150 Lusaka Pastors Throw Weight behind Pres. Lungu

One hundred and fifty six church leaders in Lusaka District have thrown their weight behind President Edgar Lungu as an endorsement of a pro-poor agenda.

Speaking during the signing ceremony of the memorandum of understanding with the Presidential Empowerment Initiative Fund (PEIF), Chairman of the pastors’ fellowship Reverend Ephraim Kambanja heaped praise on President Edgar Lungu for giving help to the poor through the Presidential Empowerment Initiative Fund.

Reverend Kambanja noted that the leadership of President Lungu is holistic in the way it responds to the deepest needs of the less privileged.

And (PEIF) National Coordinator Clement Tembo said that President Lungu has empowered the pastors with seven hundred and fifty thousand kwacha meant to identify beneficiaries in their churches in all the seven Constituencies in Lusaka.

Tembo has also said the beneficiaries once identified will be empowered with incubators, block making and cooking oil producing machines.

He has urged the church to remain united and ignore criticism that may come from some sections of society because of their move to support the President’s initiative of improving the welfare of the underprivileged entrepreneurs.


  1. hastings


  2. Hahahaha

    Mmmmm bafikala aba, yashani iyo?

  3. mr life

    Corruption ku ma pastors why president edgar lungu wasting money for nothing and people are suffering in streets sure you cant buy blessing from pastor ask forgiveness to GOD and GOD will forgive you for your corrupted mind because the money wasted is our money we pay more taxes and pastors say amen GOD bless edgar lungu.

  4. Leon


  5. Gerald siachisandu

    What kind of pastors are these! They are just after money,Stop being pastors if you want to join PF.is that More money he promised you . How much is the bag of meal meal.

  6. HOMMIE 24

    they’re not pastors they’re a bunch of thiefs jst like their god lungu.the worst part is each time i say people in this country are all corrupt i get insulted now look at ur men of God n see what they are doing,, accepting bribes frome a master thief

  7. Truth man

    Really, how can pastors be Partisan like this? These are the same people who want to preside over the Inter – party dialogue process. If this pastor Tembo was a Tonga and speaking in support of Hakainde there was going to be an outcry that he is a tribalist. So tribalism in Zambia only applies to certain tribes. This is unfortunate.A pastor leading a church has members who belong to various political parties therefore one can see from the outset that some of these churches are pseudo political entities.

  8. Abraham Katanekwa

    you, fake pastors. your job is to chop the money, of mr jemason.

  9. Musonda

    Ba president tamukwata amano.

  10. Mr dundumwenze

    Lost pastors lost president.

  11. My husband

    These family churches, who are in ministry because of lack of employment, they can do that.they want also to eradicate themselves from poverty

  12. Belungo

    God said to Israel, I will do a favour, you shall not come out from Egypt empty handed, you shall plunder the Egyptians, let these pastors plunder…

  13. c

    150 Devil’s dogs throw their light weights behind a masquerade.

  14. Makeni boy

    Goodluck 4 thz magicians o sorry pastors!!

  15. Habakkuk

    Stubborn pastors….

  16. 24

    F*ck u all

  17. Kensplash

    (SWPAZ) Sebana wikute pastors Association of Zambia.

  18. Farmer

    Pastor…my foot! Stealing from the poor through the Bible. You shall reap what you sow!

  19. Frank Bwalya

    Fake pastors as the late Sata used to call them.. Headed by Joshua banda, criminal number ONE

    • Jacob phiri

      A big shame on us clergy people. I feel like crying. A prophetic voice has been auctioned to the highest bidder.

  20. Hakaivotela

    Crooks ati pastors

  21. Mpika 2021

    Nkoma kachema ne Mpanga Shikasalangana…. Be careful with these Batch of Thieves hiding their evil deeds in the name of Pastors

  22. Mr trueth

    Why are you hanging your self Mr so called president



  24. Fellows Tembo

    The only evil people not supporting this initiative are either from the failed opposition parties or the anti government churches inclined to their leader HH.

  25. Wooyee waluza

    We so them parading during. The late FJTs 3rd term bid .kun,yopola. njala iyaa.

  26. Sure sure

    Balinanjala bathu kumoz naba busa.

    This is bad in zambia .they Tax you more so that they can say they help. We dont need this kind of help mr president please. Work on redusing fuel, meal, trasport, fetiliza,taxes. Then we will say you are working Sir.

  27. Face facts

    People who are supposed to speak for people have now turned against people they claim to support. It’s unfortunate Lord Jesus Christ come and put things right.

  28. Concerned Zambian

    Temptation of Jesus Christ was ment to bring him down from the Mountain of worshipping God down to worship the devil. So these men of gods and not men of God have been brought down to worship the pay masters, tuning their churches into fund raising places. Claiming to be a Christian nation, we have allowed thousands of personal to holder churches to meet in class rooms or houses and all need money to support their families in the Mighty name of Jesus. Amen God forgive them


    The truth is Africans by nature are selfish and egocentric. They live for the moment. When one is entrusted to govern priorities are not considered instead plunder is the order of the day. Those who are not part of league become disgruntled. That’s why this continent can never develop because of the Blackman’s greed. The president is not the issue but it’s the mindset of a Blackman. Treat your country as if it were your own and act as a host, devoid of any plunderous activities that’s when you will see growth. We are an embarrassment to the outside world because we plunder everything even donor money! We should change the way we handle resources. It’s all about greed! No wonder we sold our brothers into slavery without considering the repercussions. We ought to be ashamed of ourselves because greed has made us who we are today. We sell everything to other races because of greed without thinking about our children’s children. Zambia like many other African countries has no host and we plunder our own resources like hungry vultures and frighteningly invite others to do the same, like a bunch of mad people. Remember what has happened to the Aborigines in Australia. Soon you will be under the Chinese and refugees! We ought to be ashamed of ourselves!

    • liseli

      May God deal harshly with and not spare these deceitful pastors. May He let His stern hand they called on themselves destroy even the little they have worked for. May they be cursed for using God’s name for their own self gratification.

  30. Joyce ZIMBA

    Shem on u pastors together with your president 😁

  31. Wooyee waluza

    Zambia was declared a christian Nation not because of love for Jesus but out of Greediness . those that have good memories will remember the incident in Kitwe in1992_93 of a certain political party that was formed by a group of people who were not of the same Faith.it was from the same incident that made the then Republican President Dr FTJ chiluba .in reacting to the same . that he said Zambia is a christian country.with the intention of protecting his own benefit.so he started soliciting for support from ‘The so -called pastors using The khaki Envelopes.for them to be the vuvuzelas of his declaration ,so it can be a constitutional matter.so that The Kitwe Born political party is dead and buried.then he started the parentage issue to stop Kenneth Kaunda . again he used the vuvuzelas pastors . that is politics in Africa .Ninjala remember our old man Mr /Dr Munkombwe s remarks.MHSRIP. research more on this you will know more about the declaration.Bamba zonke attitude.

  32. Lovemore makombe

    Please Men of God, concentrate on your calling and leave Mr President to worry about his calling and don’t cloud him empty praises, blurring his sight from what he has not done, he can do more without your accolades and you equally go and do more than what you doing for the people.

  33. Kubeja Badaala

    What do you expect you have to ma pastors masquerading in the name of Chanda, Musoma and disgraced adulterer Pule rushing to Con Court after being paid by ECL, to request court to rule that he’s eligible to contest the 2021 elections.those are pastors for you.

  34. 2Kings

    Those so~called pastrs ar descendants of baal worshiprz in Elijah’s tym in OT.ELIJAH KILLED ALL THEIR ANCESTORZ SO WILL JESUS DO TO THEM.

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