MMD Ushers New Leadership in Luapula

Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) President Felix Mutati has congratulated the new party Provincial Executive Committee of Luapula province which was voted into office during the two day elective conference which came to a close on Saturday.

Speaking when he closed the conference held at Chunchi Lodge in Mansa, Mutati urged those who had contested and lost to accept the will of the delegates.

He said the results were reflective of the democratic tenets of the MMD and that through the ballot Luapula had spoken.

“We will make mistakes and thank the previous executive. Even if they make mistakes in church we repent. What makes us happy is that Luapula has spoken and told us what they want. As part of democracy we shall respect the wishes of the people of Luapula. We can only have one position for one person,” he said.

And speaking earlier National Secretary for theĀ  former ruling party urged the new leadership in the province to work for the party and the people.

“Elective activities, the programs like the one we have held here has two positive impacts. That we have leadership that has a mandate from the people. The second impact is that MMD still remains the party that keeps on sending lessons as a party committed to intra party democracy.

“The attitude of leaders in the parties is what will determine if they are given the mandate. And am sure that the people are watching from activities of what we are doing. Am happy that we held a peaceful conference.

“I will add to the clause of self-sacrifice in our constitution that we need to work for the good of the party. We are not leaders for luxury. We need to sacrifice the same way our founding fathers did.”

Meanwhile newly elected Chairperson for the province Gibson Musonda promised to spearhead party mobilisation activities in the country.

“As the new executive committee we are committed and promise to spearhead party mobilization and those that left the party will be brought back,” he said.

Delegates were drewn from all the 12 districts of the province. The PEC will led Gibson Musonda as Provincial Chairman and Mable Kaluba as Chairlady.


  1. FGM

    People are suffering, and as things are 2021 will be for the political party that will enestly promise to reduce the poverty levels, fight corruption and make the national economy and democracy grow.

  2. Kan'wane Juhn

    Thanks MMD resurrection from political slumber. You are a very big political party. Work hard so that you revival the economy that hard been destroyed. You are not giving us hope for future Zambia all we hear are insults day in day out. Build hope for future generations

  3. Chimuka siamatika

    Well come back I hope one day u will be in power again we like u ba MMD 2021 is urs

  4. Frank Bwalya

    After being used in an alliance with PF and later dumped from the ministry of finance, mutati now feels to go back to organising mmd as the only alternative. But his realisation is rather too late. He was duped by the crooked rupiah banda.

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