Kabila Siblings on Candidate Roll Despite Holding Tanzanian Citizenship

Democratic Republic of Congo President Joseph Kabila’s siblings are said to hold Tanzanian nationality while seeking electoral positions, circumstances the ruling party is using to eliminate some opponents ahead of the December 23 general elections.

According to La Libre Afrique, President Kabila’s twin sister Jaynet and their younger brother Zoe have previously confirmed their Tanzanian nationality.

The publication states that President Kabila’s siblings have never relingusihed their nationality.

President Kabila’s ruling coalition, using government machinery, is eliminating candidates it alleges had nationality with other countries.

Both Jaynet and Zoe are seeking legislative office in the Democratic Republic of Congo as a way of maintaining a hold on power after the departure of President Kabila who is not eligible for re-election, at least this this year.
Critics accuse President Kabila of appointing a stooge as his party successor and hopefully the next president of Congo.

President Kabila’s government is allegedly to be eliminating all potential opponents. And the candidature of Jaynet and Zoe is part of the ploy to keep the Kabila hold on power.

“Their mother has made statements that her children lived with aliases while living in Tanzania. An explanation could not be more convincing,” the publication reports.

It alleges that Jaynet and Zoe Kabila were named Jaynet Ursula Kyungu and Zoe Francis Mtwale respectively.
Coincidentally the names that accompanied the identity of Kabila’s siblings were also discovered to be directors in a company called Sycamore Investments founded July 18, 2001.

The company is said to have links to the Presidency with the two identities sharing the President’s siblings’ exact birthdays and both are identified as Tanzanians.
It is hoped that the DRC Attorney General will use the same effort shown so far in disposing off Jean Pierre Bemba’s or other barred candidates.

Last week, a few hours before the announcement of the six applications invalidated by Ceni, several parties of the opposition had warned about the development of a strategy by the Kabilist power to “eliminate Bemba and Tshisekedi” of the race to the presidency.




  1. Justine Mukungule

    May God help Congo.

  2. Pierre baudouin

    According to the way we see the revolution of mind taking steaks in the Kongo there will be no success in this hold up of cause they are credibility is no longer in such position to succeed even they do any thing to win the Rwandese are now the lion is mouth of
    Because all they games played by the Americans and western country was been pure known to the world and it is matter of time to see a real Kongo is figure to reorganise the country which was
    Been destroyed by the plundering of all wealth and killing it is indigenous I don’t think that will be any successful move for this.

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