Kasenengwa Poll


  1. Leo Zulu

    We ar behind u till 2021. Nipamakafye don’t worst ur time

  2. Francis

    2021 nayo nayoπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺβœŠβœŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Š work hard guys Mr PRESIDENT we’re behind you

  3. Joseph sakala

    We are behind you Mr President sir

  4. mushala Dan

    Zambia is big than an individual not 2021 with this rubbish where you have fattened yourselves and forget people voting for you.worse President we ever had,no money, no job.

    • Angel

      This is exactly what we are going to do in 2021.Zambia is bigger than southern province .ECL for life

  5. m.mulenga

    Ala job nipa lobe. We have vast land which needs you to develop,go into farming. Ninshi you hav find yorself employment,capwa!!!

    • Ketty

      Well said, that’s the spirit everyone should have here in Zambia no lazy people be your own boss it’s the employment you can ever have.

  6. DC10

    A lot of opportunities inthis country. Work hard on your own.. Spoon feeding inasila. So much vast land fr you to utilize bt u just want to be in town waiting fr someone to employ u!

  7. Emma tashaya

    Let’s stop talking about politics

  8. Mwila Charles

    The problem with a few of Zambians when we fail to get a political office we resort to insults let’s respect presidency of our country. Because of such kind of hate that’s why some political parties will never rule why insult the president naiwe wine ngawali president kuti waina every job has its own conditions of service hate comments will not help this country. Epo ba opposition baleina ninshi kateka Ena teti enine lekeni ene bushe kwisa kwenu ingamulefwaya naiwe kuti mwaina but the problem you push all your energy on hate kuti waina shani. Our president don’t listen to them just continue serving Zambians

  9. cliff hosea

    PF GOVERNMENT Boma yajala grabing tomato onion bread frm widows.carrig AK47’S AGAINST HOPELESS.KALANIKO NASONI.STOP MOCKING GOD.


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