Martha Mushipe Banned From Legal Practice

The Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) has barred UPND aligned lawyer Martha Mushipe from practising.

Mushipe has been barred by the LAZ Legal Practitioners’ Committee following a complaint about her conduct.

Her law firm Mushipe and Associates has also been closed.

According to letter signed by LAZ Honorary Secretary Samuel Twumasi dated August 27, 2018 Mushipe has been banned with immediate effect.

Mushipe was part of the UPND legal team during the ill-fated election petition that was thrown out by the Constitutional Court.



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    • chonya

      She will bounce back in 2067 when HH wins


      You idiot, she’s a good lawyer. I’ll do what i can to reverse her fate, if that fails I’ll call her to practice here and pin down your drunkard president who was drinking excessively here.

      • Pf never loose.

        Chikala kula munzeru! Let hh go and lead his cows at the farm

        • Wilson Eliezer tembo

          You know man the moment we will give upnd to rule us,the problem is number one BEMBA’S AND EASTENERS they will be no jobs for them, that is the big this part called upnd have.

          • Wilson Eliezer tembo

            So we should not give chances to the Tonga’s unless people from eastern and Bemba’s cause this to tribes the have no problem again they don’t see on face.but tonga lozi problems.

    • Teddy mwila

      What has attracted LAZ to do so?

  2. Las

    You will never destroy the whole UPND Wala Wala.

  3. efford ngobola

    Sad news indeed

  4. bayoka

    A country without a competition is not a country she known what she was #.

  5. upnd

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  6. zondwa

    As if we do not know, LAZ is

  7. upnd

    Good move people with bad moral

  8. Ngulube

    She must never dispair.even proven thieves did bounce back to the proffession


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    Some we’re barred and at last become leaders….this is Zambia


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  11. sindine kapolo

    What has she done? dictator at it’s level best koswe mumpoto.Recently the faz fired a woman coach for no reason can yu issue a concrete statement.

    • Ray

      Politics of hatred and insults everywhere. Insults cant take you to plot one. Use nice words maybe pipo will feel pity for your loosing party

      • I agree with you my dear we can't keep seeing all these negative thinking all the way, what would happen if they were in power?

        Name :concerned citizen

  12. kabaso

    yo tym also ill come kp on brning

  13. Corruption now will be worse

    Even the Post Newspaper was closed because of failure to pay Taxes to ZRA! So what about a limping law firm run by an inexperienced lawyer. Don’t play with fire it burns. Ask Hakainde, he will tell you what happens if you play Politics without experience.

  14. Benny

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  15. HH

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  17. Chimuka siamatika

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  18. maimbolwa kamanga

    why did they not ban somebody we know for life because of his conduct.

  19. Joseph.mwape

    I hope all those who supports PF will be banned eg Fube Bwalya including judge Mungeni.What a useless LAZ.


    Dorika ndaifulila…..kkkkkk fake lawyer.At i have proof someone voted five times…bane lets be serious, how. She was challenged to submit the proof she failed.

  21. Ben

    You can’t comment without insulting.

  22. fisunge

    AT first I didn’t know she was a lawyer but the way she behaved during the2016 election, awe sure maybe she wanted to be the minister of Justice in the upnd this was a decision long overdue no one is above the ethical constitution if you era this what you expect so Martha mushipe your big mouth has cost you the career you suffered for because of upnd which is now broke so what do you do now just defect and be talkative in the pure friendly (pf)party you can be re installed in the upnd you will definitely go down sorry I saw it coming

  23. Jonathan

    As for me I see no reason of banning her is it because she is in opposition? A country without an opposition is like a house being headed by the wife and it is of no progress.. Like Zambia is going no where with this leadership ..

  24. Barotseland

    Too bad

  25. HHh

    pipo like har thy need 2 be jelld 30Years coz thy bring in coufusson in our country ,so investget prply ad arrst har 4 stilling mony n 2016

  26. One zed

    No one is above the law,that’s what I know and no matter how you escape one day the law will catch up with you.ndeloleshafye proud Zambian

  27. Mr. K

    Upnd to give huge terminal beneft

  28. Lungu And Zambia



    The way politics is being conducted and driven here in Zambia is very regrettable at a high cost, that’s is why,the dialogue issue has failed by the churches because everyone thinks what is best today and invest more so that when tomorrow storms comes,they will use what they harvested dubiously to protect themselves,God will judge not later than soon.

