Zambian Shot Dead in SA

A Zambian national has been shot dead in South Africa in puzzling circumstances with his assailants getting away without stealing anything from his business premises.

Kenneth Sikopo of Germiston was shot dead by unknown people that stormed his business premises with clients still in the area.

Below is the full statement:

PRESS STATEMENT FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Pretoria -Wednesday, 5th September, 2018

A 54 years old Zambian national has been shot dead in Germiston, South Africa by unknown people.

A man identified as Kenneth Sikopo, A businessman based in Germiston,  was shot seven times by two assailants at about 20 hours local time last week.

According to the information made available to the Zambian Mission in Pretoria, Mr. Sikopo was shot at his business premises in the presence of his clients and friends.

Mr. Sikopo’s assailants entered his internet café and immediately closed the exit doors, indicating that they were there to kill Mr. Sikopo before shooting him and fled the scene without robbing the premises of anything.

Police have since launched a man-hunt and instituted investigations to ascertain the motive of his killing but have so far ruled out xenophobia as a motive for his murder.

Mr. Sikopo’s mortal remains were taken to Germiston State mortuary and is scheduled to be buried at waterfall cemetery  with the help of the Zambia Association in South Africa (ZASA) after his family in Zambia signed the affidavit to have Mr. Sikopo buried in South Africa following logistical challenges to repatriate the body to Zambia .

And Zambia’s High Commissioner to South Africa His Excellency Mr. Emmanuel Mwamba is saddened  with the gruesome murder of Mr. Sikopo.

He said Mr. Sikopo had survived an attack a few months ago and hoped that his attackers could have been traced then.

Mr. Mwamba described the murder as barbaric and senseless, calling on the Police to urgently bring the assassins to book.

He has since wished the Sikopo family God’s strengthen and comfort during this difficult time.

Mrs.  Naomi Nyawali

First Secretary Press and Public Relations.

Zambia’s High Commission, South Africa.


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FAX : +27 (0)12326-2140


  1. EX Johanesburg

    Some Zambians are wicked and they are the ones that kill or organize killers to kill their felow Zambians when abroad. Such mentality must stop. I know of a Zambian who was killed by his fellow Zambians at the UN mission, very far from home. Jeolousy and wickedness must remain in your Zambian homes when you abroad, as others are I dustrous and have skills of excelling.

    • Truth man

      I conquer with you brother,this is an organised assassination. I know how we Zambians behave,we don’t have the heart for unity when we are in foreign lands.I experienced this also at one time when I went to Durban to buy cars in 2007 and was lucky after being warned by a Pakistanise tax driver about people from my country who get information about their fellow Zambians and sell it to criminals in South Africa.I was approached at j’burg parke sta tion by some Zambians who introduced themselves to us and said they were going to Durban to buy cars and wanted some kind of cost sharing arrangement when we reach our Destination. But when they saw me phone someone in Durban and heard what I told him about their request they disappeared.

    • Chitwe Mambo

      Nonsense. Whom can you fool. ? You South africans are lazy chaps, you just know how to dance kwaito. U are lucky u have whites run your economy, otherwise you would be starving with your empty brains.

      • Gerald

        Ba Chitwe, blind jealousy shall not get you anywhere. Worst of all is that you are overexposing your ignorance. Spare yourself the embarrassment by shutting your trap and saving us your c.rup!

    • shu shu shu

      The jealousy starts here at home with the PHD mentality. Zambians should learn from Nigerians who steal together and eat together.

    • John Chiwanda

      But we trust you South African,why killing innocent Zambians,awechankalipa ine and Zambian namumfwa if we are not good to one another especially when abroad let’s stop this foolishness,there is no smoke without fire some people want to shine when they are poor abroad hence start killing innocent souls,,may God help us all.

  2. Antho kay

    Some people are really wicked .. Why would decide to murder an innocent man sure ehh ?? …. GOD is not happy and the police shud take a serious investigations abt this … M.H.S.R.N.P

  3. DEOKA

    Rest in peace sir

  4. Mr Peace

    I think it’s high time I started organising my group to be killing these idiots from south africa.I hate these idiots.

  5. sirgent ip mwanza.

    This country we are too weak. Our Christian we finished us complete.

  6. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master

    Mwebantu plz

  7. One zed

    MHSRIP zambians are know to be good and peace loving person why slaughter them in such a bad manner.God bless his family and let him be welcomed by the angels and. We will meet him in paradise Amen.

  8. Isaac C,patrick

    Zambia is for all people, but in this case we must learn something from our fellow neighbouring countries last time our zambian driver was killed in DRC & today in SOUTH AFRICA. In future we will also start revange on foreners.

