Police Hunt Petauke Sex Video Creator

Police have finally jolted into action over the infamous video of an unknown man sexually abusing a visibly drunk woman.

The incident reportedly happened in Petauke District of Eastern Province has the pervert toying with the lady’s private parts while the incident is being filmed.

Footage of the X-rated video has gone viral across social media fora.

Below is the full statement from police:

LUSAKA, 05TH SEPTEMBER, 2018 – The Zambia Police have launched investigations in the matter where a video has gone viral involving a woman in her unconscious state being sexually abused by a male person purported to have happened in Petauke District of Eastern Province.

The conduct by the thug who filmed and posted the video on social media is inhuman, a violation of human rights and above all criminal.

We are therefore appealing to the victim not to shy-away from the Police as it has been the case in such matters but to avail herself to Police so that a statement can be recorded from her.

We further appeal to relatives of the victim and those that may know her, to encourage her to go to any nearest Police Station and give information on what transpired on the material day and further be counseled.

We also call on members of the public who could have information on the whereabouts of the perpetrator of the heinous crime to confide in Police officers.

The Zambia Police will not relent in arresting all those that would want to commit crimes using social media and we are warning all would be offenders to stay away from such acts or risk being arrested and prosecuted. The perpetrator may be hiding today but he will not hide in perpetuity, soon he will be fished out. The same applies to all other cases involving abuse of cyber space.





  1. Uknown Copper Lazo

    we need to stop and try to think of ways to develop our nation and not tarnishing its name,
    go on ZP and carry on with your investigation this criminal deserves to be booked

  2. One zed

    It very sad that we can think so low and embarrass our ladies on social media in such a way,may the law take it’s course and the culprit be brought to book,so that others can learn from this, thanks the police command for taking this issue head-on.

  3. Frank Bwalya

    Sexual issues are very common and normal in eastern Province. Ask the banda’s they will tell you…

  4. King cool

    Rodger yours copy it, in an alphemative over.Both are culprit, how can a respectable woman start misbehaving like a little child who know nothing. She reaped what she sow .

  5. Benny

    Frank Bwalya kkkk ask the Bandas

  6. peace maker

    it’s too bad this is the last days

  7. DEOKA

    But what if the girl was also acting intoxicated ,but in the actual sense was also a victim of the creation of that same video

  8. DEOKA

    Send pics of the video so the we can inform the police when we see the perpetrators

  9. Wisdom Musonsa

    May God forgive our land

  10. fisunge

    Please ba police ask us there are pipo who are better than your officers who can be whistle blowers and they can make your work easier so just employ whistle blowers secretly and you will see so that even those stupid videos can easily be easily available if you send them to whistle blowers it has worked in other countries

  11. Perculiar

    Ths cant stop in a hypocritical nation called Zambia.Sometimes I wondr what Zambia means or stands for.
    MAY BE Northern Rhodesia was bettr.Moba,chamba na nsunko…,these ar the results.JESUS JUST CAM & PUT THS 2 AN END!

  12. John Phiri

    Where is the video? I come from Petauke. I may be able to identify the perpetrators. Show us the video madam Katongo.

  13. TRUE COP

    John Phiri,plz u can cam at petauke police station….but wth propr determination!!!

  14. bupilo kimasunda

    Just let the chipata pipo enjoy it


      pliz its me nilekelelenikoni she drank my beer after all I fucked her and shattered her cunt

  15. Patrick Mwale

    Sad development!

  16. masaumwanza

    no wonder beer in Zambia must not be allowed



  18. Jabs

    Hunt him and make him sweat beer.

  19. FuManchu

    What’s the point of registering the gadgets if when a suspected crime is committed the database cannot be used to track the person?


    She also needs to be punished how can she drink like that…..what if she caused an accident ?

  21. Majoni Tyson

    Women should avoid careless drinking. They should be aware that hungry lions are busy hunting around, if they come across such it’s definitely a meal to enjoy, so delicious.


    Too bad wee guys wats wrong with us

  23. Starboy

    Fumanchu you are right, Zambia is every day becoming a village were by even the law makers just abruptly amend them without first considering the consequences. How can police be asking members of the public catch a criminal when the video was sent using a registered mobile device? Track him fast I will not do your job officer coz that’s what u are paid for!!

  24. Leo Zulu

    maybe the man came from Luapula not Petauke resident mwee.

  25. Gadabu

    wee frank bwalya uze uzotola babulu bako mwatisebanya ngako.. according na chite iyi investigation chuoneka monga mwamuna niwa ku luwinga elo wa mkazi efuma Ku Kasama futinso was camera nayenso efuma ku chinsali.

  26. Justo

    nyele emutomba, but why should you arrest a man alone? there is need to start looking for a man who did all. no need for investagation arrest a woman and charge her for drikng. moreover she is in a best position to tell who booked her.

  27. Zulu Makhaza

    Any one with the video

  28. Quavo

    Ndelolesha fye

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