Mangango MP Laid to Rest

The opposition UPND Mangnago Member of Parliament Bruce Mwene who died in a road traffic accident has been laid to rest.

Mwene was laid to rest in Kaoma with UPND president Hakainde Hichilema leading hundreds of mourners that included leaders across the political divide.



We laid to rest our Mangango area Member of Parliament, Honourable Bruce Naluwa Mwene in his homeland, Western, Zambia.

Mwene was full of energy as a young community and national leader who left his teaching profession to be a politician.

Losing a young Parliamentarian is not only painful but saddening especially that a young family remains behind. A family that looked up to him for both moral and physical support.

Mwene died while on national duty; in this case a local government by-election in Shikombwe ward of Mangango constituency caused by a mere and unnecessary resignation of our councillor who has joined his party of choice.

This unfortunate and untimely death is as a result of this by-election but we would like to encourage everyone out there that leadership is service to the community and not oneself and therefore, we must remain strong serving the people and not allow to be bought through pieces of silver.

Honourable Mwene is gone, but his works will speak volumes and ours is to support the family in this trying moment.

To the Nation; In no uncertain terms, we have conflict that needs our urgent attention which is ethnic fights going on in our country.

No one chose to be born a Mbunda, Nkoya, Lozi, Kachokwe, Bisa, Lunda, Luvale, Kaonde, Nsenga, Chewa, Ngoni, Lenje, Bemba, Illa, Tonga or Sala among our over 73 tribes, so stop the evil tribal divisions!.

It is God’s creation and anyone who challenges such a creation, does that against God, Almighty.

Therefore, let’s live as one and focus our minds on developing our country for the greater good.

Mwene, did his part and let’s continue from where he has left to be with the Lord and may his soul rest in peace and may God give the Mwene family strength once more.

May God Bless our Country.



  1. Mr. K

    Too bad

  2. Thabo


  3. moinah

    Rest in peace dear..

  4. Jackson

    What a sad moment for mweene’s family and a country at large, may his soul rest in peace

  5. Patrick mwanza t


  6. Bk

    Ask Rex the cousin to Late Mazoka who openly said that UPND is for Tonga’s only and Sakwiba was chucked out and Hh took the mantle. Ask the late Munkombwe about it is our time for Tonga’s to rule.

  7. Mugabe

    Rest in peace honarble gone too fast anyway its the plans of God

  8. Bluno marss the moonshine jungle

    Rip big man.Shame to the devile

  9. Oscarmwale

    RIP and nice speech ba president

  10. FGM

    Sad indeed, it’s regrettable that you died before you unfolded your whole vision for mother Zambia.



  12. King cool

    May his soul rest in peace

  13. kambwili

    RIP. We are also on the dear. It’s a pity you have left a gap that some fools in govt will take advantage and spend our money to gain political mileage.

  14. In Jeopardy

    R. I. P. May the Almighty God remember you in paradise. May Your works and desire for this country bear you witness before our True God. May He alone replace you with the person who will seal this gap. I reject the powers of the ruling Poor Fool of this world to take advantage of your early departure. May the Lord Almighty grant us heavenly strength to conqer and retain the seat you have unwillingly left. We will defend it no matter what comes our way. UPND for LIFE in MANGANGO Constituency. God Bless Your Foot Steps.

  15. Moses

    Too bad

  16. gm

    R.I.p honourable and wish HH all the best in your future endeavors. I fail to understand why people in democracy allow fools to rule them.

  17. Martin mwewa


  18. fisunge

    You mr gm to you should mind the you address your complaints to the public ok if hh is not president that does not mean that other pipo can not be presidents leadership comes from God ask yourself why hakainde is not president from 2001

  19. james

    Too bad hon. Rip

  20. Convent

    Rip honourable gone to fast and may God remember the mwene family this trying moment .

  21. Nkwazi

    Why talk of homeland and next mention that tribalism is bad. You HH are the biggest instigator of the foolish tribal politics of a bygone era. Trying to exploit tribal sentiments for your selfish and egotistic ambitions.

    You are such a person who would rather rule a ruined nation that panders to your selfish fantasies than see a prosperous and happy one that does not.

    Why not politics of ideology rather than being propped up by zoombies brandishing your tribal and nepotistic dogmas?

  22. Coillard

    wel spoken ba President its true no one chose to be born from bemba,tonga nyanja or lozi.it is the secret of God & m.h.s.r.i p mr Mwene Bruce.

  23. summer bay

    Rip bruce u hv done yo part its not yo wish its God plans

  24. Dr Five Five

    To Bad Hon. MP, R.I.E.P

  25. Mr k

    Namwala victims ngonis and bembas will never b forgotten Tonga chiefs kept silent and they are still silent hakainde is no 1 trible list
    I challenge hakainde 2 give change 2 gbm to stand on upnd in 2021

  26. Kandimba KAFUTI


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