Mutati Tackles PF-MMD Alliance Question at Luapula Conference

Former ruling party Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) president Felix Mutati on Friday opened a two day Luapula provincial conference with a call for “Democracy to thrive in the party and the nation at large because it is the oxygen of development.”

And Mutati says MMD was not formed for individuals but for all Zambians and that the party does not impose leaders but elects its leaders by holding periodical elections for the leadership in all structures of the party including the presidency.

The MMD President who is accompanied in Luapula by his two vice Presidents, Mutolo Phiri Vice President political and his counterparty from administration Anne Chungu, National Secretary Raphael Nakacinda and Chairperson for Elections Gaston Sichilima among others said it was important that MMD reorganises itself because they are the people who brought democracy in the country and that small political parties can’t continue to pluck from the MMD and boast of being popular.

He said the founding fathers of the former ruling party formed it so that it can be a vehicle for development and that it should reorganise so that democracy continues to thrive in the country.

“The MMD was founded3 to give oxygen to democracy for national development. Let us not betray the confidence that our founding leaders gave to us. After the convention in Kabwe we agreed to go for an alliance with the Patriotic Front for the purpose of the people of Zambia on which this party MMD was founded,” he said.

On Nevers Mumba, Mutati said he will not waste his time in courts because the party will not be fixed in court.

“Us as MMD for you to be party President, you need to go for elections, simple and period. In 2012 I stood with him and others but I lost. I did not go to courts, no because that is how democracy is. If you lose you leave for your friends, clap for him (Nevers Mumba) he is our own also. You the people of Chiengi, you are our people,” he said.

“There is nothing to worry us here. I have told the National Secretary to deal with the Court issues, have you seen me at court, no, my court is you the people who elected me.  We don’t have time we have elections (in 2021).  So all these issues of court are in the hands of the National Secretary.”

On the alliance with the PF Mutati called on members to concentrate on fixing their party.

“In any marriage everything is not smooth.  We have issues with our alliance with PF but these are bedroom issues. For us, ours is to grow our party MMD and they (PF) will give us respect,” he said.

Mutati also told members that NEC picked Luapula province to be the first to have provincial conference because it has a special place in the hearts of MMD members.

He said NEC needed to honour the memory of the first Party President by ensuring that it reorganises Luapula province first and that other provincial conferences would follow soon after Luapula.


  1. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle masterzz

    This devided chi mmd (mwatacenjela mulamana dooooo) is dead goodbye and rip

  2. FGM

    Most people agree that MMD was better than the current PF in the way the economy was managed. My advice is that you should come up with a manifesto that can address the economic challenges Zambians are currently facing and your roadmap on poverty reduction and what you will do to curb corruption.I wish you the best in 2021.

  3. Truth man

    We know the founding fathers of MMD and how you elected the so called first President of MMD at Mulungushi conference centre in Lusaka on tribal lines.When people don’t talk about these things they are not foolish.MMD is a cursed party it will never rise again.Just keep on dreaming.

  4. hasty

    Comment The so called Truth man u seem to have insufficient knowledge on how the first MMD president was chosen,your mind is intoxicated with trible issues which speaks volumes. And u Mutati after being used by pf to mess up the economy u the courage to say u will reorganise the party,dream nicey.

    • Politician

      Hasty you have spoken my mind . I think Felix is just organizing MMD for PF . Because if he is serious about reorganizing the party , he would have resigned from pf .

  5. kambwili

    You are part of the Poor Fools (PF)who are killing democracy and you are there preaching democracy. Idiots.

  6. Leon

    just like PF in 2021 mmd just like unip are gost parties meaning they are dead


    Dormant and noiseless party, I can’t see life in MMD

  8. Musonda

    I miss Mr dundumwenze, where are you Mr dundumwenze?

  9. chidyamakanda

    If water poured on ground, its difficult to fetch it into bucket!! Truthfully, mmd dead and buried, it can’t resurrected. Son of kk with unip is badly loosing, who are you na mmd?

  10. james kaumba

    Kikikikiki MMD,are u sure u will bounce back, it’s like death Zambian political parties never come back may MMD rest in peace!


    Mmd is gone so plz cant u jst join mu UPND tapaba nsoni jst go to make ur dream than joining mmd

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