Pres. Lungu Confers with Xi Jinping

President conferred with Chinese President Xi Jinping with the Head of State posting a note to his followers on Facebook.


We held a very progressive meeting with His Excellency President Xi Jinping of #China and his delegation.

During the bilateral talks, I assured President Xi Jinping of #Zambia’s commitment to working with China to foster development thereby strengthening Zambia’s economy through trade, commerce and international relations.

I thank you.



  1. Bluno marss the moonshine jungle

    With full of corruption leaders in zambia tuleya kwiisa? kaaya.

  2. Leonard

    Thanks Chinese are just good in contractions and technology let them continue in these to areas

  3. Bk

    UPND mentality who sees everything as black.This leadership is better than a shameless person who sold ZCCM.and claims that he is the richest.May fire fall on you.

  4. kambwili

    The sale of ZCCM had long been explained you dull Zambian. Bakabolala bama contracts mukula tree nibalya balebuyukila ku China. Imwe mulifye ne nsala.

  5. Msadala moyo

    HH takatekepo,he will never confer with Chinese presdo.

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