    • Ali Raza

      We all are sad over the killing of one Innocent Zambian in South Africa but brother I am not agree with you to take revenge from the innocent who are staying here and play the role in the economy of Zambia and follow all the rules and regulations prescribed by the state. We too hurt but such kind of statement is not good which you had stated. I am with the deceased family, May Jesus give them courage and Patience to bear this great loss.

    • Gil musa

      Many Zambian are killed in sa Zambian gvt is too week to respond to that
      South Africa has forgotten how Zambia helped them to get independence

  9. peace maker

    we meet again in paradise

  10. Queen chisenga

    Oh my God rest in peace dear brother

  11. Shito

    why killing you friend you know one day you will join him least in peace

  12. Ron

    Anyone involved shall die the same death

  13. Farmer

    In South Africa life is cheap. Guns for hire are all over. To my fellow Zambians… RSA is not for you. Leave them to slaughter each other as that is their culture. Buy online than making the mistake of traveling to that country.

  14. jedidia

    Sure May God see and treat these evil people.

  15. Lj

    When I was in SA a friend of mine who is south African once told me that you Zambians are dangerous people against YOUR own kind here in SA..later on my cousin who still stays that side warned me to stay from my fellow Zambians,he told me that they organise hits and robberies against each other…i only hope this wasnt the case..every other nationals unite when abroad except for Zambians apparently.In the US one guy had who was married to a white lady had drugs planted in his car by jealous Zambians after dropping othem off at their respective n was deported after they called the cops on him n he later Committed suicide as he became destitute when he was forced back home to Zambia.

  16. commando

    Bonse mwalaba shani ati charity begins at home.If one doesn’t have charity at home,where will he get it when he goes abroad?

  17. Mibenge

    South African should think twice over the killing innocent people from other countries, do you remember the burning and stoning of foreigners burning the alive. You should think twice God is watching and people are watching.

  18. Sylvester Masuwa

    It’s true Zambians are very weaked people , because they are ony them kill them selves.When it comes to out side Zambia,the only incident which comes you can hear that a Zambian has killed.Now where are we going? Therefore we call our selves as a christian nation.With full of corruption,killing for each other.Sure! Zambia is a christian country when these happening?

    • Dingi

      Zambians are peaceful people!
      The life of shooting is not our culture, but South Africans are well known for that. Brothers and sisters come back home. We love you; we need you!

  19. Godfrey Kangwa

    Gentleman ! Your comments are true .

    I was personally set up to fall and killed by my fellow Zambian in South Africa .

    I was more scared of being with fellow Zambians than South Africans.

    If you got ears then hear me ….! STAY AWAY FROM Zambians, the are devils period !

    They pretend to be nice and good niggers but their hearts are false and weaked as hell . stay away stay .

    • Anti Politian

      Am Not Following You Bro Case My Uncle My Aunt And I We Were Almost Killed In South Africa Just Upon Arriving At The Airport .

  20. Anti South Africa

    I Think We Also We Shuld Start Killing These Stupid South Africans Cause Its Just Too Much

  21. kandiyo kanu ako

    7 bullets it’s not a play rest in peaces of God

  22. Simon

    Last time I was seeing a video how South Africans were humiliating foreigners not only those from Zambia but other countries, our fellow brothers and sisters from South Africa your stay in other countries will not be favourable because of what you are doing to foreigners

  23. murderGang

    y’all fuck these south africans
    these fools think they gangstar huh
    I bet most y’all living in Zambia gonna end up in coffins now!!
    we gon see

  24. zambianJerabo

    I think the c5 shud go in and fish those motherfuckers out!!

  25. AMM

    Sad development

  26. Christopher Luchanga

    All murder incidents on Innocent Souls MUST be all left in the HANDS of our loving FATHER in HEAVEN. M.H.S.R.I.E.P

  27. Edison

    Are all these comments genuine. They are all in broken English. Condolences to the Sikopo’s.

  28. John Kakandelwa

    We are all Africans, we are all one people that is why we have South Africans here in Zambia too they are Zambians and we South Africans I strongly condemn the act of killing by South Africans.

  29. Ma d


  30. Kabole Chanda

    Wherever you go these days pipo are busy killing each other sometimes for no apparent reason. Last week a female officer was murdered and burried by her boyfriend in Sesheke (is Sesheke not in Zambia)? Ruth Mbandu was also treated the same way in Lusaka, (is Lusaka not in Zambia)? Pipo, the killing issues are everywhere let’s just pray that this trend stops at no time extension in Jesus name. Rest in peace Mr Sikopo.

  31. Pule chanda


  32. Robert banda


  33. Mr real me

    South Africans u should nt come into zambia due to ur killings. U are killing innocent people.

