Kitwe Man Gets 20 Years for Incest

The Kitwe High Court has sentenced a 56 year old man of Chingola District to 20 years imprisonment with hard labour for incest.

This is in a matter in which Fenethi Kayombo, 56, of Chingola District on the Copperbelt is charged with one offence incest against a minor contrary to the laws of Zambia.

Particulars of the offence are that, Kayombo on 16th May, 2017 had carnal knowledge of his niece contrary to section 159 (1) of the Penal Code Chapter 87 of the laws of Zambia.
When the matter came up for ruling, Kayombo in mitigation pleaded with the court to exercise lenience on him saying he was a first offender.

However, in his judgement Kitwe High Court Judge Timothy Katanekwa sentenced the accused to 20 years imprisonment with hard labour.

He stated that it was irresponsible and wrong for such an older person to sexually abuse his niece who is also a minor.

Judge Katanekwa advised the accused to appeal to another court if not satisfied with the Judgement.


  1. Abraham

    Good Jubgement, how can an old man do such abormination.

  2. professor Ambrose


  3. Hatwaby Chitenje

    It’s just a good judgement

  4. Patrick Mwale

    The law must surely visit this man.



    • kwandaman

      it has already visited him. You cannot see?

  5. Mr dundumwenze

    Nowadays there are so many mavwule even k10 you can sex vwule, jail him very stupid old man.

  6. Barotse bull

    Stupid father

  7. Musonda

    Mr dundumwenze long time,where hard you been? I am enjoying your comment my man, nowadays or k5 you can sex vwule.

  8. Big brain

    Welcome Mr dundumwenze, we missed you zoona, or kafwaka chabe My friend you can sex chivwule,give him 30ys.

  9. samfya 1

    Mmmmmmmm, bwafya 20 years solid, This is the same as life imprisonment sentence to death pantu 56yrs + 20yrs = 76 yrs…. Life expectancy in Zambia 49 yes for males therefore he is likely to death..

  10. mthunzi

    good for tht man

  11. Chimuka siamatika

    Wat a shame

  12. My husband

    Too bad,but you need details about niece ,years and what happened,maybe she was the one who forced him.and you need to find out about health status of the girl/woman.how is it currently.

  13. My husband

    Too bad,but you need details about niece ,years and what happened,maybe she was the one who forced him.and you need to find out about health status of the girl/woman.how is it currently.
    It is not good to put his katundu on the niece.

  14. Tolomatic

    Very Stupt idotic old creature for nothing how can a responsible man do such a thing is he cray or what he needs to feel pedology of the law rubbish Mongolian.

  15. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master

    Don’t celebrate, Chawona mnzako mailo chilipaiwe .

  16. Isaac C. Patrick

    So Sad to the man 56yrs + 20yrs mmmm….

  17. Joezman

    Yabaa bakulubenangu

  18. Commando

    Prisons are only meant for poor people,only for those who don’t have cash.

  19. Zox 24

    Mahule kupaka zoona pa zed chimudala iwe nichani. 20k two rounds now look instead of 20k enjoyment its 20yrs in prison

  20. Jerson derulo

    Foolish father

  21. Martin mwewa

    Foolish dad

  22. Farmer

    Let him be fucked in prison!!!

  23. Zemwa

    Bwafya sana.

  24. Tafuna


  25. shax

    How old is the niece ,coz some girls are down to earth with sex (insuna)

  26. Benny

    Too bad 20 years is too much we all have feelings 4 the girls one day even the judge himself will find himself in the same situation it’s better 12 months imprisonment with hard labour and separate him from that girl

  27. Energy

    How about women that committee same offences

  28. DEOKA

    Kikiki 20years with hard labours 😮

  29. Joshan

    Good judgment

  30. Angelaisaac Chapewa

    Sad. Some men have become beasts. 20 years is not enough as at 76 years he’ll still be sexually active.



    • Janja ganja

      Zoona it’s ritual vinyanga valuka tiyenayo 20yrs go go go, judge good job God bless you and continue judging them ama 30yrs and above

  32. kelvin

    Good judgment

  33. Emmanuel Morrison

    More foolish old men should be locked up, as a deterrent to to be offenders.

  34. Angelaisaac Chapewa

    Whether with a hule or anybody apart from ur spouse is illicit sex. Come on men sober down.

  35. Nazo Nazo

    As men let’s avoid ichibeleshi naba chaiche girls or boys,sexual appetite if not controlled chimo na doom,its better to be in the company of three or more if with the opposite sex,you may end up admiring the impotent ones once behind the bars.

  36. Patrick Chibale

    God please help us in this last days.

  37. Denkete

    Before being sent to prison, they should have first castrated him without using anaesthesia. Then slap him with 25yrs with hard labour. I’m appealing this judgment to the Concourt.

  38. Justice Phiri

    Where are,we going so much inhuman behavior ,I think it should deter would be offenders with such punishment.

  39. John Phiri

    Walya kake aliye mulandu!! Free the old. Elala wake mwana as Chief Mpezeni would claim.

  40. Jimmy

    Sad story but some children are evil too. They are a death trap. Let’s pray for the old man to repent and the girl too. Pray for our country Zambia against this evil. Watch yourself too that you fall not in the same trap.

  41. Dewin

    Mmm awe anyway the law has to work

  42. chef

    Such outragous acts of sodom like news are inevitable in our times as they are an indication of the impending conclusion of system of things, its intrinsically unfothamable to come to terms as to what could trigger a fully fledged man impose is sexuality on a minor and neglect all his mental faculties of adhereing to good moral values that a Nation prophesing to be a Christion Nation likr Zambia ought to adhere to. Such a shame. Bible reading and constant employing of Gods spirit for self control is imperative yo curb any unnatural animalistic behaviour which results in such abomination. May all of us regardless of age and circumstances do self introspection to curb down any potential engagement of such deplorable behaviour to keep a holy Nation and the good values a Christian Nation. Sorryy for my poor typing
    Chef Dee

  43. Kapalaula Mashala

    56 is a golden jubilee age, but the behavior is rather indicative of a disfunctional being lacking sexual negotiating skills. Did he take viagra or what. 20 yrs is fair, though he will be a burden for he will be chewing our tax payers money in Mukobeko.

  44. Bright Munkondya

    Lets ask for wisdom from GOD

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