PF Saunters to Victory in Kasengwa

The Patriotic Front has sauntered to a resounding victory in Kasenengwa Constituency with its candidate Sensio Banda polling 10, 346 votes while his closest rival Abel Ngwenya of the UPPZ got 1, 673.

In the tail-end was John Zulu of the People’s Alliance for Change (PAC) with 1, 597.

The Kasenengwa seat fell vacant following the death of incumbent Victoria Kalima.


  1. YVES


  2. David njobvu

    people from kasenengwa don’t.want development

  3. Chisenga


    • Simon zulu

      Pf for life. Saunter on what you do and say. This true victory. No doubt about it.

  4. Wongani

    A sweet victory 4 pf and A pipo choice. Pipo hav spoke through ballot box.


    Ba opposition mwashula PWEEEEEE ku kasenengwa.

  6. ken

    they are winning coz of clear policies,inclusiveness and fulfillment.upnd are failing to tell what they will do for zambians

    • Jayally

      Well put Ken.

    • jomwa

      ken wat ever u call yourself,if pf is inclusive,and everything u have said about them to u and your mother does it mean we all enjoy about them just eat and shit don’t put every one as a beneficiary of pf the majority are suffering and u want to claim that it is doing fine.to hell with your pf waumfwa kolwe iwe


    Mr K
    Ndiye nzelu izo elo nakupasa na degree yau sapoter.Starting from today you are Dr K and may the good Lord bless you and your family thank you.

  8. Sindine kapolo

    Ba PF stop rigging the results,yo party is no longer popular at all can some believe that thz ar genuine results fake shame on you ba pompwe fyatile….Kwiba mwibala.2021 respect yourself muzapaisa bantu mu zambia magots and idiots people ar suffering sleeping with empty stomach,no development in rural areas ati victory.Watch out and am ready for everything shaa!!

    • Charles

      Iwe chi Sindine you will die an irritelate still upto now now you can even reason. How is it rigged imbwa iweeeee. UPND your party is visionless….they lost to Edgar when he was just new on the scene did they rig? Go to school and learn some manners chikala. You think we will be just watching you killing pipo. Will stuff you with bullets. You think maroon ballets are for fun???

      • Chris

        so when one is against pf he is actually upnd..ZamπŸ˜‚biaπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  9. Jimmy

    Sure PF,is working.is there any political party which can challenge PF?zero.

  10. One zed

    Well done people of Eastern province you have spoken through the ballot, violence free elections I guess now people can know which party is a violent one.The campaign’s were very peaceful and that’s what we want for a better Zambia for all.God bless this wonderful country of Zambia.

  11. Sindine Kapolo

    Only a mad person and chinese can surpport PF government in Zambia.

    • Hebk

      You are mad also to support the opposition who has no manifesto but only hate speeches..

      • HH and KAMBWILI


    • Hakende ulemala

      Only a dog can support opposition. Upndogs

  12. What's your time

    I salute and respect kasanengwa people, they had no options coz all participants were lie and pf was unopposed that’s why there was no violence.

  13. Chilankalipa

    Idiotic victory when one competes only with himself! Insoni e buntu, if one cannot feel ashamed even when he walks naked, one thing is sure, madness is the status.

  14. Bwalya

    Pf is slowly loosing grip come 2021 it will be a different experience.

  15. Alex

    President wa pf is a dog

  16. Kelvin

    Mmmm but pipo are bitter….even when they are white washed they still claim ati come 2021 eish…..2021 will be disaster for UPND and it’s satanic minions….PF will crush you eveyrone thru developmental issues… keep crying until you swear blood hahahahahahaha

  17. sindine kapolo

    Charles respect yourself iam nt UPND and i wil never be i belong to a well respected party. wanunka pamatako nga corruption yamu PF.Wait 2021 ni fire for fire, i think yu dont have family members in the village unabacita sacrifice ku PF kingdom of darkness.

    • Michael Mulenga

      Kwena cakubaba Pabwato palitonaula tatwakaleke

    • Mainza Hamweene

      2021 upp will be second from pf. You use sosho media to spread hatred for ECL and you think you are popular. we are not fools.Don’t forget 75% of Zambians don’t have smart phones .Your party is only popular on shosho media not in Zambia

  18. Mwila

    PF is the party of the moment where have you seen a football team that continues to lose friendly matches to lift a trophy those are elusions

  19. jedidia

    This the way it is

  20. Asiff

    This hatred which you have for others won’t take your children to school or bring food on your table. UPND was not even part of kasenengwa.Why bring them into the debate?Keep your caterpillars and rats to yourselves and we will keep our cattle and honey.

    • Easterners

      Come 2021 upnd will reap what they have been sowing hatred and tribalism. Wako ni wako thats what you are teaching us.

  21. kambwili

    Easterners you are worse trubalists than any other Zambians. Ati niku bedroom yanu. Idiots mwaba ifimemo nga ba koswe.

