PF Kasenengwa Candidate Taunts Candidate-less UPND

EASTERN Province PF chairperson Andrew Lubusha says the Province is his party’s bedroom adding that it could still win Kasenengwa parliamentary seat with a bigger margin even if the other participating political parties were to join forces with UPND which did not field a candidate.

Refuting UPPZ leader Charles Chanda’s allegation that the ruling party wanted to buy off UPPZ Kasenengwa candidate Abel Ngwenya so that he withdraws from this Thursday’s by-election as well as buying voters cards, Lubusha said the PF was engaging in mature campaigns and not cheap propaganda.

“This is cheap propaganda, we don’t have time to do such things and as a matter of fact, Eastern Province is our bedroom as PF and Kasenengwa is our stronghold. Even if the UPND was to join forces with all these political parties still we would emerge victors with a very serious margin,” he said.

Lubusha said PF does not understand the logic behind the buying of voters’ cards.

“What I can say is that this is cheap propaganda and I would like to urge president Chanda to ensure that we play mature politics to tell the people what we are going to do for them instead of being malicious. He also claims that we attempted to buy his candidate (Abel Ngwenya), for what? What can we be scared of a political party which is not known anywhere? It has no structures in Kasenengwa, no structures in Eastern Province, it only has an interim provincial

Chairperson,” he said.

Lubusha said his party could not be happy if it goes through unopposed because it believes in democracy.

The candidates that are vying for the Kasenengwa seat are UPPZ’s Abel Ngwenya, PF’s Sensio Banda and John Zulu of PAC.




  1. Chikky

    Let us take politics as source of unity not violence

  2. HOMMIE 24

    whats the differece between buying off candidates so they can withdraw frome elections and riging elections by stealing votes? PF is only interested in wining elections and it doesnt care how, it doesnt care about the welbeing of the country but that of the party. and with all these economic hardships u must be stupid indeed to vote for this party

  3. Sakala

    Rubbish spoken lubusha,eastern province is not a bedroom for pf.we are waiting 2021 not the by election yabupuba, Easterners wake up don’t be cheated by vi pf.

    • Charles

      You always say wait for 2021 are you mad????You shave to wait until 2122

  4. Gerald siachisandu

    Which bedroom are you talking about? where is more money? mulungushi textile is still not working,mansa battery not working do you think we can eat katenge.A T_shert written “powered by ECL “will not take you and Zambian citizen anywhere.shame on you

  5. Looters


  6. Chimuka siamatika

    Mbo it’s happening one Zambia one nation we r one 🇿🇲 unification z important we hate 🗡⚔️🔫🏹💉 peace out 🤝

  7. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master


  8. Andrew monde

    It shows how strong upnd is,despite not standing they still say negative things

  9. DC 10

    I pls urge the PF gvt to come to the aid of our great son of Zambia Mr. Grey Zulu who is vry vry sick and hs little or no assistance towards his treatment that he is failing to pay for. The man is so weak now, looks frail and fails to even eat. The man did so much for this country to make it where it is today. Pls media houses esp ZNBC and Prime TV pls visit this man in Makeni to see how he is now. Pls gvt help him as one of our founding fathers of this great nation.

  10. DAKA

    Balekeni balelanda ninshi abalebomba babombe

  11. FGM

    Only when voters will allow reasoning to take charge of their voting decisions , is Zambia going to experience a wind of TRUE tenates of multi party democracy.

  12. Frank Bwalya

    Let’s wait and see the popularity of pf in mangango by election..

  13. dfm

    UPND is a party for pipo that think, have gone to sku and they know what is gud and bad… they make decisns by thinking…. nomba ba Patriotic fools… nga banwa fye ifimabwalwa bakolwa namasushi!! then they vote for ba pompwe!! mwapya, 2021 mulenya.

    • Jackson Bwalya Sense

      mulelolela 2021elyo mukabeya a maso yenu? ba upnd kuwaya waya fye 2021.2021.2021.2021for,what,now

  14. Kamayah

    Easterners mundwala tulo you still believe in pf but you are suffering. Wake-up just because of T-shirt. You you change change and look forward not backwards.

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