Two Police Officers Jailed for Aiding Illegal Immigrants

The Mbala Magistrate Court has sentenced two Police officers and a businessman to two years imprisonment with hard labour for aiding illegal immigrants.

The three are Madonia Chikumbi 36, a police officer of Sikanze camp in Lusaka, Kafwa Kabwe, 38, a police officer of Lusaka’s Chilenje Township and Hilary Hamweene, 27, a businessman of Garden House.

Particulars of the offence are that on 15th March 2018, Immigration Officers in Mbala arrested the three when they did aid and abet 20 illegal immigrants of Ethiopian nationality to be transported from Nakonde border to Mbala district.

It was alleged that the trio were jointly charged and remanded into custody while the 20 Ethiopians whom they aided were earlier deported after paying court fines having been convicted for unlawful entry into Zambia.

The trio whilst acting with other persons unknown knowingly did aid and abet illegal immigrants, contrary to section 46(1) (a) of the immigration and deportation act number 18 of the laws of Zambia.

When the matter came up for ruling, the court sentenced the three to two years imprisonment with hard labour after taking into consideration their mitigation.


  1. Jms

    This is shame due to that it has been practiced by big officers now small ranked officers are coping shsme

  2. Mr. K

    It very imbrassing for these officers Zambia is for Zambians and nothing else your families are now in problems

  3. Self nyokozi

    Bwana, haven’t you get enough money to be fed, now you were a bread winer in the family and they have remained suffering

  4. peace maker

    it’s not good Zambia is Zambia

  5. Kampyongo

    Balifye bwino bamambala, elyo plus nshaleswamo, tabalendishamo. They have just created space for other’s. Nama benefits yabo tuleyakana na I.G!

    • Wilson Eliezer tembo

      Bamabala ta ba kwata icisuma nabena let them feel how it feels when the put some one in the prison, elyo balitumpa they have no Mercy on someone.

  6. Dyson Phiri

    And why have you let cadres free ??

  7. Osie


  8. David Jestele

    They deserve the punishment and let the other officers learn from them….

  9. Marson

    I see that Zambia can simply follow the Rule of Law in this situation: Illegal Immigrant means Illegal Immigrant, as is the illegality of those who aid and abet them. Why on earth all these European nations have to have hands ringing and hearts bleeding over the matter is totally beyond me.


    Imwe bakapokola kapena kuti ba mwami mwachi over, sure should you be on every news top stories doing bady? aweee ba mwamii kapena ba zungu its too much of you.

  11. Big TUR

    Zambia police force (not service) need a total clean from top to bottom to weed out bad and rotten eggs. Zimbabwe did it recently through police reforms.

    • shu shu shu

      Zambia Police is a service not a force. Di you just wakeup?

  12. My husband

    This ministry needs deliverance.

  13. Lee.

    What is happening this year with military personnel?

  14. ESDRAS

    The judge is blame worthless and the imprisoned victims are blameworthy because they had wrought the situation, I wonder why people from legal institutions are falling through to do what the laws of Zambia provide.🙏 anyway too bad for them

  15. francis ngandu

    No one is above the law,we learn through mistakes from others. Dear officers let’s be content with what get at month end .

  16. Freeboy Jr Lukwesa

    This Is The Way Authority Acts.

  17. Frank Bwalya

    Kudos to mbala immigration officers for their nerve to arrest the culprits. This syndicate has been going on for so long now. I was amazed by the number of Somalians I found in chaisa compound. They have even created their own market. Most of them are illegal migrants…

  18. Nelly banda

    Tb Joshuaaàasaaaaasssssssaaas

  19. Chimuka siamatika

    Mbo it’s happening mu Zambia y zoona Bazungu shame on u

  20. MAINZA

    Things are bad to dependants

  21. RICH'K

    Only God we will save us.

  22. Moses mtambo

    that is good let others learnt from them, because its too much corruption BAKAPOKOLA mwatipaya maningi

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