  34. Eddie

    It has nothing to do with south Afticans…Zambians are involved in it.We are full of jealous when we are out there in other countries. We always become a threat to each other.We are hypocrites.It happened to me while in Bostwana.I was sold to the nswanas by Zambians.Shame,may the Lord comfort the families.

  35. Queen

    Too bad RIP

  36. Shakaile

    Very sad, condolences to the family

  37. Mr just

    South African are too lazy, thats y they involves themselves in killing, fellow Zambian take note,stop changing your minds when you go to foreign countryside pliz let’s learn to defend one another and keep it God always. RIP MR KAPOKO

  38. Double G

    Our Christianity tag…will haunt us one day
    I feel it should be one Zambian killed in South Africa is equal to 5 south Africans butchered here, enough of their madness and kwaito foolishness…….alaaa

  39. Jedy

    Okay enough every one back to you country starting with somalians if it’s hunger let it kill me.

  40. Was an S.A victim

    This is an act of xenophobia thes South African knew he was a Zambia and doin well with his business in there country so they decide to take action
    I was doin business in South as well wen one day the same people I was doin business with robbed me and wanted to end me since then I never stepped foot in S.A.

  41. Xenophobs

    This is an act of xenophobia thes South African knew he was a Zambia and doin well with his business in there country so they decide to take action
    I was doin business in South as well wen one day the same people I was doin business with robbed me and wanted to end me since then I never stepped foot in S.A.

  42. Sly

    May the Lord God strengthen the family and friends to Mr Sikopo. It is a painful way to end someone’s life . God raised Laurous from the dead. This man had children and family to look after. I really don’t know why people use guns on someone’s life for a simple equation. Well being in South Africa is life you have gone to an planet. The moment you board a plane and leave the air space u even feel at peace. God my lord you are a God of faithfulness, killing fellow humans in South Africa is going to make the country backwards . We treat you here like kings and Queens yet we are punished for the sacrifice we went through to see our fellow brothers and sisters be rebarrated . It’s so painful that you can not seek refuge even from a police officer. I was driving with my family for holiday the way police treated us in front of small children was shocking. Along N 1 toll gate s they searched us like criminals waking up my 2 year old daughter to be searched. They ended up taking our money despite the declaration. Southern please Let us look back for once . To some extent I feel the white rule was better for this country. And to the killers your generosity of killing will hunt you down for the 50 generation s . You will never progress .

  43. Chrispin Chishimba

    To bad, his soul will rest in eternal peace and pray to God to send his holy spirit upon the family to guide & protect them.

  44. Chrispin Chishimba

    To bad, his soul will rest in eternal peace and i pray to God to send his holy spirit upon the family to guide & protect them.

  45. Yusuf

    There is nothing like Zambians being jealous of each other in foreign lands, south Africans are just xenophobic. Those empty skulls that thing everyone is taking their jobs just kill and forget. They can’t even do business or work but busy killing anyone as long as ni foreigner. I have worked there from 2003 to 2010 and was staying there. From my mother’s side am south African and Zambian to my dad’s side and I know how those idiots are capable of doing especially when they see a foreigner doing fine in their land. Born in Zambia but did my primary and secondary school in Durban where we were staying with mum and dad and all family members. Dad was working in a mine but we all shifted back to Zambia. Mum is south African but can’t go back there we are all in zed. I had thought I should go work in the land if my mother but they called me kwerekwere and told me to leave on gun point though spoke fluent Zulu and Xosa. My cousins and everyone else is there. Nothing like Zambians are jealous of each other those idiots have a history of self hate from the hands of their colonial masters.

  46. Mainza

    Too bad rip

  47. Dingi

    Zambians are a peace loving people!
    The life of shooting is not our culture, but South Africans are well known for that. Brothers and sisters come back home. We love you; we need you!

  48. Jacob Mulikita

    Neighbouring countries should not take advantage of we Zambians being peaceful,otherwise we shall start doing the same,MHSRIEP.

  49. Chimuka siamatika

    Pipo feel jealous of as Zambian wen we do prosper any way dat guy who killed our man z wicked lemme me warn u Wat u used to kill thine friend z Wat we be used to u chimambala iwe

  50. Mulunda

    South aftricns are nlazy some of them allnyhr

    South Africans are lazy all they know is to fuck,drink and steal

  51. Munthali Kalyati

    Very sad situation, God will surely punish those behind the killing

  52. Zulu

    Mhsrip.Iam a Zambian residing in RSS.We are a jealousy lot

  53. Wilson Eliezer tembo

    Now it is the right time to start killing SAA BACK it is too much now so even us will organize a group of killing SAA back, let us organize now some weapons (guns)

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