Mbola Ejected from Chipolopolo Camp

Chipolopolo coach Sven Vandenbroek has stumped his authority once again by sending home Israel based defender Emmanuel Mbola on disciplinary grounds.

Mbola was sent packing for breaching camp rules after smuggling a third party in the team hotel and has since been spotted in Lusaka with the rest of the Chipolopolo in Namibia.

It is unclear whether the 2010 Africa Cup of Nations youngest defender made the trip to Namibia from South Africa.

Vandenbroek has made it clear that he will not tolerate any form of indiscipline in the Chipolopolo camp.

The Hapoel Raanaana defender was given an unexpected recall by Vandenbroek following the departure of Wedson Nyirenda as coach.

Nyirenda had also set a strong disciplinary that did not go down well with some fans but may feel vindicated given the Mbola case.

Mbola has been conspicuously missing from Chipolopolo training with no official explanation yet.

Zambia plays Namibia tomorrow in a crucial Cameroon 2019 Africa Cup of Nations qualifier at the Sam Nujoma Stadium.

Sources in Windhoek have confirmed Mbola’s ejection from camp after having smuggled a third party in camp.



    Good coach!
    Let athers learn a lesson.Tomorrow chipolopolo will win by 3-1.

  2. Dorah See Liya

    Why didn’t you smuggle me in naiwe aaahhh ngatatwikete kuti wenze unatenga newo nawe, nichinji kansi and uziba newo nukonda tubana monga wewo tuli na tanzi,aaaah!!!!

  3. Gilbert Chiyaze

    Mbola you have let country down displine is the key in sports

  4. Bryson Chisema

    CommentQuiete disgusting and annoying.most of these guys don’t plan to succeed,that’s why they end up chewing tax payers money and in the end they end up destitutes.Look up to seasoned sportsmen and emmulate.wabetole.

  5. Be Serious Guys

    The name speaks it all. this is a serious issue and people keep on making fun. Mu zambia bonse bantu ba mbo nkala ma komedian. Ni chani chi chitika.

  6. Herbert Nduulwa

    Zambian players that’s why they don’t develope in football.

  7. Rocky

    Kuli mu zungu kulibe ati bwana anikhonde!! yayi baba, venderbroke is here specifically for business unfortunately our boys don’t understand this.

  8. charles

    Maybe that way,we can do better if player’s have respect.

    • Doris jeff

      hmmmm, mbola what have you done now come on guy’s let’s follow the rules.

  9. Ignatius Chikoti

    Too bad for the young man but discipline is vital for the success of the nation.

  10. J J okocha

    Comment respect is the only way to go maybe players will probably stop noses.

  11. Akumawa

    All de best guyz bt too bad to my best player mbola sure

  12. papam

    even in your ,30s sure awe uncle M

  13. Shaka

    He has become bigheaded, let him know that he is not indispensable

  14. margie Ravishing

    What Time ,I need an update

  15. Hakaivotela

    Sokoloka team

  16. LEO Zulu

    I can see zambians not serious on business.

  17. Commander Zee


  18. jw

    Zambia is a business place, don’t complain about Zambian players, fwa lyokanaija akale,,how many ll we lose

  19. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master

    I’m supporting Namibia not zambia with that chimuzungu no no noooo. I will update you guyz as i already in Namibia. Zambia iluzaaaa

  20. Mtonga no Respct

    u bcom 2 know zambians wen u loe wet ad see or ask Nyerenda

  21. DJ ElI

    That ‘s a good treatment for misbehave player s let others learn a lesson. Zambia 2 Namibia 1 it’s 16:00hrs Zambian time

  22. palata minina

    Let others learn from him

  23. One zed

    Job well done it’s tax payers money these boys use and you find the boy is off form during the game,yet he had a third part in his room.kikikiki bola yapa zed coming to it’s sense’s discipline is very important.Thanks coach continue sending the signal and it will be a lesson to would be offenders.naikonda

  24. Bmk

    Zambian players must be assisted on the issue of self discipline.How to develop high self image and the importance of valuing your God given gift/talent.No matter how gifted you are,as long as you have no self discipline,that gift becomes the source to your down fall.Let us reflect back,what happened to Clifford Mulenga at the critical hour when the Nation needed?Where is he today? Emmanuel Zulu ,did one of South African club ejected him? Why and where is he today? Learn from Chintu Kampamba and many more that value values.These guys dont just need bank accounts we need to introduce but what will help keep bank accounts,and that is ,SELF-DISCIPLINE.Dear Mbola think twice where you have fallen,dont blame the technical bench.However,it is not just the issue of Mbola alone.I beg the other players just after Namibia /Zambia game to go back to your respective teams as soon as possible.Do away with night clubs or your future will be in darkness.Let us focus on today’s game,Namibia is beatable.

