Freelance Journalist Wins Right to Prosecute Airtel in Tapping Scandal

Freelance journalist Thomas Zgambo has scored a minor victory in his quest to take on telecommunication giant Airtel for allegedly condoning the tapping of his phone and data services.

Zgambo has been on Airtel’s case and may have found some measure of relief with the Zambia Police Service opening a Criminal docket against Airtel Networks Zambia one of the country’s biggest mobile phone service provider.

Zgambo alleges that former Special Assistant to late President Michael Sata and other private citizens including Airtel employees did divert his telephone data to fictitious numbers in the name of Evaristo Phiri.

He says it has taken him close to four years to investigate this case.

He says the docket was opened after Attorney General Likando Kalaluka assured him that government had nothing to do with the interception of messages.

Zgambo has given insight of his four year battle that has only seen the light under the current Attorney General Likando Kalaluka.

Early this year Director of Public Prosecutions Lilian Shawa Siyuni allowed Mr. Zgambo to Co Prosecute the matter under Private Prosecution.See attached documents.


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  4. Prince Mande

    This is long overdue. Airtel or Airtel employees have been involved in hacking into private phones and passing on private messages to other people creating a lot of problems in the process.
    They are a major culprit.

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