No Personal to Holder Cars for Presidential Aides as Govt Rings Austerity Measures

The government has made by far the loudest statement toward austerity measures by scrapping off personal to holder cars for permanent secretaries and Presidential aides.

Special Assistant to the President for Press and Public Relations Amos Chanda told the media on Thursday that government was committed to austerity measures.

“The austerity measures Government has put in place have nothing to do with the International Monetary Fund (IMF),” he said.

“This is a conscious realisation of Cabinet to cut down on expenditure and increase accountability,”

Chanda said the austerity measures had nothing to do with the International Monetary Fund concerns on the debt situation.

He said that government had however given officers an option of a loan facility should they want to procure personal to holder motor vehicles.


  1. Ziba zako

    “A loan facility should they require to purchase personal to holder cars”? Can’t be true. Just a soft loan for personal vehicles. That is still govt expenditure: so what austerity are we talking about. Send them to ZESCO, it already gives cheap loans to employees at our expense.

  2. Benny

    PF government shouldn’t be trusted especially under ECL the later payment of civil servants salaries is quite worrying. Please ba ECL stop singing 2021 ati 2021 we are tired of less money in our pockets u are just increasing our poverty in our country my free advice is step down.

  3. Rogers Kapila

    Likewise there should be no overhousing of jniour staff in civil service or relatives in ministerial houses

  4. josef

    Austerity measures Government has put in place.
    But they bought 20 luxury Land cruisers at US$150,000 each recently for who ever we don’t know.
    What AUSTERITY measures are there.

  5. hasty

    Comment The problem of putting jockers in leadership,we are paying for our sins .

  6. Talaifer

    Austerity measures my foot. If austerity measures are genuine, why not suspending the paying of allowances when a President or any government official travel since the get paid? For what job are they paid their monthly salaries? Is travelling on business tour not part of their prescribed duties? Why then paying them double? Why austerity measures only applied on ordinary citizens? Check that you are not deceived. Think twice.

  7. Corruption now will be worse

    Eeeeh!!! This is good for those who did not listen .Were you not warned that you would suffer more before 2021!! Stop crying now otherwise you will have no tears in 2020 when the European Union demands payment for the 3billion dollars Euro Bond loan. 😂😂😂😎

  8. Malyendele

    There is a lot of money laying around for govt to tap into. The court ordered that ministers should pay back those salaries they got for three months but up to now no one has paid a ngwee and we are being told of austerity measures from the same mouth! It’s like advising someone to go and fetch water from the river, when the person has a borehole with plenty of water using solar system.

  9. christopher phiri

    That’s better,especially that state house staff go scot free when they bash govt vehicles all in the name of carrying out duties.

  10. BBC

    Elo twafika pali na Mutale sunshila impapa .

  11. Kalok

    You will see how the roads will be deserted pa ma weekend! Yaba!

  12. Mr dundumwenze

    Sole baama pf.

  13. Tilitonse

    poop family are a bunch of clueless charlatans,they don’t deserve to run our affairs.Meanwhile brace yourselves for the harsh times ahead.At national housing authority people have not been paid for 14 months ,soon it will be other parastatals and so on and forth.Good luck.

  14. Kamambala

    We are in problems under this ECL Kibakman.We will sweat blood


    Learn to give credit were it is due. This is a very big step that need to be recommended by the cabinet.

  16. Shameless

    So u mess up and start mopping the same mess and u tell us to give credit were it is due? Please have your brains examined Ba FK

  17. Edgar nanga


  18. Mighty H (Wise Men)

    Please, they are trying. Lets reflect back. During Mwanawasa, Zambia made a lot of Money when Mineral tax was 3%. former Minister of Finance Hon. Magande Anounced at a meeting attended by World Bank, IMF, Africa Devel. Bank and Other Institutions that Zambia is making a lot of Money and that we have Stoped getting Loans. The last loan we had asked from the Africa Devel. Bank, is One billion to revamp Zesco. The late President of Africa Devel. Bank from Kenya, stood up and said that, Zambia, you are making a lot of Money, but we shall give you the Last Loan and let it be your last Loan and instead, start giving Loans to some small Countries in Africa. That is where we were in Mwanawasa Erra. First republican President Ba Kaunda, sounded a warning during Ba Mwanawasa Erra that, Zambia destroyed the Kwacha when it got the first Loan from the World Bank. And he said this Institutions have Evil Conditions. We all know this. Zambia had the strongest Currency in the World. Ten Ngee was equal to Twelf British Pence.

  19. Mighty H (Wise Men)

    What has gone wrong with US Zambians. The Creator has given US Brains to think. Parliament is there for a purpose and not to go there and Only Shout, Hear, Hear!!!, to anything. What are we going to get from such Sentments? Nothing. So, Parliamentarians, Work Up,lets come up with good Ideas, Laws, ETC, that will put this Country forward, So that, Abana besu ta twishile ba shitisha ku bapala ba Mwisa, Twilalaba uko twa fuma, Amen.

  20. Gama Chuulu remix

    Austerity measures? How can you lock a stable when the horse has been stolen?

  21. Bwacha

    I wonder y such statements are not coming from Dora Siliya our government spokesperson. This Amos Chanda maybe overstepping his boundaries.

  22. Pros

    Sale those cars and raise some money for Govt. Report to us how much you will be saving per month as a result of this joke measure.

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