Chipata Trades Students Acquitted for Riotous Behaviour

The Chipata magistrates’ court has acquitted the 15 students from Chipata Trades Training Institute who were implicated in the riot that left property worthy K216 000 damaged.

Magistrate Philip Mpundu acquitted the students this morning saying the prosecution failed to establish a case against the accused.

Magistrate Mpundu said none of the six witnesses called by the state identified the accused persons.

Magistrate Mpundu said the element of identity was very important.

They were charged with one count of riotous injuring buildings contrary to section 82 as read with section 81 Chapter 87 of the Laws of Zambia.

It was alleged that on June 11, 2018 in Chipata, in the Eastern Province of Zambia the accused whilst being riotously assembled together willfully and unlawfully did damage window panes and windscreens to four vehicles.

The students were being represented by senior Legal Aid.


  1. My husband

    Behave like educated people,no money in Zambia to buy such properties.

  2. ZED

    no money to the govnt,so students were complaining about materials but no action, thus why they end up doing that

  3. BMK

    Interesting …..

  4. Honest

    Its important for students to behave and know the right way of presenting issues

  5. Mos

    chipata trades training institute management board need to be changed theres a cattail staffs who take the institute as they own it.what an institution especially that 2 lectures I know ure luck.

  6. Kun Kali

    It is in public domain that it is a college like any other but it has been personalised too much.

    Who does not know the issues about VP in chipata concerning his work attitude even what happened at Eastern water, 2012 tension at trades which took the ministry to resolve. And now this.
    To add salt to injury, the embarrassment after the court ruling.

    On moral grounds the person in question should have gone on leave.

    After role he has no experience in teaching how did he get the position?

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