  30. Apostle Pilate Chiwale

    Everything has wages. Sin’s wages is death . For her she is receiving a political wage. Too sad.

  31. LUNGU

    i kept quit and waited for the pipo to forget how u stood agaist me. but always remember, i am a heartless person and ” I DONT forget my termed enemies”. this is just the beggininig of your end.

  32. Mk

    Too bad,what has she done?

  33. dfm

    lol!! zambia has been destroyed by these selfish and heartless politicians. i think its beter u just sale zambia we share the money.. atlist aliyense azibe koyenda.

  34. Dr

    Dress code not good at all

  35. MM

    We the Zambian people we talk to much and think less..it pays to brag and she’s been paid…kkkkkkkkkk very funny!!!

  36. NK

    Zambia is a landlocked country indeed, why are we surrounded by these other countries? our leaders are even failing to think like normal human beings iye

  37. Malisopo

    Too bad 4 the very poor & corrupt leadership in Zambia,kambwili knows what he meant she will back soon.

  38. Steven

    Inselebane nononono, we are in a Christian nation please, mind your language

  39. Joseph

    Zambia is not a Christian nation, but it is a political Nation and injustice.

  40. Charles Mwila

    Unless am wrong LAZ is not government the association has its own rules and ethics whoever goes against the norms is punished accordingly why drag the president in this hatred displayed again let’s make realistic comments there is nothing political about Mushipe it’s just unfortunate things have happened this way anyway they say you reap what you sow let’s just pray for her so that she changes her temperaments.

  41. Webby kalima

    It is true the president should not dragged into mushipe issue.the law association of zambia found her wanting


    LAZ is not govt thats they have challenged govt in court on a number of issues.

  43. Treason

    Keep On Barring, Your Time Is At Hand You Cowards.

  44. Doctor

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  45. Kalulu anonka

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  46. Margret Folowisa

    Zambia,tiyeninayo soon we will be a dictatorship country very soon…. Just wait patiently and see

  47. Besa

    She deserves that have never seen a bad hearted woman like mushipe even if u hate our president ecl, u don’t behave like a toddler u can’t fight government and u behave as if u are a grade two sure come back to your senses. Are u still living in denial what kind of a human being are you.

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  49. Barotse Diolomat

    LAZ must suspend and shut down all the law firms of the 12 Zambian lawyers who mobbed and pillaged me in abuse of the judicial process. They have been stealing documents from court files ilegally obtaining / influencing Judicial Rulings. They aided and abetted racketeering and money laundering acts on my UN benefit entitlement. I have submitted my complainit and I demand that they be sanctioned, just like Martha. JCC must also progress with the impeachment of those that colluded with the 12 lawyers to pillage me, and remove my suit from the cause list. The law is the same everywhere and it must nit be selective. Martha dined and mingled with the banditry lawyers who pillaged me, and if she abused her legal practice for sure. Then she deserved to be barred. There is so much unprofessionalism and unethical behaviours in a majority of Zambia lawyers. LAZ must get rid of those bandits who enticed themselves with my UN benefits. I didn’t go to work for the UN to benefit bandit lawyers.

  50. Asiff

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  51. Hanizyy

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  52. My husband

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  53. peace marker

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  54. Boz

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  55. Schna

    What’s wrong with her dress code? It’s a big issue at hand and all you can see are legs. That’s why you’re behind coz you don’t deal with big issues. Stupid Zambia

  56. fisunge

    You people pls help yourselves laz is not government so dont mix the two and she knows, and knew that so thats that displine Should b applauded every where

  57. Lacoste

    I don’t believe the issue here is the photo but the machination into the barring of an opposition sympathiser. Insults or hurt speech just depicts the level of morality and never civil on this forum. Too much naivity and shallow mindedness or is it truely what we are??
    please, let’s debate or argue with level heads..all these insults, on a Sunday!!! ??
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  58. Webster

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