FAZ Fires Women National Team Coach 2 Weeks after Employing Her

Press Statement
(For Immediate Release)

Football Association of Zambia
Football House, Lusaka

5th September, 2018

FAZ part ways with Enala

The Football Association of Zambia(FAZ) has with immediate effect parted company with Zambia Women’s National team coach, Enala Phiri.

The decision to part ways with Mrs Phiri was made during the Football Association of Zambia Executive Committee meeting held on 1st September, 2018.

“FAZ and Mrs Phiri reached a mutual agreement to part ways. The decision to part company is purely in the Associations and Mrs Phiri’s interest. We wish to take this opportunity to wish her the best of luck in her future endeavours.”

FAZ has therefore, appointed Zambia Women’s National team Assistant coach, Mrs Beauty Mwamba as acting national team coach.

“We wish to congratulate Mrs Mwamba on her appointment. FAZ has immense faith in her ability to deliver for the nation.”

For and on behalf of:


Desmond Katongo





    ladies and gentlemen of the press let me come out now just because I refuse to be fucked by stupid people in FAZ and this is what I deserve wait and see all those involved your dicks will shrink to the size of a needle wait mbolo zanu

    • Caristo

      Is this true coach

    • People

      Enala has confirmed she does’nt know what this is all about . She has also challenged faz to tell the nation the truth about her dismisal . We are therefore giving faz up to tomorrow 12:00 hrs to inform the nation as to what led to her dismisal . Failure to which she must be reinstated or we will ask her to take this story to social media .

      ” Enala ulula , zamununa inkama shonse , reveal everything ”
      FAZ lelolelo lelolelo…..

    • chef

      So long as you are blameless and stood steadfast in times of trial and tribulation Jah is on your side. I personally advocate for womens right. Its very saddening to see the detrimental and retrogressive altitude most fellow comrades tend to have towards women in certain key offices. I pray and hope for an improved make mind shift as well as good sense of morality towards women in office. Be blessed my sister God has better opportunities for. My last advise is avoid public outcry but simply live all things in Gods hand for vengence belongs to him.Amen
      Chef Dee

    • Hals D. H.

      That’s unfair. How do you hire someone and then fire them after two weeks?

  2. Eustace Kalunga

    It would have been fair you tell us the reason that lead to the conclusion of parting company unlike giving us popcorn news.

  3. MK3 power

    Tell us what inspired so that we can advise

  4. Kangwa Gabriel C Jr

    Reasons,reasons r needed!!!!

  5. DEOKA

    Congratulations coach and good luck

  6. Mr Peace

    What is this suppose to mean?Useless…

  7. Nasty Rhoxy aka bwoy feins

    I don’t think has a better future, the is too much of batter system
    Umm let me complete school and find a country where is future…

  8. Nasty Rhoxy aka bwoy feins

    I don’t think zambia has a better future, the is too much of batter system
    Umm let me complete school and find a country which has a future…

  9. phillip


  10. St. Sweet Angus

    They discovered she was lesbian, that is all I can think of.

  11. Ndolola rennox

    I always preach love in every department. Love is the only key to open every misunderstanding and crossways in life .Remember, what you do to your friend good or bad wil come back to you.So let us becareful and do it in love.How honnestly ,wishing your friend the best as if she has resighned and yet you did not agree somewere in your adminstration.The eyes of Zambia and the Earth is watching at you.

  12. King cool

    We need the reason as to why that lady she has been fired. We need to know the truth.


    Ndelolesha bye

  14. FAZ

    What happened?

  15. Corruption now will be worse

    It is all Phiris,Kamangas, Pongas,.Be ashamed of tribalism you people! So, if at the helm there is an Easterner, then an institution becomes a hive for easterners.If it is a Northerner, then northerners have a party time.Now if all tribes start doing like wise what will happen to this country? I cry for mother Zambia.Please God help us!!

  16. smooth

    Wow!!!What!!!she refused to be fucked that is why she got fired!!!what!!!really???

  17. Stephen nyambepo njobvu

    awe kwena what kind of faz we have in Zambia
    shame shame shame faz

  18. Zambian

    My daughter Enala, whatever the reason for parting ways with FAZ, pls let’s try to be civilised n speak mature language. We know that so much goes under the carpet in most cases but as a woman pls remain calm. Insults will never correct any wrong. Its better you tell it as it was so that people may judge fairly.

  19. Sylvester Masuwa

    Ba FAZ, give us the reason why you start firing coaches just like that.If you continue doing that, which means you are leading our country to poor performance in football.Firing the couches is not the way forward of solving the problem,but increasing.

  20. Bmk

    Faz means fuck and zezira.

  21. Mbulo

    Ba FAZ u are not straight, tell us the reasons.

  22. Mbulo

    Is it true what Enala has said?

  23. Makeni boy

    The truth is tht not Enala herself knws the reason why! The first comment on ths topic was postd by a nobody,an impostr.The truth wil cam out soon.Iwe wamene walemba pafest u a devls faecal matr.

  24. Lungu Godfrey

    Many Coaches for football were fired just because they have black skin. Today our sister has been fired .FAZ Tell us why. Is your sign of failure???

  25. The b

    Mu Zambia things r worse now

  26. My husband

    Am coming there!

  27. cold land

    Enala tell them too much corruption.
    FAZ we want you to tell us the reason y you fired her from doing her.
    nikupusa uku that’s rubbish. u are the same people breaking people’s marriages

  28. Bruno

    it’s fun with this faz of yours let’s watch and see the drama

  29. Let's just sell Faz to China

    It boils down to confusion at faz how do u fire someone after two weeks? Where on earth has that happened? Kamanga is very much worse than Kalusha

  30. Ziba zako

    Two weeks????? FAZ is useless. Then you congratulate a stand in: a caretaker? What’s wrong with you guys?

  31. Munungu wa FAZ

    If she refuse to be fucked by the kamanga y firing her mbolo zanu na lungu

  32. Kubeja Badaala

    People keep asking for reason why she has been fired but someone posting as Enala Phiri has said it all. NGOCC, where are you? there is fodder at FAZ take over this case.

  33. Tman

    Circuses circuses circuses!!


      I once fucked enala ali na yonzuna problem she does not shave her pussy

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