Mutendere Man on the Run After Killing Girlfriend

In another typical crime of passion, a Mutendere man has alleged murdered his wife with a sharp instrument after he allegedly found her with another man at some drinking place.

Twenty-four year old Brian Lungu is currently on the run with police launching a manhunt.



LUSAKA, 06TH SEPTEMBER, 2018 – A 32 year old woman of Mtendere Compound in Lusaka identified as Esther Mukwita was today found dead in her house with wounds on her right buttock and a sharp instrument is suspected to have been used in the act.

She was discovered by a neighbor who later reported the matter to Police. She is believed to have been murdered between 05th September, 2018 and 06th September, 2018 at 05 00 hours.

Preliminary investigations have indicated that yesterday around 19 00 hours, the victim had a quarrel with her boyfriend identified as Brian Lungu aged 24 of the same area after she was allegedly found with another man at one of the drinking places in Mtendere Compound.

Police visited the scene of crime and blood was found in the room where the body was found. The suspect who is the boyfriend is currently on the run and a manhunt has been launched while the body of the deceased is in UTH mortuary awaiting postmortem.

Anyone with information that would lead to the arrest of the suspect should report to any nearest Police.





  1. Chilembe

    A woman 32 yr old and a Man 24 yr old ….mmm its happening again ….The law shud deal with the murderer critically….. MHSRNP

  2. My husband

    She was matured enough,but she made the mistake to full in unworkable love with the young man who was following her after sex,at the end she lost life.too bad!

  3. francis ngandu

    It’s sad news.police should work tiresly to ensure that culprit is arrested.

  4. james kaumba

    So sad this is the end time awaiting the second coming of our lord Jesus Christ the saviour, its the work of the Devil on rampange,

  5. Augprina

    Very sad indeed!

  6. Makeni boy

    Ths was chikondi chamumadizi,they used 2 quarrel almost evryday and finally Esthr has lost the battle 2 Brian.Nebaz tried 2 stop the fights earlier but yestrday it was a silent fight.TOO BAD!

  7. Dilamba

    Brian Lungu…….what are the Lungu’s up to?

  8. cold land

    sad news indeed hmm awe sure!

  9. Christopher

    Why same people are heartless, remember the Human Rights state that No One has the right to take someone life, we need to find that victim!

  10. Frank Bwalya

    Ukutemwa ubuchende ifyanakashi if!! The wages of sin is death, period.

    • Anthobalachio

      Nokutemwa intombizani lwaciko, with a young boy nokutemwa umolokoso , direct 2 hell 2 of u iyeeee

  11. Rabbi M Kangwa

    Mwebalumendo seni tuyicindike iwe Lungu nomba ulikwi wamona icalo ubunono

  12. Mpundu kalangwa

    Mutendere women musambililepo muleke uku doubler abaume pantu uyu aba uwa number 2 ukufwila mumusango umowine.limbi ali ingishamo ishingi and men what you should know is that some women of nowerdays nabatemwisha ukwangala ichangale angale kumulandu wa lupiya so its your duty to take home whatevr little money you have worked for to avoid ubuchende..its very sad al life has been lost in a shameful manner

  13. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle

    She was a big prostitute

  14. Masauso


  15. Spark_Geezo

    I don’t understand, a wife and a girlfriend at the same time. Which one is which? Anyway sad news for a sugar mummy

  16. Chimuka siamatika

    Too bad may her soul rest in peace

  17. King cool

    Too bad for her and her family. My condolences.

  18. Osie


  19. Mr Marrymegodly

    Change mweeh

  20. Abros

    Too bad God w’ll punish the young man

  21. Gerald siachisandu

    People with such surnames are criminals

  22. Edward

    Comment Ndeloleshafye

  23. Zolileshamboko. Com @boko.com

    24years ,again 25years then a wife n a girlfriend at a some time me don’t understand

  24. Messenger

    I feel sorry for the family who have suffered the loss. There is nothing hidden that will never be uncovered. what the woman was doing was wrong and the reaction of the man was wrong. but now that the woman is dead, let’s not say that God must punish the young man because were sin abounds grace abounds the more. Apostal Paul was once a murderer, but God forgave him his sins. the same sin that apostal paul committed is the same sin that the young man has committed. So, let’s not say that God will punish him, rather let’s pray that he reveals himself to the police and repent. no sin is greator than the other in the sight of God; whether you lie, commit adultery or kill. let’s be realistic! next time it could be you or it could be me.

  25. mwape

    It,’s too bad,!police be serious.

  26. peace maker

    lest in RIP

  27. john rambo

    Well Done lungu….this should be a Good lesson to all cheating Wives…!!!!

  28. moses mtambo

    every thing that we are doing it has its own results at the end, the more we care our lifes its the longer we will live in this world so be carefull

  29. moses mtambo

    every thing that we are doing it has its own results at the end, the more we care our lifes its the longer we will live in this world so be carefull.!!!!!!!

    • Wilson Eliezer tembo

      Bane a guy 24 and a woman 32 but a boy too young now who was wrong a young boy or a woman?

  30. Kandimba KAFUTI

    It’s to bad please police found the man

  31. MAINZA

    He should face a full force of the ,rip

  32. Ba Passion

    Yaba, sad development

  33. zoonda uzalema

    24 to 32 comment reserved….may her soul rest in piece R.I.P

  34. Zoona


  35. Piqey

    To bady

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