  22. Gerald siachisandu

    Fack results by ECZ.upnd is a great party


      fuck tongas and upnd panyo panu monse tunyini twabakazi nkasaku tunzuna monga honey but with sand inside

  23. Zambian man

    People y should you be saying that abantu balala nensala, so Ba upnd you will be buying foods In the houses of the Zambians, liar’s just come up with proper manifesto bane after umuntu wenu takwaba uko abombapo elyo muletila ati 2021 we are not fools forget, atale first asote apo abomba bane, stop cheating yourselves, chintu- chintu umwene. There is a lot of developments bane nepofu kuti yamuna. Thumbs up PF

  24. ba general

    So if was western,north western or southern ninsh no tribalism…….kkkkk Zambians.Days are numbered for u pf to be in power

  25. Patrick

    Sindine so in short you are saying if you dad or your mum support PF we can go them the some ka

  26. Lion

    The total number of votes casts tells me that people have lost hope and trust in the electoral commission of Zambia (ECZ) that is why the turnout was low they are working under lungu’s instructions,only a normal human being can agree with me.This reminds of the our late presidents Mr sata and mwanawasa, these guys had a vision for our country and not Mr lungu your so called President! The guy is empty,he has failed to lead th nation.

    • ROKA

      This is what will if we stick to 50+1 idea!Usually bye elections are shunned by many voters.

  27. sindine kapolo

    Partrick no one in my family is in paya farmer,animal farm kkkkk. Very soon Zambia shall be liberated economically nt thz stincking corruption every where you go ba council balecula sure a headman in kasenangwa to be bought at K50 jst to buy a vote.Twalya makota says micheal c sata may hiz SRP.

    • Hebk

      Pf has no size. All are visionless parties inclusive of the tribal party upnd

    • Mtamba

      Let’s not be bitter people, mwanawasa was called all sorts of names, Ba cabbage, but now you are referring to him that he was a good president. Why? Because he is gone? Zambians let us learn to give credit where it due. Can’t we see roads, hospitals, schools being built?

  28. Oscarmwale

    Pf chabe who z next?

  29. One zambia one nation

    Pf mukali till 2026

  30. Jackson

    Ba pf tebakali nibakoswe

  31. Charles Mwila

    Ala bane let’s respect the president. He is not the president of PF only but for all Zambians. This culture of insults in not good for our society.

  32. Big TUR

    Hatred for such a hardworking President will take you no where. This country is seeing unprecedented development..
    Never recorded in the history of Zambia. Ushitasha ni. ndoshi. Use civilised language.

  33. Moses

    Am only in support of good pf comments,not these guys that don’t think

  34. John

    Pf for ever pali ECL number plate

  35. Charles Mwila

    Can someone update me with local government elections I mean bye elections country wide

  36. Ndemutonga

    Thanks Mr Lion,mubwa Wabo Ba Pf Kwiina Anchabwene,balasekelela Pesi There was no opposition.

  37. HH

    I accepted the defeat frm u PF n I believed dat I av no vision in politics sure

  38. Joseph.mwape

    Well done NDC you are the owner of candidate. Shame to PF. Dictators.

  39. Nyaano

    All those who supports pf they’re liars, thieves, corrupt, unprincipled, lacking vision, blind, lack direction, lacking knowledge, ignorant, heartless.

  40. fisunge

    Mr nyanno behave yourself ok we’re not supporting blindly ok we have eyes we can see if have no eyes to see what the pf is doing try borrow some more eyes so that you can see the roads, the hospitals, the schoools, the housing units for our men in uniform, the malls even if theres corruption we don’t see it all we’re seeingis ddevelopment iwe can’t you see stop insulting people’s choices ok

  41. hhh

    thy hv foget 2 inclun de rsuts of UPND congrturton Tongs u hve won ad u get 100% in 0.00010 vots

  42. Mwila Charles

    The problem with some people is we talk about corruption which can not be proved. Let’s learn to appreciate good works ECL and PF are doing the man is simply marvellous no wonder we are seeing all these defections to the ruling party I laugh at some ministers who start talking about the poverty in Zambia when they live government there can be only one president at a time Abantu ebamona intungulushi when you insult the president you are insulting the Zambian people.

  43. Great Sin

    Well done PF! The next step is to work in order to deliver on the excellent promises.

  44. ECL

    All today’s PF supporters ar not Worth to be Zambians, let me tell you the truth I have failed to lead this nation to the higher level of development. Remember my first words in this presidential office, I said that I have no vision for this country and the people of Zambia, but you just voted me after there you start insulting me why? Don’t vote for me in 2021 if I deserve nothing to you.

  45. bleble

    You don’t plant a mango and reap beans. Your dids will always determine your destination. Do good and blessings will be your reward.


    Ba pf niba kawalala makamaka ba lungu

    • Hebk

      Ci everesto iwe wine kabwalala. You insult the president with impunity . We mbwa iwe

  47. FGM

    True Victory will be scored by the ruling party that will Reduce the Poverty levels to below 20% Zambians are suffering !!!

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