they thought it was Boman Lusambo their political opponent manje banyala.

  50. Itzhim

    The title did its job. Click bait!

  51. Keen

    This is useless judges ,you need to be serious.
    That daft need life in prison
    Fyonse no corruption y you guys?
    Y 5yrs so u ar happy with him

  52. Makeni boy

    The best Headline ws supposed 2b,”man kills own mothr….gets 5yrs imprisonment’,what a click bait ba ZR.

  53. William chanda

    honestly 5yrs judge were ar yu dis z unfair

  54. bandaberthab@gmail.com

    What is the point of life inprisonment, 5 yrs is ok so that he can learn a lesson and be a better person
    Harsh panishments makes people more of a bad person than than they were…

  55. Grand marie

    It was an appropriate sentence given the circumstances and besides there was no malice on his part.The man has already being punished for loosing his mother and that,s why he readily admitted to the charge.

  56. Generals

    It’s sad that the life of his mother has been wasted may her soul rest in peace.as for you bwana it’s your time to put yourself together and amend all you mistakes and do the right thing,the 5yrs you have been sentenced is ideally to correct you.mother s give you children proper home training I don’t think it’s proper for you to be drinking with your children.

  57. Chola Mulenga

    Death penalty is needed here

  58. The Journeyman

    I once read of a lordy boy who was sentenced to death purely on circumstantial evidence for the death of his boss, the truck driver. Our laws are both fair

  59. wayn Muke

    He deserves more than 20years

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