RTSA Revises Speed Limits on Great East Road

The Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) has revised some speed limits along Great East Road in conformity with some concerns by some stakeholders.

RTSA has acceded to the outcry and announced that the speed limit heading to Kenneth Kaunda International Airport could hit 100 KM/h on some selected sections.

There was an outcry on the 60 KM/h stretch for the stretch heating to the airport but with RTSA meeting motorists half way it could go some measure in cultivating goodwill.

RTSA has also announced that speed camera enforcement will resume on Monday September 3, 2018 on the Great East Road.






After consultations with the Road Developments Agency (RDA) and road users, and in exercise of powers under Section 192 of the Road Traffic Act No.11 of 2002, the Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) wishes to inform all motorists of the revisions on the speed limit on the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport Road in Lusaka. The revised speed limits have been effected and all appropriate speed limit and camera warning signs have been installed accordingly. The following are the revised speed limits on the said road:



  1. The maximum speed limit for all motor vehicles on the Airport Road heading towards the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport shall be at Eighty Kilometres (80Km/h) and One hundred Kilometres Per Hour (100Km/h) on selected sections; and
  2. The maximum speed limit for all motor vehicles on the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport Road heading towards Great East Road shall be at Eighty Kilometres (80Km/h) and One hundred Kilometres (100Km/h) on selected sections.


From the foregoing, speed camera enforcement will resume on Monday September 3, 2018 on the aforementioned road.


The Agency further wishes to caution motorists that exemptions to the revised speed limits above shall only apply in accordance with the law or under representation for emergency cases;


“The provisions of section one hundred and ninety-two and of any other law imposing a speed limit on vehicles shall not apply to any vehicle on an occasion when it is being used for fire brigade, ambulance or police purposes, or by a road traffic inspector in the execution of his duty, if the observance of those provisions would be likely to hinder the use of the vehicle for the purpose for which it is being used on that occasion.”


We further wish to remind the public that the main objective of the Road Safety Law Enforcement using roadside cameras is to reduce the carnage on our roads caused by excessive speed and reckless driving. Over 150 cameras will be deployed across the country in the coming months with identified accident-prone areas (black spots) given priority.


All motorists are advised to adhere to the stipulated speed limits on all roads. The Agency has deployed cameras on Airport Road, Great East Road, Tokyo Road (Ring Road), Kafue Road and Mumbwa Road.


Kindly take this as official notification.

For any queries contact the RTSA on 0211228793 or Email askrtsa@rtsa.org.zm or visit Facebook/askrtsa.com


Authorised for display and publication by:                Date: 31st August, 2018


The Head – Public Relations

For/Director and Chief Executive Officer

Road Transport and Safety Agency

7th Floor, Premium House



  1. Evangelist Malama Golden

    Ratsa keep it up

  2. Rogers

    Under normal circumstances the road leading to international airport is an international road, should be dual carriageway and provided with street light and speed limit of 100km/h. Not such a pothole filled narrow road with no street lights. It scares visitors at night.

    • Mwiya Mbinji

      Yes it’s important to safeguard lives and at the same time let’s rehabilitate our roads to the international standard.

  3. Chisenga kandela

    That review must be done on all high way roads…

  4. Truth man

    Really if the road is pot holed all over, then it means these are the speed limiters !. Why waste camera time !! I think the cameras can be focused on government offices to monitor late coming civil servants !!😆

    • Amano

      Speed limits on the speed at which civil servants leave their offices…Hahaha



  6. muntungwa


  7. Jeromy Lamya

    Wow!! I like the idea for the fact that its not only gonna be installed on great east road but equally in these other busy roads.

  8. Amuna Onzuna

    Dual carriage way on airport road is needed and street lights. Their is too much potholes so their is no need of putting cameras again because those potholes are already speed limiters do understand RTSA officer’s. Thanks for your attention.

  9. Kalok

    That’s a good start. I said this. Now move on to inter-city roads and raise the limit to 120 km/h. Even the Ndola-Kitwe dual carriageway MUST be 120 km/h.

  10. Maulu Hamunjele

    The speed limits must be revised on most of our roads for economy development and not just to collect as much fines as possible from citizens!!

  11. Caroline

    What about those driving below the speed limit, in a case where you are suppose to drive at 80km/h and someone create traffic because is driving at 50km/h and there’s no room for overtaking as a result you are all delayed because of the person in front. They should also be penalized.

  12. Richard best mumbi

    Good development rtsa but you must teach zp officers that cameras have their no need to be stand on the road.again the ban roadblock only mobile patrols.permanent roadblock have damaged our roads like sebina ,kafulafuta chisamba and makeni west or west wood along mumbwa road.please promote these officers who were working on the above places and transfer them to places like shangombo,chanida border kashikishi napapata

  13. Bmk

    Why not increasing the rate of ubwalua,it is so fan in a christian nation the way
    people drink as if there are rules,bars are every where.Jan-Feb this year,the time we Lsk/Cb were hit with cholera churches were closed but beer drinking places were spared.Why does the Gvt help people to worship ubwalua.Let us strike the root cause of speed than hiding the source.In this country people drink so careless,and it seems nobody cares.Those speed cameras should have been mounted on drinking places,unlike incoviniencing innocent people.Innocent Mwale is doing nothing apart from collecting land rates,waterbills and increasing bars and tarvens.Ba Mwale,work like Honourable “Big Best Lusambo,”

  14. E Hadangalika

    What’s the maximum speed limit in Zambia cos it’s also useless to have speed limit of 60km/hr from Lusaka to Chirundu. This rtsa is a flop

  15. Mr

    What about ise mamotoka yatu yalibe ma speedo metr??

  16. Bwacha

    I don’t think the cameras will b happy to c RATSA increase the speed limits on all the roads. What then will the purpose of having then on the road if the average speed limit is 100km/hr????

  17. Mwape Muzinga

    Please work on KK airport road it’s pathetic. Pot holes and narrow road its bad

  18. Meleki

    some comments!!!!

  19. NCM

    RTSA, the idea of speed camera’s is brilliant, but the implementation was not well executed which I know has been a concern from most fellow motorists. I have noticed most of the areas on Great East road are 60km/hr, it is a dual carriageway and a highway leading to the airport, why don’t you just make it 80km/hr in most or all zones/sections, I pity those with big cars, it is really a drag on their engines. On the other hand, what is the allowable limit before a fine is executed because one cannot lock the stipulated speed on the vehicle. Some motorists are even getting fines for driving 61/65kms per hr in a 60kms zone. To my understanding the allowable is supposed to be 8km/hr above the stated limit in any particular zone. Please advise.
    Concerned Citizen

  20. Sky blizzy

    Wow that’s excellent RTSA.

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