    • Vicovic

      Well spoken Bakalamba. The down fall of many Zambian players is indiscipline. To Add on this Emma Zulu chap was at one time invited for interviews at pamodzi hotel with Bayern Munich reps. The chap went an hour late in a drunken state. Mbesuma’s english tour was cut short for failing to return on time to his club after national duty. The chap was busy buying chibuku in luanshya. Mayuka was beaten in Egypt in drunk state.

      These are some simple reasons we fail to claim a stake in english leagues. Look at west Africans, even when they make it they always remember that discipline is core to success. Can FAZ hire someone specialised to put these chaps in order during such national duties. Not team manager ndiye akamba Ati ‘twalasova ulete fibili fi third party’

      • Jojo

        Such problems will never be solved by hiring people at FAZ to look after them, they are not kids to be looked after in such a way… best possible option is to go back to our grass roots, integrate Sport with Education, if you do not pay attention to school no football or basketball, just like Europeans and Americans do, if they will be disciplined enough to handle the 2 then mindset will change for the better even when they grow to be professional sports men…my thought!

      • Boban Mwansa

        Mbola sure this is how you behave even in the foreign land.this chance has gone hope t has taught u 1 thing.
        All the best

  25. Cholera

    China is taking over chipoloplo for non servicing out the country’s debt together with Zesco United

  26. Estonian

    In life you will never go long when you humble yourself mbola chil out man.

  27. Kopala voice

    Let him pay for his foolishness. Idiot you are not the only 1 and best player we have !!

  28. Temani

    Comment WADA did the same to other players and most of the fans rose against him.And the muzungu does the same we all there praising him, let’s learn lv each other nd love our own. Rgds

  29. Mk

    I do watch English teams play on Christmas day and other important days. With Zambian players, they can come in a drunken state. Discipline is cardinal in any activity. Mbola tame your self

  30. Abraham

    zambians, their under dogs. i can’t support a team of bemba’s & baku chipata.

  31. Sylvester Masuwa

    Zambian’s player are now going to learn descipline,and descipline is vital every where you go! Even where we work,desciplne is there.Now mr mbola what came over you to miss conduct? As you have been a long time in a national team,then how could you do that nonsense.What respect are you going to show to the younger footballers?

  32. Chisoso

    Discipline is cardinal in all for the country to develop mwebantu sure.Even traditionally in old days when hunting was not called poaching hunters with young boys who were accompanying these hunters would go in camp before going on their journey no third party ,no beer if found wanting you are sent home if you go you may bring bad luck to the whole group others may be eaten by wild animals or may not kill circuses as expected. Well done coach let these players realise how serious the game is !!!! Pocket ulupundu until you deliver for mother Zambia

  33. Eastern

    We are just used to be poor like this our Nation can’t go anyway yyy doing like this the player I like and trust mmm but Zambia cabe

  34. Charles

    sorry, too much ducking, ati third part!!!

  35. Steven Simfukwe

    Mbola lisebanya lyamwana, ( is a shame bring man)

  36. Gillies International

    Job well done coach. We seriously need discipline amongst our players. This is good riddance to bad nonsense. All the best boys. Good bless.

  37. Ephraim katongo

    Other players must learn from this and must submit to the wellbeing of a good player.


    Learn from those who went before you, mbola doing good or bad theirs result at the end of it be careful don’t be stupid on the serious business


    All the best

  40. Anti-mbola

    Very foolish mbola .we don’t need you you are very useless and shameless.
    You are a disappointment not only to your self but to Zambia

  41. Love your neighbor

    Mr Abraham you are a very big source of division, me I’m not from Chipata & I’m not Bemba, but such segregation really disturbs my peace & the peace of the nation.

  42. Festus Mweemba

    Is it going to be televised on Top star,if so what channel please answer needed urgently

  43. Chileshe bwalya

    Ba Mbola, what hv u done?? Third party on tour of duty?? Learn some manners young man. By the way, ar u married?? If so u ar a disgrace to yo wife. If nt gals ths is nt th guy u shud get married to. He’s useless. I feel pity for u mulumendo

  44. Leope Banda

    Let this to be a lesson

  45. Josphat

    Silly penguin mbola!!

  46. Teshakuno

    We need Discipline to move forward as a team.

  47. Chikonde Mukobe Chapa

    It pays to be disciplined

  48. Dixon Simbeye

    Why did you that Mbola we expect good results now you doing your own way next time try to follow rules so that we move together

  49. Christopher mwape.

    Discipline is the key of development in football, therefore Mr. Mbola .E. learn something from what has happened so that next time you will do the needful. Do not be bitter but get done to the reason behind this and continue working hard as you have been always.

  50. Moses

    Be mercy on him

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