Social Commentator Angles at Lusaka Mayor

Social commentator Brian Mulenga has given impulsive Lusaka Mayor Miles Sampa something to think about on his social media stunts. Sampa has hardly a struck a figure of stability in his post ministerial political career and has been occasionally frowned upon by a very discerning Lusaka city public.

His latest stunt on a billboard advertising a Chinese school seems to have once again ignited some fire with his emotional facebook farewell also thrown back at him.



Posing next to billboards and other PR Stunts is NOT the way to go.

In Zambia we have a tendency to think PR stunts in front of cameras means a politician is WORKING. That is how this country went into a ditch.

The man who created this type of government style in Zambia was Nalumino Mundia who as Prime Minister was liable to appear any time any pace with journalists in tow.

The real work is in your office making sure systems work and making sure the Council collects revenue and delivers services to its constituents.

There is a whole department that takes care of billboards, kiosks and so on at the council. Every billboard is on file at the council. Its location and how much was paid for it. If you really want to reduce the illegal billboard scourge, start at the Council. All the records are there.

Do a Billboard Audit. Recruit 50 young people supply them with a smartphone with a GPS. Take Pictures of every billboard in the city and take a GPS reading of the location. Load them into a database. Use that database to compare it with your records of billboards that the city has licensed. If it is not in your records, cut it down and go after the owners.

Posing on Facebook will not deliver services to the people. By the way get a proper PR person to run your Facebook page. So far your PR campaign is worse than amateurish. You cant run a city on Facebook. You can run it from your office and by making system work.

For now, get off Facebook and stop making a fool of yourself. Facebook can trash your reputation and right now your Facebook efforts have succeeded in just about making everyone think you are clueless and the wrong man for the job.

Leave PR stunts for the PR experts and just get to work. These PR stunts dont collect garbage nor do they pay workers salaries nor do they put bulbs in the dark street lights. For instance do you know that the street lights along Independence Avenue right outside the office and Residence of your Boss, the President, are mostly dark ?

So for now Your Worship, STAY OFF FACEBOOK !!!


  1. eddie

    Yes,good advise big man resen to the people u politician some people dont go 4 Facebook.

  2. King cool

    Good advise. Only fools cannot listen to the advise of people.

  3. Makeni boy

    There ar many miles 4 Miles 2 get matured.Twalayambafye ku ku sampa.

  4. Banione Banione

    Lusambo and Sampa same type of politics. Banione kansi baonekela. Yaba tiye paja…

  5. Tman

    Timely advice, it’s never too late.

  6. Corruption now will be worse

    He is becoming too fat .It appears the Chinese are really feeding him good! Mr.Mayor your job is :1.Clean the city 2.Build good streets in the compounds 3.Establish good sanitation in the compounds and providing clean water through your pseudo company LWSCO 4.Provide street lights and also good drainage systems through out the city of Lusaka. Stop playing! It appears you are groping in the dark, find some light from the old Aldermen of the council, they are still around in Lusaka they can help you to do the needful.

  7. Andrew Robert Mbao

    May the mayor of Lusaka and even the provincial minister visit the flyover Bridge near the main post office and see for themselves the street Boys and men found there playing some street football. They re really a danger to people passing by

  8. Ziba zako

    Job on training. Cry my beloved city. Systems Samoa systems. Not parading and guns: systems. People need plots and you are standing pa billboard sure? Has is shocked you that you are mayor?

  9. Cholera

    Just a cadre in a suit

  10. Cholera

    Just a cadre in a suit long way to go to become a mature leader

  11. Biloko

    You have spoiled your comment by drugging nalumino mudia into this madness of propaganda development by PF. Doesn’t it surprise you why PF which controls all media outlets still have a PF media.They control all security wings but still have PF security.All these duplications are surviving on state resources. How can you fail to be in debt.We have made the bed let’s sleep in it.Goodnite.

  12. Leon


  13. Bluno marss the moonshine jungle master


  14. Banda

    The Mayor does he see the street kids just 500 meters away from his office near the robots at Burma independence road opposite seventh day church it is a disgrace the come every day from misisi compound and from morning till evening they stay there sleep there do drugs urinate openly do what they want to do disturb the people who drive there forcefully start cleaning they vehicle’s they play cards and do gambling where is the law for this is this the example we want to leave imagine all the ministers who go.for duty everyday to freedom statue use the same route every day but fail to stay anything is this what you call we are progressing we are cheating our self s

  15. Bels

    Facebook as a channel for Miles is ideal. The majority of the youth are having conversations on Facebook every second. There is no online conversation that will occur without social media being used. Miles needs a professional person that understands how Facebook works, control the type of messaging to engage fans in a positive way. His media team is full of people don’t know what a channel is, they can’t advise the poor guy.

  16. Hebk

    But upnd wins elections on facebook….

  17. weed killer

    Iwe ci Brian mulenga were u not the same person who was in four front supporting miles sampa this is what u Lusaka fimo fimo wanted see now your mayor taking pics on a billboard to show u the billboard and talking about hiring a son called professional PR maybe that’s the job u want kulelanda waufwa ka Brian

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