Violence Forces Police to Cancel UPND Rally in Kasempa

Police in Kasempa yesterday cancelled a UPND rally that was scheduled to take place at Nkenyauma in Kasempa District because of the violence allegedly perpetrated by the UPND campaign team.

Police Spokesperson Esther Katongo said some UPND party officials were found engaging in acts of violence at Chief Kasempa’s Palace between 09 30 hours and 10 00 hours.

She said the UPND campaign team is alleged to have gone to Chief Kasempa’s Palace to pay a courtesy call on the Chief.

“Upon hearing that the area District Commissioner was at the Palace, they forcefully opened the gate to the palace, forced themselves inside and started beating those they found whom they had suspected to be Patriotic Front cadres and forced them to leave. We have since opened dockets of Assault and we wish to state that police are on the ground pursuing all those that were involved,” Katongo said.

She added that the Public Order Act is very clear when it comes to holding of Political activities, rallies and meetings further warning that any individual that will be found disregarding provisions of the Law will not tolerated but dealt with sternly.

Katango said Palaces are respected areas adding Thatcher’s the action by the UPND Campaign team was disrespectful, uncalled for and leaves much to be desired.



  1. Teeth teeth

    When is our political parties going to conduct clean campaigns without any form of violence? Upnd, please you don’t fit in those shoes.respect the chiefdoms

  2. Unconcerned citizen

    Hanizikeni zeo na yabaaa

  3. mukenga

    Opposition parties will never have it easy in ‘African democracies’. They’ve to persever.

  4. dfm

    Bakatopola that only want to work when they are suspecting UPND. infact they will always find a reason to cancel anything that has to do with UPND. dont worry 2021 its either u serve UPND olo kutulula.

  5. Wongani

    Violence makes our country democracy not 2 grow bcoz UPND is pretend 2 b on a receiving end. UPND is protecting its stronghold using violence has a weapon 2 convince votes 2 chose the party. UPND sound so honest but in action very dangours 2 our young democracy bcoz are doing seek and hide type of politics

  6. vov

    Too bad for our country, people can’t even respect the palace.

  7. Tito

    Don’t just condemn the UPND blame the so called district commissioner he knew that UPND will be going to visit the palace but he also decided to go there to do what please ba police be independent to be used by these hypocritical people who just want all things to be well with them . UPND don’t worry use The saying TO AVOID A FOOL IS TO KEEP QUIET each time you see them just avoid you will not loose anything but when you try to react to their acts you always be blamed

  8. kambwili

    Ba Kaponona (kapokola )when it involves ba Poor Fools (PF) you don’t even talk buffoons. Ameno…

  9. Martin mwewa

    All pf cadres let’s wait 2021you we see what will happen for now it’s your time

  10. Mr. K

    Upnd loosers. The can’t even respect the chief upnd as party has lost 6times 5times under hakainde

  11. Dr. Zimba Emmanuel.

    Guys, why fighting? Riches will remain richer and poor people will remain poorer. So why fighting? Me i cannot fight for someone . I can’t do that.

  12. One zed

    We need to understand and tolerate each other,no need for violence and let’s embrace one another as brothers and sisters in our beloved Zambia,no need to hack each other with pangas,let’s love one another they can only be one leader and one president and we need to understand and accept this,how will you feel when it’s your time and people behave in this manner towards you.

  13. Katongo

    Now you are talking bcos it is UPND, had it been pf you wouldn’t talk…

  14. King cool

    They can’t learn morals . what type of people are these…….

  15. FGM

    Listening to an interview on SABC TV Ambassador E. Mwamba in South Africa. He admitted that Zambia had colonial inherited laws; among them: defamation of the president, public order act. Shame indeed. If we truly mean to be a multi party democratic state we bury the laws colonial masters used to sapless our struggle for freedom.

  16. Xhrisluk

    Look behind and forward……..if your beginning was good it was not going to be like this…..but now look the passed,present and future of the ruling……..things started from the foundation of the party that’s the reason……you can’t or it will never happen in this generation where you want to see just good in future whilst you have forgotten all what was happening previously………Look at the passed first then you can help

  17. FuManchu

    Is there no more common sense that those who have to pay a courtesy call on anyone have to have intelligence or planning of appointment! This police story is for novices and dumb minds. Sorry!

  18. Kapalaula Mashala

    Violence is a mechanism to conceal or preserve one’s survival for those that reach the end of their thinking capacity. Act and don’t react please, mapolitics fye aya

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